Professional Translator vs. Freelance Translator

A freelance translator can be easily found online, so why would anyone use a professional translator working within a translation agency? There are hundreds of thousands of translators on the internet. Each translator has their specialization and their language combination. What is essential is that the translator can only translate into their native language, so-called their mother tongue, to maintain the quality of the translation. The translator’s mother tongue is the one in which the translator is most qualified. There are times when machine translation is helpful, but not now.

Finding the right freelance translator can be a hassle


Find a Professional Freelance Translator

Finding a translator is easy, but how do you know they are good? Check out their rating, for example, and see if that translator has translation skills in the subject of your document for translation. OK. You found the right translator; you also need to check if they can deliver the translation in your time frame.


A Proofreader is Also Needed

You must follow the same steps to find a suitable proofreader to check the document’s quality. The proofreader is a translator specializing in your paper’s subject and will compare the source text with the translated text, looking for errors.

technical issues

Technical Issues?

If you opt to go with a freelance translator, any technical problems or DTP settings have to be solved by you as a client. If you choose to go with a company, the professional translation services will also include fixing the above issues.

So, what distinguishes our professional translation services from freelance linguists?

We blended high technology with human knowledge to deliver the most excellent and precise translation process that surpasses client’s expectations. We have a record of large organizations in our customer portfolio, and they have trusted us over the years with their translation needs. We have many years of knowledge managing various translations, from easy to the most complicated translation projects, making us specialists in providing professional translation services at a global scale.

We recognize the difficulty of each form of translation. Thus, we formed a better translation process to meet the client’s expectations and demands. Each client has different translation criteria and considerations; that is why we make the translation procedure smoother and more accessible for the clients.

A freelance translator working independently might not be able to offer all that. A freelancer may offer to proofread the translation by himself and give you a better price, but since he already worked on translating the content, the freelancer will be biased, so he may not be able to spot all the errors. Professional translators and proofreaders are always needed when accurate translation is a must.

Why use a professional translator
Universal Translation Services

Some more reasons to use a professional translator

Beginning with online word count and estimation, we set up a website to process your translation quicker and simpler by just adding your website to be translated and by supplying your email to us to respond in a short period. Or, if you have a document to be solved, you can drag and drop the file into the box offered on our website and then provide your email for our fast reply. We also have our online support available 24 hours a day, where you can communicate through live chat to get a live quote from us.

Once the translation procedure has been started, you will be surprised how effective and accurate we work because we make use of state-of-the-art translation industry CAT tools (Computer Assisted Translation Tools) such as SDL, Trados, MemoQ, and Déja Vu to allow our skilled and native translators to work faster. Using the built-in translation memory with those tools also brings cost savings for you. For a more effective stream of translation procedure, we load all translation files in our self-developed project management software, so the translations will be prepared by our project management team whereby each process has a built-in process quality check by a professional translator, proofreader, and project manager achieving that the final translation meets the high-quality requirements. Our quality management system conforms to ISO 9001 standards, and we are also a member of the American Translators Association. Thus, we assure you of the quality of our professional services.

Our network has over 3,000 professional translators, helping clients worldwide and working in 120 languages. Our three project management teams work in different time zones. They are always prepared to offer a reliable global translation service that can fulfill your needs anytime and anywhere. Universal Translation Services is all you need if you search for high-quality, cost-effective translations and a faster turnaround for your company or personal translation needs.

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  • How do I become a freelance translator?

    To become a freelance translator, you must get a translation degree first. You should also be fluent in two different languages. Practicing extensively is very important before you can begin working as a translator. Doing volunteer work for organizations can help you gain the experience you need. After that, you can start offering your services on a freelancing platform.

  • How can a freelance translator succeed?

    A freelance translator must market themselves confidently to attract potential customers. But it might be a while until they become famous in their field. However, one way to become successful quickly is to start working as a freelancer for a well-known translation agency.

  • How do I find a translator?

    You can find a translator online if you need linguistic assistance. However, it is essential to be confident of their qualifications and experience before hiring them. You can also contact a well-known agency and ask them to connect you with an experienced translator.

  • How much does a translator charge per hour?

