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Cheap Certified Translation Services - $20 per page

*** $15 per page in our online certified translation certification shop ***

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Certified Translation shop $15 per page

People need to have a certified translation of their personal documents all the time. We are 20 years in the translation business and offering now ready-made translation certificates in our online shop. If you have a birth certificate from Mexico and we have already translated it, you can order from our translation certification shop.

Just click the right certificate that matches your certificate, buys, and upload your document. You will get in hours your certified translation including our stamped and signed certification. 100% acceptance by USCIS.

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Only $20 per page

Affordable Translation Service; you can have your translation done at a special price: only $20 per page. Feel free to look around for a better offer, but save this page first. We did, and we can tell you this is the best price in the industry, you won’t find any other translation company willing to go that low.

We’ve seen prices going as high as $45 per page and as low as $30 per page. But we have yet to see anyone beating our rates. We can guarantee this. We are offering this price for this month only so make sure you don’t miss it.

we work 24/7 including the weekends

Available 24/7

Another advantage of working with us is the fact that we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help you with your translation. With us, you can get your quote in 5 minutes and have your translations sent to your email in only a couple of hours.

We are here around the clock. This means you can approach us for services at any time. And we will ensure you with the best price and best quality at the same time and all in one place. You can calculate the price of your translation on your own, simply by using our certified translation tool!

Please note: the price is valid for pages having up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, a price of $0.10 per word will be charged instead.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Cheap Certified Translation Services

If you’re in need of certified translation services, we can provide it at a special price!

If you need certified translation for USCIS or any other institution in the United States, look no further! With us, you get cheap certified translation services of the highest quality at only $20 per page!

We provide certified translation of documents like:

If you’re in the United States and your personal documents are in a language other than English, you will need all those documents translated and certified according to USCIS regulations. Universal Translation Services can do that for you at any time at a price you simply cannot refuse. You can also get the documents of a family member translated from us.

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Certified translator

To become an expert, you have to study a lot. But getting certificates and diplomas aren’t enough to excel in a field. You have to do a lot of things to make a name for yourself. If you want to become a surgeon, you won’t simply have to study and give exams, you will also have to undergo proper training. Once your training is complete, you will get your certificate that will declare your new status as a surgeon. But all of this would not have been possible without your training.

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Looking for ATA certified translations? We are a member of the ATA!

ATA certified translations

ATA stands for American Translator’s Association; this is a certifying institution for translators who want to gain some extra acknowledgment of their translation abilities in the United States. The translators who are certified by the ATA can be trusted to conduct translations at the highest level. They can provide a certified copy with every translation that has their certified translator seal.

Same as the translators, the translation companies have the option to become a member of the ATA. Universal Translation Services is a proud member of the ATA, and you can see our membership here While a translator or a company doesn’t have to be a member of the ATA in order for their translations to be accepted officially, almost all professional offices and institutions in the United States demand that the translations that are submitted to their offices should be certified. If a translator or a translation company is a member of the ATA, this may give more weight or credibility to a translation. As members of ATA, we can translate certificates of all types and provide you with the best kind of linguistic solutions.

ATA certification is a long-range and variety of exams that are passed by the translator in the language pair that he is translating for. The translator will have to clear the exam and then he will become ATA certified.

What we can do for you

Calculate now your certified translation cost!


Order Process for a Certified Translation

Send us the document by text, chat or email

Receive a quote

Make the payment

Receive the order confirmation by email

Receive the draft translation

Make changes in your translation online

After approval, receive the certified documents

How much does it cost? How is the certified translation cost calculated?

Almost every other translation agency quote costs by the number of words, e.g., how many words they need to translate multiplied with a per-word cost for the language. At first glance, this type of calculation makes sense as it is usually the best method (number of words) for both client and agency. Though, going forward, this model can cost clients a lot more as most agencies will add the minimum cost into action. What does this mean for clients? Obviously, the highest cost of the translation in most cases, as personal documents comprise of lower word count and the minimum fee is applied by default.

We however are different. Instead of going with a per-word calculation, we charge per page in most cases. This turns highly beneficial for our clients as, as far as we are aware, we charge the lowest prices for certified translation.

