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Korean translation for business or immigration

Are you in need of a Korean translator who can handle your Korean to English translation needs? Whether you are looking for translation for immigration in the US or English to Korean translation for business, our excellent team of Korean linguists are ready to take on any task and deliver it in a timely manner at a fair price.

Certified Korean to English translation for immigration

Certified Korean to English translation is yet another type of translation we provide here at Universal Translation Services. We are one of the best providers of certified translation for immigration in the US in the market with years of experience and a professional team of Korean translators who are ready to help you out no matter if you need to have your Korean birth certificate, marriage certificate or your diplomas translated into English. With us, you can have your certified Korean to English translation done in 24 hours for only $20 per page.

Whether we want it or not, certified translations are significant in our lives, especially when we deal with immigration procedures, or need a travel visa, or wanting to study in the US. When you want to travel to the US for business or for pleasure, the American embassies in both Koreas will accept certified translations more easily and your documents are taken into consideration without a hitch if they come with a translation that is certified.

Certified Korean to English translations are also good because they give you the right to use your translation for repeated submissions to various offices without a problem. You know that your translation will be accepted in any office and you are at ease knowing that you do not need to spend your money on it over and over again.

Our team of native Korean speakers is always available to take up your tasks and provide a translation that lives up to the highest standards.

Certified Korean to English translation for immigration

Korea is a trade friendly region with an enormous need for English to Korean translation services and the best translators who can sort through the varied kinds of contents that come their way in terms of translation. Korean is also the second major language of China that makes the demand for Korean to English translation much stronger. We are here to provide accurate translation services for your legal, medical, financial, technical, local, media-related or any other documents. We have an excellent team of translators on board and our Korean translations are perfectly adapted and can hold up even in the pickiest Korean offices.

great value for money

Great value for your money

All our translations are TEP translations, where two different linguists translate, edit and proofread the output, leaving no room for errors. Considering that, and the fact that we sport one of the lowest rates in the market, you get the best value for your money. With us, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy no matter if it’s a birth certificate for immigration in the US or a large localization project for a company looking to tap on the Korean market.

available anytime

Available anytime

We are an international company dealing with clients from all over the world, and our choice of being available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week has become a necessity. One thing clients don’t want to loose is time: time to get an answer to their question, time needed to get a free quote or time to wait until the translation is ready. Unlike others, you can get in touch with us at your convenience, and you will find us here, guaranteed.

fast delivery

Fast delivery

Along with your free quote, you will also get a delivery date. For personal documents, the delivery is 24 hours or less. For business projects it depends on the word count and how much are we able to do per day without compromising the quality. If you agree to get your job done with us, we will respect that deadline and will deliver on time. We’ve never missed a deadline, and we don’t intend to start doing that now.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

English to Korean translation for business

English to Korean translation for business

Not only does Korean population have an active history of far and wide travel, Korean translations are also required because there is much business to be done in this region and there are many businesses that require accurate English to Korean translation services.

Marketing Content

The Korean Online community is massive and vibrant with millions of Korean users sifting through websites of their interests. Our programmers work with our Korean translators and adapt and translate websites that are user-friendly and attractive for the Korean target market. These websites also cater to the specific needs, habits, and thought processes that Korean people employ and find engaging so that the content and product that you are selling is well suited for their target market.

Legal Translation

Legal translation in and from Korean is a forte of our Korean linguist team. We have some the best translators in the business who are here to help you understand the legal aspects of submitting English to Korean translation to Korean authorities. We also deal with legal documents needed anywhere in the world and can help you with legal Korean to English translation whenever you need it.

We know how to translate business related, personal, professional and social content for the target market and how to do it right. With us, you do not need to worry about the accuracy of your translations, or about the effectiveness of your localized documents or website.

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About Korea

The Korean neck of land is largely mountainous, over 70% of the land is mountainous with the eastern regions consisting of mainly rough mountain ranges and deep valleys. A lot of people enjoy hiking in the foothills and mountains. The majority of the larger rivers and forests are to be found in the west. Most rivers are comparatively small and many are incapable of being navigated, filled with rapids and waterfalls. The coastline is dotted with bays and it has some of the highest tides in the world.