    Currently, the average per hour rate that a translator charges its clients is between $35 to $60. However, factors like the task’s difficulty or the translator’s experience level can affect the rate. If someone requires a certified translation, they must pay extra for that.

  • What is the difference between interpreters and translators?

    Interpreters are linguistic experts who listen to a speaker and then interpret that speech for the audience in real time. They can often be seen working during the Security Council meetings at the United Nations building. Translators are linguistic experts who work on documents and require a couple of hours to translate a project.

  • Why do freelance translators?

    Many students want to become freelance translators and undertake online work. Some people think you will be free if you become a free translator. There may be some misunderstandings here. First of all, to be clear, few freelance translators can earn a high income online. You can often get better pay with the same language ability if you go in other directions. Of course, choosing online translation may be suitable for many students.

    • Find an entry point to understand the larger world as a springboard for future advancement.
    • I especially like translation and don’t want to lose this skill
    • No geographical restrictions, convenient, earn some pocket money

    Around a quarter of part-time individuals do so for duty and family time. However, reality always makes people feel very cruel. Many people go this route, and it is excruciating. Even if it is an English major, even if it is a master’s degree, even if it is a returnee, Many people cannot crack the high-income freelance translation path but are powerless to change.

  • What is a professional translator?

    A professional translator has a degree in translation and plenty of experience in the field. Many people think that anyone who is bilingual can be a translator, but that isn’t true. Professional translators spend years polishing their skills to become perfect at what they do, making them different from bilinguals.

  • Do professional translators use Google Translate?

    Professional translators use many tools to become more efficient. They also turn to Google Translate from time to time. They have the skills to look at the translation provided by Google Translate and notice its mistakes. They polish the translations and use them in their projects to save time.

  • Is a translator a linguist?

    A linguist has either studied linguistics or is skilled in foreign languages. Most translators are linguists according to the latter definition. However, some are skilled in foreign languages and have a degree in linguistics. In any case, a translator is a linguist.

  • How much does a professional translator charge?

    In 2022, hourly fees for translators in the United States will vary from $30 to $70 per hour, depending on the number of languages used, volume, turnaround time, and subject matter.

  • How do I become a freelance translator without a degree?

    You do not need a degree to become a translator—translators who have never finished an undergraduate program but are interested in pursuing a career in translation.

  • What is the difference between in-house translators and freelance translators?

    Freelance translators are freelancers, whereas in-house translators work for agencies and organizations.

Quality isn’t everything.

A professional service allows you to discuss your content before getting it translated, as the translation of your content should be fluid and a collaborative process from the beginning till the end. This can only be achieved if the person translating your content is a qualified mother-tongue linguist with extensive knowledge of your target language so that he can accurately communicate the message and details of the content.

Universal Translation Services is an international translation company offering translators with sector-specific experience, thus improving the output quality and meeting the client’s expectations. Also, like any professional translator, Universal Translation Service only uses expert and fully-referenced linguists with a good track record and never fails to meet deadlines. We have translators available to meet our clients’ requirements, making the process smooth and easy. This eventually is necessary for a professional service not just for maintaining quality but also to keep up in the market and maintain their position.

Talking about maintaining the position in the market and keeping up with the competition, a professional translator is also responsible for ensuring the safety and security of their client’s work, especially in the post-Snowden world where security is among the top concerns. Professional firms are especially concerned about it as it is a matter of their reputation and the reputation of all the people working in their company.

profesional translation security
professional translator or freelance translator

Why choose a professional translator from us

It is rare to encounter errors when opting for a top agency. Still, if and when it happens, when dealing with a professional agency, you should have the peace of mind that the company you hired will ensure that these mistakes are corrected before the final product reaches you. Only work with a firm that promises to ensure your translation is thoroughly proofread before it’s handed over to you, and Universal Translation Services guarantees this.

Although size isn’t everything, translation agencies with a vast variety of translators operating at a large scale will typically have the staff and resources to adapt to your requirements more efficiently than smaller companies or freelance linguists. With over 5,000 qualified mother-tongue linguists, Universal Translation Services also guarantees this.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for in the translation industry. Some websites can promise to translate your content for next to nothing, but the outcome will be dubious. When using a professional translation agency, you must pay for a particular service level, but this does not mean you should shell out more than you need. When dealing with a professional translator, you will not only be guaranteed that your work will be of the best quality and on time, but they will also give you the peace of mind that the price you will be paying for the work will be well worth it.