Certified translation cost

When it comes to the certified translation we charge $20 per page if there are less than 200 words on the page. If there are more words, we charge $0.10 per word instead. Either way, our price is the lowest you can find for this level of quality. Your translation comes with a USCIS acceptance guarantee.

Notarized translation cost

If you need to have your translation notarized you will have to pay the certified translation and $20 extra for notarization. If your birth certificate is only one page under 200 words, translation and notarization will cost $40.

Rush rates, hidden fees, extra rates

We do not have any hidden fees and we don’t charge extra if you need your translation in a hurry or if we need to work on it during the weekend. Your total price will be clearly stated in our quote, and that is exactly what you have to pay.

certified translation cost

what is a certified translationWhat is a certified translation?

A certified translation is the attestation of the fact that the document translated by a translation company or translator is done to the best ability of the translator and is accurate, in complete alignment with the original document. It is proof that the translated document has been done by a qualified translator and does not have any kind of discrepancy whatsoever. The statement is signed by our general manager and it contains our credentials, qualifications, contact number, and address, etc. This is done so that if we need to be contacted for crosschecking by the concerned authority about the authenticity of the document, we can be, with ease.

When is certified translation required?

A certified translation is required when you are submitting legal documents to any court of law or USCIS in case of immigration. The documents as mentioned above comprises of the likes of birth certificates, educational records, marriage certificates, or any other personal documents. It might as well be required to be notarized in some cases.

If you are looking for cheap certified translation services, then worry no more because you have landed exactly where you needed to. We offer these services at the lowest rates possible. You wouldn’t feel a slight bit of a burden on your pocket. The translation passes through our staff from project manager to translator, editor, and finally to the proofreader and is of the highest quality and is officially certified by us. You can relax knowing that your documents are being handled by skilled and experienced linguists and our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS.

what is an official translationWhat is an official translation?

An official translation is a translation that is presented in an official manner in any office, institution, or agency. When a translation is being presented to a serious reviewer who is reviewing for professional reasons; the translator and his credentials become incredibly important.

The official translation will come with a ‘Certificate of Accuracy’ that declares that the translator or the translation company takes full and complete responsibility for the contents of the translation and it also gives complete credentials, and contact details so that the translator can be contacted and verified in order to trust the translation that he has conducted.

Official translations also make the accommodation that the translation is not done by the submitter or the applicant himself. The translator will be the verifier that the translation is not changing of information and facts in any way. He is an automatic valuator of the details given in submission.

An official translation is required so that the information cannot be manipulated by the applicant in any way.

difference between an official translation and a certified translationIs there a difference between an official translation and a certified translation?

No, there isn’t! The official translation is basically another word for a certified translation. The fact that the translation is certified is what makes the translation officially acceptable.

Certified translations are any translation that comes with the Certificate of Authenticity from the translator stating that the translation is accurate, authentic, and will be the responsibility of the translator themselves. The translator will also give his credentials and the credentials of his translation agency along with their complete contact details.

What makes a certified translation an official translation?

A certified translation can be presented in an official capacity in various offices of all kinds. Hospitals, academic institutions, governmental organizations, and other serious institutions will all ask for an official translation in order to be sure that the translation is accurate and can be trusted. For all these institutions, the contents of the translation will be an integral part of their evaluation of the circumstances and thus the translation is extremely important.

What do you mean by legal translation?Can a notary public translate a birth certificate

A legal translation is the translation of documents and text that are having a legal subject and are culture-dependent. Translators that are experienced in legal translation and specialists knowing how to translate exactly what has been legally written will precisely translate the text using specific legal terms.

Do I need to translate my marriage certificate?

If you have a marriage certificate that is written in another language than English, yes, you need to get it translated if you need to use if for immigration purposes. Those are the rules of the U.S. Immigration Office. Visit for more information.

What is a professional translator?

A professional translator is a translator that is fluent in another language and is trained and has experience in translating documents. He or she should be able to understand, speak, read, and write in that other language and should have a Bachelor’s degree in that other language.

another word for certified translationCan a notary be a certified translator?

Yes and no. A notary public may be fluent in two languages and could provide certified translation, but he won’t be able to act as a translator and a notary public at the same time. A notary public could translate, but he is not allowed to notarize his own translation.

Can a notary public translate a birth certificate?

