What Was the First Language on Earth?

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If there is one thing humans love, it is remembering and celebrating the little things. All of us have taken part in at least a few of such celebrations which might seem insignificant to an outsider but mean a lot to those involved. For instance, your parents celebrated your first smile, your first word, and your first step because it meant a lot to them. However, those things did not change the world in any way. Your smile didn’t light up the whole universe but it changed the way your parents’ universe looked. Many might talk against celebrating little things saying it is a waste of time, and sometimes money, but in a world where there is more chaos than calm, there is nothing wrong with appreciating what we have.

If you want to celebrate your child’s first day at school, no one should have a problem with that. There are not many reasons left in the world for us to continue to hope for the future. A lot of people are living in poverty. Conflicts and wars have destroyed generations in some parts of the world. There is more horror in our real lives than any scary movie produced by Hollywood. These things should motivate us to try and make things better but if we start obsessing about them, we will not be able to do anything for anyone.

First Language

We have two choices during our time on this planet, we can either spend our whole lives crippled with our thoughts about the state of our universe, or try to bring a change and focus on the good things so we know what we are striving for. Remembering little things is not just about celebrating the good in life but also reminding ourselves that there are things in the world worth fighting for. However, not all the things we try to remember have some emotional value. Sometimes, we have to focus on subjects that can help humanity move forward. By learning about such things, we can come up with better plans for the future. They also help us develop a better understanding of ourselves.

The Human History:

Ask anyone and they will tell you how backward the earlier humans were. They might even make faces when telling you about the people who used to wear clothes made out of leaves. But the truth is, if those people had not gone through the evolutionary process, we wouldn’t have arrived at the current moment of history. Each step taken by humanity during its time on this planet matter. No can take step number eleven without taking step numbers 1-10. And that is why we study, history, not only to know how our ancestors lived their lives but also to learn how things changed one by one.

There are far greater morals in our history than can ever be found in a children’s story book. Our present state was surely affected by our past but our future also relies on our understanding of the old times. This is why we continue to study the ancient civilizations. Not only can we learn from their mistakes, we can also see where we took a wrong turn in history which made things bad for our minority groups. History can also teach us a lot about arts and culture. We can get to know the artists and writers of the past in a better way only by reading about their lives. We can also learn about cultures by researching their evolution. We will find out which communities affected the culture of a region and which didn’t leave a trace.

First Language

What Was the First Language on Earth?

The firsts of a child are something important to parents, but the firsts of humanity are important to all of us. By learning about our first steps on this planet, we can understand the path we took in a better way. There are many questions that historians have to answer. However, it is important to remember that they can’t find all the answers. A lot of history can be lost to us forever. We haven’t discovered time travel yet so it is hardly surprising that we can’t know all about the past. So, we make do with what we can find out.

It isn’t only the linguists who want to know what was the first language on earth, many people have wondered about this from time to time. But this isn’t the sort of question we can find an answer to easily because according to estimates, language came into being in 100,000 BC and it is impossible to figure out more about that time period. Sumerian and Egyptian are known to have the oldest writing system but when it comes to the oldest languages still around, Tamil defeats every other name to come on top.

It is not possible for us to know what was the first language on earth but we can assume it was a parent tongue of Tamil. Linguists continue to ponder over this question after all these years and that might never stop. Maybe one day we will have a system in place that can help us figure out all about the time period when language first took form, but for now, we are left to assume. We can continue to research the languages we do know to be old until we find a definitive answer about their parents.

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