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If you’re an experienced professional translator looking for translator jobs we invite you to join Universal Translation Services!

Universal Translation Services, with offices all over Europe and in the USA, offers a complete and fully integrated translation, localization and DTP service. This means that the most stringent quality standards have been met and are continuously upheld.

If you are interested in one of our freelance translation jobs online, please fill in the form below.

What We Offer…

Universal Translation Services does much more for their translators. We are one of the fastest and reliable paying translation agencies on the planet. We may not offer the highest prices for freelance translator jobs but we do more.

translation job notification app

Job Notification App

We offer you a free app which you can use on your tablet, android or apple device to receive all your jobs offered in your language combination. In this way wherever you are you cannot miss any available job we are posting!

free training for translators

Free Training

We also give free training for CAT tools like Trados, SDL, MemoQ in order to help you to get steps further. And the nice thing is you don’t pay a penny! Simply use our training section and if you need more help get in touch with us in Tranwise chat, a member of our staff will get you up to speed!

translator support

Technical Support

When you have technical problems during translation, we have a support team that can help you solve that. You are not alone!! If you want they can even remotely have access to your computer and help you to solve the problem.

available 24/7

Available 24/7

We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are able to help you with any issues you may have with your translation. Have questions for the client? You are now able to communicate directly with the client!

reasons to join UTS for more freelance translation jobs

Advanced Project Management System

We have developed an advanced project management system to keep track of projects, download and upload translations, chat with Project Managers, Support Managers and more. The software connects projects managers, customers, translators and proofreaders wherever they are.

Once you have applied to work with us, you will be able to download it and install it on your computer. We have created some Tranwise tutorial videos for you here. Creating an account is easy, and this is where you add your CV, your languages, and other details. Your account will be pending review from our Recruitment Manager, who will evaluate your account and approve it. After being approved, you will have full access to Tranwise, you will be connected to our project managers and you’ll be able to receive and reply to job offers. Of course, it is up to you whether you want to accept or decline a job.

There is no charge to download the associated software which is fully secure.

translator jobs
integrated translation services

We Are Looking…

We are looking for experienced freelance translators in all language combinations who are hard working, dedicated and persevering.

We are searching for people with a good knowledge of a foreign language, who are available full-time or part-time, with a responsible attitude, as deadlines can be very tight in the translation business. We have plenty of projects to choose from, and you will be able to work from the comfort of your home.

You need to have a technical, legal, business or medical background and will only translate into your native language. Our freelance translator jobs are open to anyone that qualifies.

Contact us using the form below for more information.

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How to get more freelance translation jobs

There are quite a few ways to get more freelance translator jobs. Before the internet revolution, translators already worked from home and many of them used to do it as freelancers. However, the internet has increased the possibilities. This increase comes from two sources. First, the internet helped people get connected in many different ways and it became necessary to overcome language barriers. It has made that translator jobs have increased tremendously and the linguists are more than welcome to work from home. Secondly, internet growth has allowed that clients and translators get connected through this platform. Many of the translators, who traditionally worked from home, now added a new way to offer their services. In this sense, freelance translation jobs can be done as an on line freelancer or as employee for translation companies which are constantly seeking new translators all over the world.

Translation companies also have a key role when it comes to offer jobs from home. The internet allows that these companies hire people in remote locations. Universal Translation Services has developed a way for translators to upload their work instantly on line bun also to be able to get freelance translation jobs from the same portal.

Translators who are interested in working from home now have a wide range of options available to seek jobs on line. Geographical locations are not a strong limitation. It is common that those companies have different requests for the translators.

Want to work from home or online on translator jobs?

Although the general idea is that working from home is really a great thing, there are also many challenges that translators must overcome in order to be successful.

One of those challenges is related to their schedule. As translators do not have supervision, they need to control their own agenda.

Another challenge is related to physical condition. Translators need a quiet space to concentrate and focus for work and they need to take care of it by themselves. Also, technical conditions such as computers, internet connection have to be under control.

In this context online translation jobs from home require a high degree of responsibility for translators as they need to deliver the translation on time and of great quality.

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how to work with us

How is it to work with us?

We respect our translators a lot because they are the bricks of our company. Without them, there is no way to maintain standards and fulfill promises. We love our clients and they love us back for our services which we don’t compromise upon. If you think you have got what it takes for this job, you are most welcomed to fill up the form.

We will let you know all the details and requirements of your job and then you can begin to work on the projects from home. We deal with our clients day and night so there is a possibility that you might sometimes need to work on the projects at any hour if you accept them. We expect our translators to be speedy and work efficiently. We usually deliver to our clients on time or before time. Delay is never an option. And same is when it comes to paying our translators for their monthly earnings; it is made sure that they receive their payments at the beginning of the next month.

We believe once translators join us, they become an integral part of the standards that we maintain. We believe you can provide the highest quality and you can always look up to the project manager to direct you any further if you need. Through our custom made software for translation management, we have made work more easy and manageable for you.

So if you think that you are ready to apply for freelance translator jobs, fill in the form and submit it along with your CV. If you are selected for the job it will be a great opportunity for you. And we will try to guide you through the work process when you join us.

How to get more translation jobs online

Finding translation jobs online can be pretty hectic considering the number of websites and companies on the internet which are looking for translators but fail to deliver on their promises. But to save you the trouble, Universal Translation Services is here to provide you with the best translation jobs online. We are known for providing our translators with the best collection of projects that no one could offer.

The translators are provided with a free application that helps them access the new upcoming jobs according to their area of expertise, so they are never behind. You are facing any problem regarding the project or the translation, and we are available at your service just to ease your way out or to provide direct communication to the client to help you further with your project.

Do you have any difficulty using the tools for translation? Not to worry for we are providing free training to all our employees just to have that extra edge up their sleeves and you do not have to pay a single cent. We also have a support team to fix any technical issues that you might face during your work. If needed, our staff can help you by Skype or by directly fixing your problem if you can’t handle it on your own.

If you got sick of applying for translation jobs online without being assigned, this is your chance. We will make sure that all translators are treated equally and we will assign them based on first to apply gets the job, with no personal preferences for certain translators.

translation jobs online
looking for translators

Looking for translators

There are a hundred companies looking for translators who are efficient, professional and experienced in their respective background. But, what we have to offer for our translators is unvaried of the service we provide for our customers. Because of the work that our translators offer to the company, we have a strong recognition for their skills and experience. We know the quality work, hours of time and energy and the determination they put on the scale to put our company to the top. With our association, you will be appreciated and recognized.

Get a translation agency job

We are recruiting translators for a translation agency job who are not just efficient in what they do but are also aware of the technicalities and the subtleties of the industry they are about to be a part of. Experience is not the only thing significant with this job as we recruit beginners too. In order to get them acquainted with the job and its services, we ensure the provision of professional guidance to all of our translators. All we need from you is to be determined to do your best.

UTS Recruitment

Jobs offering, recruitment agencies, training institutes, all seem promising until you get to the bottom of their truth. Some of them may, indeed, deliver what they claim but most of the times, you can’t be sure of their process.

This is why when we took the liberty to offer our recruitment services, we made sure that we are approachable and our platform projects its reliability as the world’s leading translation company. If you have a love for language and a passion to realize your dream working as a translator, we can help. Whether you want to get associated with us for a long term professional relationship or looking for a freelancing gig, we welcome you all. Your qualification and devotion are the only elements that can make you a successful worker in our world. With the rise in use of linguistic services in all areas, there are plenty of jobs for all of you.

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