Computer Assisted Translation Tools

Computer assisted translation tools are widely used in translating documents or websites with repetitive sentences or terminologies in order to efficiently save time and effort when doing translations. It works with a translation memory that saves previously translated sentences that may be used in future translations. Thus, translations done with the help of CAT tools may effectively reduce translation costs.

Why are computer assisted translation tools widely used today?

Customers these days rely on the advantages they get from the World Wide Web. Basically, there is an ongoing raise in the numbers of internet sites that you can find on the World Wide Web which provide their goods and services to customers. And also, since consumers would go in a way that can give them advantages like waiting for the products to be shipped to them, shopping online became a fact. However, you want to get these translation services affordable right? You do not want to get the same message paid over and over again when it has already been translated. That make sense right?

In this situation, using the so called Computer Assisted Translation tools comes into play. CAT tools are support tools for translators and clients that save the already translated text by a human translator in a database. This database can be pulled up when there is a new document for translation and is updated and saved every time you as a client have a new document for translation. We analyze the document against this translation memory and get a result what is new for translation, or partly for translation or what is fully matching with the database. In order to maintain the quality of the database, the analysis is not done per word but per sentence. In this way if a part of the sentence is already in the database, the CAT tools will show that to you.

CAT Tools

Some terms used to define similarities found in the translation memory

no match

No match

No match means that there is no word/nothing to be found in the database which we call a translation memory that has been translated before.

Fuzzy match

This means that there is a part of the sentence that has been translated before which you can use in your next translation.

100 percent match and repetitions

100 percent match and repetitions means that there is or are sentences that are matching 100 percent with the sentence we have in the translation memory. And there could be sentences that are the same.

So you can imagine that translation agencies offer reduced rates when they use CAT tools for your documents for translation. The calculations are based on the no match, fuzzy match and the 100 percent and repetitions and each analysis offers lower rates. Ask for it when you contact us for your price. Note that for scanned documents an analysis cannot be made as the document is not digital.

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Benefits of using CAT tools

CAT tools have some advantages besides cutting down on expenses for translations, which include:

  • Faster turnaround time at a lower price
  • Uniformity in terminologies and styles in all documents
  • Ease in the formatting of documents

Added features for computer assisted translation tools can greatly improve the whole translation process. These features include:

  • A terminological dictionary is integrated directly to the CAT tool and translators can work cooperatively with this dictionary to save time in checking every term from the terminological dictionary of the client.
  • Server deployment for CAT tools can ease translation burdens due to a unified and updated terminological dictionary or translation memory accessible for all translators, particularly when working on a large project.
  • Quality assurance ensures small but important details that are sometimes overlooked by translators such as missing digits, punctuation, and spaces, are handled using CAT tools.

Those are the common perks that computer assisted translation tools have which can be of great help in reducing translation costs. You may ask us to use CAT tools for your translations so you can save time and costs. And if possible, employ the same translation agency or company in all your translation needs as with every project the translation memory will grow and provide more and more savings in time.

A possible scenario where CAT tools are needed

Doing business with customers with various nationalities can be a difficult task that you have to succeed in. This can be crucial for online businesses to be successful; therefore real human translation is a must. You have to provide quality translated texts and that is only possible when you use professional translation services.

Setting up your own business can be claimed to be lucrative by using the right set of resources. You have to reveal your website in a way that people can realize what you are trying to inform them. You have to build up a relationship with your audiences if you want to convince them to purchase your products and obtain your services. It only implies that your website should be convenient enough to find customers from all over the world and that can only be possible through human translation services.

Looking at the circumstances, customers expect that placing their own company online can give them exceptional earnings. Though a part of this is accurate, you still need to do something to make it happen. You have to work on your internet site and determine the issues that can help it attract clients. In order for you to conveniently get the message through to the people you are talking to, using CAT tools can be awesome to save money as well as purchasing human translation services.

You can even improve the advantages you can get from professional translation services if you think of connecting it with a professional translation agency. There will be uniformity and effectiveness on how your internet site will be translated into various languages. If you can run the translation process as fast as can be, then you can expect getting more successful thus earning more revenues. No need to be reluctant for a business expansion because you know that there is a chance for you to make a sale.

Thus, there can be a need for cutting down on translation costs thru computer assisted translation tools when dealing with website and/or vital document translations for businesses or employment and immigration related processes.

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