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Reviews are an essential component of almost any online venture. It is efficient and gives a lot of insight into a particular service or product — this is why nearly every online marketplace has a review option for its customers and clients. Read here for more about how critical reviews are.

Some might ask just how critical reviews are to service. Several studies have revealed that around 90 percent of consumers will not purchase a product or service if it is negative or scored poorly on a review. A significant portion of online consumers also trusts these reviews just as much as a personal referral or recommendation. Studies have also found that people will spend more on businesses and platforms that scored high on these customer ratings. Moreover, consumers also trust companies that have positive ratings.

From these studies alone, one can tell just how important these ratings are to a business. This also applies to translation companies. Sometimes, a bad review or rating can turn a business around.

Consumers, especially those doing their business online, are sometimes impulsive. Even an insignificant feature that does not jive with their taste can cause them to give a bad rating to a service or a company. This is why it is essential to balance everything out depending on the preference of your customer base and not just focus on those who are on the top.

Positive Reviews

Keeping a satisfied customer base is demanding. Consumer tastes and preferences differ from each other, which is why it is essential to have a flexible service offering. Most people would ask, how can you maintain a steady stream of positive reviews in a translation business? The secret is quite simple; talk to your customers. Talking to customers is a great way to know what they want, and if you know what they want, you can create a customized service for them that will satisfy their demands.

In the translation business, it is essential to communicate with your clients. Sometimes, clients need more than just translation services. There are cases where they need much more than that. Among those that are in high demand are certified and notarized translations.


By providing a proper communication platform to clients, you can confidently assure them that their projects are correctly done. Moreover, communication is also a great way to upsell. Sometimes, customers are not familiar with the whole scope of your business. Through communication, you will have an idea of what they want, and you can give them solutions that will help their need and turn it into profit.

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In the translation business, there are a number of ways on how to keep a customer happy and satisfied. Always ensure you hit all the crucial points when doing your translations. Among the most important things to consider are accuracy and quality.

The translation business is based on these two points: accuracy and quality. Since translation essentially converts one document written from a different language to a new one, accuracy is always the key here. Always ensure that all your translation projects have perfect accuracy, which is the key to a client’s satisfaction. Aside from that, quality must be top-notch as well. Clients always look for companies that provide these two critical ingredients in a translation company. If you have both of them in high supply, chances are they will be satisfied with your services and, in turn, receive a positive review from them. Check here about how to create an amazing customer experience.

Time is also a great factor. In the translation industry, there is this factor called turnaround time. It is the amount of time it takes an agency to translate a project and return it to the customer. A fast turnaround time means that an agency beats the deadline. If you beat the deadline, the customer will be happy and satisfied, thus increasing the chance of them giving your company a good review.

How To Avoid Negative Reviews.

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First Method

Avoiding negative reviews is quite simple, don’t do something that will agitate or anger a customer. Thus it is essential to deliver the service you advertise or promise to the customer. If you promised a translation accuracy of 100 percent, ensure you provide that to the client. If you fail to do so, it will reduce customer satisfaction and increase the chance of them leaving a negative review.

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Second Method

Another essential thing to consider to avoid negative reviews is to deliver the project on time. In other words, make sure that you beat the deadline. If the customer expects their project to be correctly translated within 24 hours, ensure that you hit that by at least a couple of hours. These extra hours will give the client enough time to review the work and make necessary corrections. Beating the deadline does not mean that you have to deliver the project exactly on time; it means that you provide it way ahead of the deadline.

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Third Method

Lastly, and probably an important point, make sure that your services are reasonably priced. Some customers avoid translation agencies with steep prices for their services. If you can deliver an excellent translation for half the price as others, customers will undoubtedly be happy about it and, in turn, give a positive review of your company.

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