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Online translation services are services rendered by a translation agency without having to go to their office. More and more companies now offer online services as a fast way to get your translation done and to be able to address clients in the international market. Services like website translation, video translation, and document translation are now quite common. Due to changes in the way USCIS accepts translated documents you can now get a certified translation for your birth or marriage certificate online, without having to come to our office. In a few easy steps you are now able to order your translation and have it sent to you by e-mail or even by post if you need hard copies.

You can start using our online translation services in 4 steps

prepare your document

Get your document ready

Make sure you know what you are asking for, is it a normal translation, a certified translation or a notarized one? Then have your document ready and send it to us along with the language combination and any extra requirements. It can be in just about any format, a word or a pdf document, a scan or even a quality picture of it that you can take with your phone.

ask for a quote

Ask for a quote

We offer a free translation quote to all our clients or potential clients; the quote consists of reviewing the document and setting the price along with the deadline. The quote is usually done in minutes if we have the document. You can either fax your document, or scan it and send it by email, or by using our quote form or even simpler, by live-chat.

make the payment

Make the payment

Once you receive our quote you need to review it and if it fits your needs use the payment link in the e-mail to make the payment. You can pay with any major credit cards or Paypal if you’re in the US. For European clients we also have the option to pay by Ideal or Bancontact. The payment is requested in advance as condition to start using our online translation services.

we start working

We start to work on it

Once the payment is completed, we will assign a translator (or more, depending on the number of words and how fast you need to have it), an editor and a proofreader to your project. We have a live connection with over 3,000 linguists and the assignment only takes a few minutes. As soon as that is done, they start working on your project.

We take care of the rest

This is the last stage of getting online language translation services. Within the agreed turnaround time, we will translate your document, then edit and proofread the translation. Finally, our quality assurance team will check the translation and send it to you by e-mail (or by post if you requested hard copies). We always use the TEP workflow, no matter the project size, and we never compromise on quality. The turnaround time usually depends on the amount of text, the source and the target language and other factors, but we will deliver before the deadline specified in the quote.

Use our online price calculator to request your free quote!

Express translation needed? No Problem!

If you are in need of any online translation services for personal use or vital documents needed for official or legal use, but you’re on a tight deadline, then express translation is an excellent option to help you solve it. Even papers and articles written for any occasion or purpose, if you need those translated right away in a matter of hours, you can never go wrong with express translation from Universal Translation Services.

Express translation is offered by many translation service providers in order to cater rush translation projects. This service may be applied to any translation services rendered particularly for small projects. Larger projects may be catered upon, depending on the availability of resources such as the language experts to translate, and the complexity of the document and/or the language to be translated.

We do not charge any extra rates for rush jobs, or for projects needed to be done over the weekend. Get in touch to get a personalized solution that fits your needs.

express translation
online document translation services

How to get fast online document translation services at no extra charge

You might wonder if online document translation services are charged differently from regular translations. It is normal to think that maybe because it takes so much effort to do a fast or express translation, then the price could not be equal to the regular ones. But yes, it is in fact just as the same as we usually charge. You just have to choose the right translation service provider that will satisfy your needs for this matter.

Express translation is mostly done for small projects due to the extremely short term allotted for the translation. If you have large projects needing an express translation, it is best to talk to our project managers beforehand in order to make proper arrangements. Just hit the live chat button on our website at any time, one of our project managers will answer any and all your questions in minutes and give you a free quote for our online language translation services.

We will do our best to provide the translation within allocated time without compromising on quality. In the end, our online translation services are dealt with the same care and attention, the same way normal projects are taken care of, the only difference being the fact that they take precedence over normal projects and therefore are done faster.

Why should you trust us?

Online document translation services are a common thing on the internet, and there are a bunch of companies offering online translation. So, how do you know who to trust with your documents?

One way to learn more about a company is to search for its name in Google, where you will be able to find reviews from previous customers, which might give you clues on the quality of their services. Another way is to simply visit their office and talk to them in person. One way or the other, you will find out if a company is reliable before accepting their quote.

We have been in business since 1999 and over the years we’ve seen how the quality of our translations and customer satisfaction is what matters the most. The two always come first to us and due to it, we have loyal customers who always count on us for their translation needs.

Come visit our offices in Aventura and Miami, or get in touch by live chat and enjoy high quality online translation services at some of the lowest rates in the US.

Why should you trust us
clients from all over the world

We cater to clients from all over the world

Do you have translation requirements that cannot be fulfilled locally? You need to get a high-quality professional translation that is not offered up to the mark in your own country?

But wait! You cannot possibly trust a far off, online translation agency with an important task? What if we are not trustworthy and will run away with our hard earned money?

We are a professional translation agency that is accredited by American Translators Association, and that has a BBB rating in the US! We are professional translators based in the US who have worked with clients from all over the world for the past sixteen years.

Whether you need translation for immigration or medical documents translation; it is all available under our umbrella. We are here to give you the best translation experience that you will find in the US with affordable rates and a strong work ethic.

We are presently working with over 26,000 clients from all around the world, and we are here to make sure that you get the translation that you want from professional and credible translators who are responsible for their work! Want to know more? Get in touch at your convenience; we are available 24/7!

Online document translation services

Online shopping is the most fun experience to get from the internet in exchange for money, not to mention the ease that it offers. You are tired, and you don’t want to head out, but you need something by tomorrow? No problem, just click a few buttons, and it will be delivered to your doorstep the next day. But why should only products be available online and not services? We say they should be and that’s why we offer online document translation services. If you don’t want to visit our office for a simple translation, we totally understand because the journey is futile when you can easily request the translation online.

The online document translation services are also ideal for those who live in a foreign country but want to avail our services. We want to give our clients the chance to get in touch with us and enjoy our services no matter where they are. We want your experience with us to be super easy and comfortable which is why we started online document translation services. As long as you have an internet connection, you can request and receive a translation within 24 hours. No matter what kind of translation you need, you can get it with the help of our online translation service.

Why should you trust us

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