Members of the ATA, accredited by the BBB

We have translators available for more than 550 language combinations, and we are continually increasing our numbers. We not only do all the major national languages of the world, but we are also available for all the regional languages. We have developed an excellent network of competent translators worldwide working with us to ensure our clients receive high-quality translations into the primary language. As a professional translation company, we will provide you and your company with the following services: Quality control is done three times by three linguists.

Our credibility is accountable to the American Translators Association as we are a member of the ATA. We are also accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and we always keep the quality of our work to the highest standards.

We have developed a process for translating based on employing multiple translators and proofreaders who are naïve speakers of the target language. The translators assigned to your project will specialize in the document field, giving you a translation beyond reproach.

We have developed this system because we believe mainstream translation is a scientific process. Like any other scientific endeavor, it has to be able to take on various scrutiny. We ensure that you will receive a proper translation accepted universally. Poor translation and interpreting services may harm your company’s bottom line.

ATA member, BBB accredited company
why not a freelance translator

Why not a freelance translator?

At the end of the day, while a freelance translator may be able to provide a good translation, some things will indeed be left out of the process: the need for a second editor and proofreader, the need for quality and consistency checks, and your peace of mind. You may be happy with the translation a freelance translator will provide, but when it comes to sensitive matters like legal or health or business where money or life is at stake, that translation may not cut it.

Going with a professional translator, on the other hand, guarantees that your document has been carefully translated, edited, and proofread, then checked for consistency and quality before being sent to you.

If you are looking for a professional yet affordable translator who will give you a high-quality translation within your budget, worry not; we will provide you with the best translation in the shortest amount of time and at a fair price!

The cons of using freelance translators


Professional translators tend to specialize in a couple of areas. It can be challenging to find one freelancer to meet your translation needs: legal, finance, marketing, localization, user guides, etc. Very few have all the skills for large-volume complex projects involving translation and editing in multiple languages. A few languages — To do a good translation, a translator should be a native speaker of only one primary language.


Use freelance sites with care: you may have a bad experience. The community cannot grasp the text if the content translation is incorrect. Dedicated websites are better. And don’t be influenced to choose a service provider by their price card. Young freelancers get the job by offering low rates with little or no experience. However, translation freelancers must include the expense of software.


Several freelancers have busy programs and don’t work with subcontractors. If you have an imminent deadline, most freelance translators will decline without being able to manage days in advance.

The pros of choosing professional translators or a translation agency

If you have high-volume work, a professional translator from an agency will be the best way to go. Moreover, if you need more than translation, a freelancer won’t offer the connected services you need. For instance, you’ll often need more than translation if you’re dealing with marketing or working in a legal or medical industry. In today’s environment, understanding how you communicate with your target market is critical since effective communication is the only way to grow your business internationally. A human translator is required if you need an accurate and high-quality translation.

professional linguist

Expert Language Solutions

When it comes to translating marketing material and legal documents, understanding the target audience is paramount. Legal translation requires a meticulous approach to ensure the meaning and intent of the original document are preserved, navigating the complexities of each language pair without losing subtleties. Human translation plays a crucial role in this process, as it overcomes the language barrier with a precision that automated tools cannot match.

By employing skilled translators familiar with the specific language pair, businesses can communicate their message effectively, whether it’s persuading potential customers with compelling marketing material or adhering to legal standards in cross-border transactions.

Document translation services, particularly for technical translations, rely on the expertise of professional linguists to meet the high standards required by government agencies and other clients. These services, often facilitated by online platforms, harness translation technology to streamline the process, yet the involvement of human translators ensures the translation quality remains superior.

Specialized translations, such as legal, medical, or technical documents, demand not only language proficiency but also domain-specific knowledge. As such, translation firms employ advanced technologies alongside their team of linguists to provide accurate and reliable translations, demonstrating the critical balance between human expertise and technological support in delivering professional translation services.

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