The Korean population reached 51.7 million as of May 2016 (based on the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety), with a large amount living in main urban areas.


Korea has four diverse seasons, with each offering unique and beautiful landscapes. The weather of Korea ranges from dry and awfully cold winters in the north to almost tropical conditions in parts of the south. In winters the land is covered with snow.

Summers are very hot and moist; people travel in numbers to the coasts to enjoy their vacation on the beach, in the fall and the mountains put on a charming coat of cherry leaves.

Spring and autumn’s end too fast, but in spring, forsythias, cherry blossoms, azaleas and lots of other flowers are in full bloom and provide a relief from the extremes of summer and winter.

The rainy season (changma) starts in late July and lasts through mid-August and often causes flooding of low areas. Don’t go anywhere without an umbrella during this time!

about Korea
The Korean religion and education


Korea has been influenced by four major religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, and Shamanism. Many Koreans are Buddhists or Confucianists, although the people tend to be assorted in their religious practices. Korean Confucianism, for instance, has developed into more of an ethical system than a religion, and its power is ample and pervasive.


Won is the currency of Korea. In a few visitor parts, merchants also accept U.S. dollars or Japanese yen, but the exchange rate will be not as good as official rate.

The Korean economy is determined by its manufacturing and exports including ships, mobile phones, automobiles, PCs, TVs, and other electronics to countries all around the world. Korea has enjoyed fast economic growth thanks in large part to its export-focused approach. In 2016, Korea’s GDP was USD $1.49 trillion based on IMF statistics. Today, the nation boasts the 15th largest economy in the world. In recent times, Korean dramas and movies are also broadly sold abroad because of the popularity of Korean pop culture. K-pop stars are also vigorous on the world stage.


In Korean culture, education is the key to success in life. The school one graduates from can decide whether one will be a success or failure. For loads of Korean parents, the education of their children is more important than all other things, and they can give up anything to let their children get the best education possible.

About the Korean language and culture

Korean is an ancient language with a history so old that even its origins are rather disputed. Right now, it is told to be originated from the Siberian region back in the antiquities. The Korean language belongs to the Ural-Altic family of languages which also includes Turkish and Mongolian. Despite the fact that several words derived from Chinese and printed media still use Chinese ideographs to symbolize many of those words, structurally the two languages are very dissimilar. Korean is closer to the Japanese language linguistically.

Korean has a long history of expression. It’s the language of Buddhism and monks and it has the most amazing collection of literature under its belt.

Korean is a beautiful language that has many ways of expressing pain, grief, grandeur, joy, and love. Chinese Opera, though performed in Chinese, is a good example of the expressive power of the beauty of expression that Central Asia holds in its heart.

Working with this beautiful verse is a real treat for our linguist team and our promise to you is that your Korean to English translation will perfectly convey the meaning of your text, just as if it would have been created in English.

Korean to English
Korean translators

Professional Korean translators

Korean is the main language of North Korea and South Korea as well as one of the two formal languages in China’s Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Universal Translation Services provides a wide array of certified Korean to English translation services in different industries including medical, legal, software, marketing, and business. As our dedication to quality and service, we’ve also developed high-quality tools to convert different files and formats, returning them to you in the same format we received them.

We only work with certified translators for English to Korean, and Korean to English translation services. Our translators are selected meticulously by our team to offer localized translations, with consistent delivery of accurate and high-quality professional translation services to our clients.

Certified Translation Services by Industry

Choose from one of our certified translation services below. Quotes are always free.

  • Certified translation for business: We offer translations services for website localization, business documents, and business cards and certified translation for legal documents.
  • Certified translation for human resources: Accurate translations for employee manuals, and culture-sensitive documents to maintain company status.
  • Certified legal translation: Experienced translators only translate legal documents with years of experience drafting high-quality legal translations.
  • Certified translation for immigration

The Korean nation is hungry for international business deals and knowledge and we are here to provide you with a way to tap on that market by using localized English to Korean translation. Universal Translation Services is at the forefront of your business success in Korea and we will do our best not to let you down. Come see us now!

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