Yes, a notary public could translate a birth certificate if he knows the languages involved and sign the certificate of accuracy, but he won’t be able to notarize his own signature. If you need your birth certificate translation notarized, you will have to get a certified translation which you’ll need to bring in front of the notary along with the person signing the certificate and the notary will notarize the certificate after verifying the identity of the person who signed the certificate of accuracy.

What is an ATA certified translator?

An ATA certified translator is a linguist who is a member of the ATA and has passed their exams. The examination is purely based on language knowledge and translation abilities and has nothing to do with the requirements of the USCIS for instance. No, a translator doesn’t have to be a member of the ATA in order to provide certified translation for immigration.

What is an ATA certified translation company?

A translation company could express their will to join the ATA as a member. If the ATA accepts the company, it will give it a member status and a page on their website. Universal Translation Services is a member of the ATA.

What is another word for certified translation?

In case you were wondering if there is another word for certified translation, let us clear this for you. You must have come across the word official translation in your requirements. The official translation is a term that is used instead of a certified translation in many documents and offices. The term means the same as certified translation.

Usually, a translator does not need to show his or her credentials. You can get a translation without showing your credentials at all. In a certified translation, the translator shares their credentials. It makes the process of getting the translation ‘official’. This is where the term ‘official translation’ comes from; because the translator or the translation agency add their credentials officially.

The best official translation services

Official translation services are mandatory in our society. Official translations are required by the immigration offices all the time, so a no-error policy is what we abide by. As we have mentioned several times that we never compromise on two things, quality and customer satisfaction, and the true proof of our claims are evident in the fact that our company has a consistent reputation in delivering the best translation services on a global level.

To ensure that we are never far from any changes in official translation services, our experts stay in constant touch with legal professionals and immigration officers. We remain focused on gathering all the vital information that is related to official translations, we take notes so that all of that can be later incorporated in the translation services that we offer to our customers. And most importantly, we are always ready to accommodate you with our affordability and availability.

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Translate And Certify

If you want to translate and certify documents by the very best of professionals, we are the people you need. With the expertise of years in the field, there is no document that is hard for us to interpret. If you are going abroad for a specific reason other than just finding a job or going for a study tour, and you need to translate and certify documents pertaining to your recent medical records or legal, we can do that just as easily as any other text.

Our list of services is there to give you the idea of our area of expertise. Our team is fully qualified to carry out even the most complex of translations without any single error. We don’t hire a linguistic expert without testing their language proficiency first. In literary texts, we ensure that we keep the meaning intact while infusing our creativity into the final document. So whether it is your dream to get an admission at a university or a hope that you can discuss your or your loved one’s health condition with a doctor abroad, we become your linguistic agents all the way. We take care of all your certification requirements along with standing strong with you as emotional support no matter what.

Questions? We have the answers!

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Need to have your translation notarized?

We can do that too, at only $20 per document.

Universal Translation Services provides certified and / or notarized translations at the lowest rates in the industry!

Join our over 2.000 happy clients now. Click the live chat button, our project managers will be there for you at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You can also use our notarized translation tool to see how much your translation costs.

Here are some of the advantages of working with us:

  • lowest rates in the industry
  • get your quote online or on the phone in 5 minutes
  • fast turnaround time
  • fast delivery via e-mail
  • 100% USCIS acceptance
  • We will translate and certify your documents only for the United States;
  • Translation from any language into English;
  • The offer is only valid until the end of the month.

Were You Looking For Cheap Certified Translation Services?

UTS gives you the best translation rates without compromising the quality of the output. The quality can never be traded off by our translators. We facilitate you with a great range of translations you require at affordable rates. We also deliver the translation in 24 hours or even less. To help you sort out your budget, we bring you the cheapest translation rates, with efficient and time-saving advantages. We make sure that we draw out the best for you, with our proficient team of translators, editors, and proofreaders.

If you are looking for cheap certified translation services, you are in the right place. We are at your service. We will provide quality translations at the cheapest rates. Rates as low as $20 per page, what can be better than this? These rates are here for this month only, so don’t let go of them. Place your order and we will look into the rest. Our excellent team of translators will start working on your project as soon as you accept our quote and we’ll deliver the translation in 24 hours.

See also our online shop with ready-made templates for birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates from over 30 countries. We offer this same-day delivery at $15 per page.

We also guarantee 100% acceptance by USCIS. The only thing we need to make clear is that we are only doing the translation job for the documents which are in another language, yet need to be translated into English, to be used only in the United States. Since other countries have different requirements in regards to official translation, we are only able to provide an official translation for the United States.

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Why our prices are low compared with other translation agencies?

When you go through our roster for certified translations, you find our price list much cheaper than other translation agencies. This is because we have carefully reviewed the process of translation and we have reached the point where we know that the translation rates can be lowered by making a few changes in the backbone of our system and how we work. The key factors which allow us to go as low as that is the fact that we use in-house translators, editors, and proofreaders. This is because we want to maintain a sense of support and make sure that the quality of the content is not compromised. We only use translators that have already made a great impact on our team and who are specialized in providing such services. Another benefit of using in-house translators is translated into speedy services. We don’t have to spend time contacting translators, allowing them time to reply, take the job, etc. With fixed translators, all is done right there on the spot and this allows us to provide cheap certified translation services.

How do we maintain high quality?

We make sure that we use European translators for European languages so that the content is translated by native linguists, who are well aware of the local culture and customs. They also take lower rates, and this reduces the price to a considerable degree and makes the translation much more economical.

These are two key ways to make sure that the translation that you get done is perfectly done and is also reasonably priced. We want to make sure that the translation is good and still within the reach of our clients.

These services are best provided at reasonable costs as our clients are mostly middle-class individuals who require these services for immigration applications and other legal issues.

Get your cheap certified translation now

The translation business could be challenging at times. You require documents translated, not that ordinary, good to go translation, but the authentic, certified translation from a competent source. Your personal documents are some of those documents which need to be translated and certified, and only certified translation will be accepted by your local Immigration Office.
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What Is a Certified Translator?

If you work across global borders or are looking to apply for a visa to live in another country, possibilities are you will be looking to have some documents translated to do so. Several applications need some translated documents that will be used for requirements attached to it, and one of those might be a certified translator who completes them. These translators are of a different type than others who can do the service; they have done the proper training and have obtained their certification from an accredited agency.

The process of becoming a certified translator requires a few things to be accredited, including taking a certification test that will test and legitimize your skillset.

what is a certified translator
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Cheap Certified Translation Services

In modern times, immigration has become a lot more complex than it used to be. But along with being trying for you emotionally, it also takes a toll on your bank account. Wrapping up your life in one country and moving to another is going to cost a lot. But the process itself may require you to spend money now and then which is why people are often looking for ways to save money when they are in the middle of immigration. When they find out they require a certified translation of their personal documents like birth and marriage certificate, instead of going to a language service provider, many attempts to do it themselves. They do this because many agencies charge a lot for such interpretations.

But certified translations can only be carried out by experts. What if there was a solution? What if you could get cheap certified translation services? Well, that’s exactly what UTS is offering to its clients.

These days no one wants something cheap, yet everyone wants to save money. This is quite understandable, giving the conditions of life, economy, and inflation. We know that you’d want cheap certified translations because you’d have to spend a lot on other inescapable things, this is why, we kept our rates low, lower than the rest.

This is, however, in no way imply that the quality of the translation will be affected. Quality is a constant in our company. To further assure it, we have our proofreading and editing services. We ensure that we revise the content as soon as you find any error, although, it’s highly unlikely.

We pride ourselves on the professional expertise that we possess and in their presence, you’d have nothing to worry about your certified translations. To know more about our rates, you can click free instant quote, use our per word calculator, hit the live chat button, give us a call, email us, or come to one of our offices.

What is a certified translation?

If you have been asked to bring a certified copy of a translation, you must be wondering what is it and where can you get one. It is often a required document for immigration purposes. You can hire a professional translator for this job. After the successful completion of the translation, the linguistic expert will draft a certification statement. Through the certification statement, they will attest to the quality of their work. The certificate file, along with the original translation will be handed over to the client so they can rely on it for official uses. The phone number and other important details of the linguistic expert will be listed on the official certifications. Although there are no limitations or guidelines about the authorized signer, only a qualified expert will provide you with their signed statements.

Do you still have questions? Ask us. We are here to help you. Live chat with us now

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