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This is right if you want an affiliate program to help you earn good money. You can make just by referring your website visitors or customers to our translation service, and on every purchase of theirs, you will get a 17% commission.

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How Does It Work?

It’s simple: you must put our given link on your website. It could be hidden under a text or placed as an ad or even a slogan. Keep us there so you can get your cut whenever a user comes to us through your link and uses our translation service.

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Marketing Content

That’s on us. Whatever we need to support and advertise our service, we’ll provide. You only have to spare a few minutes to understand how to do that. So stop waiting and start earning today!

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Got questions? We have the right answers! Contact us anytime, day or night; we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you with anything you need.

Use the following form where you can have us call you or set up a meeting via Skype or even an online meeting with our affiliate manager. We will email you soon to set up the meeting at the time and date of your choosing.

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    You must be wondering what good can come out of a translation service when you have nothing to get translated. Well, you can gain a lot by getting associated with UTS. Our affiliated members enjoy exclusive benefits, mainly if they are in the documentation business. Still clueless?

    Let us explain how beneficial this program can be for you by becoming an affiliate of Universal Translation Services. Do you know how your internet service provider refers you to a specific technician? Well, it’s not always your problem they care for; most of the time, it’s the commission. We offer you the same opportunity to make money by referring to UTS.

    How to use our affiliate program

    How to use our affiliate program

    Please watch the video above explaining how to register as an affiliate with us and how to use the affiliate platform. Registration is simple; all you need to do is fill in all the fields and click the Sign Up button. Once inside, you’ll have several options to choose from. The first page will show you your referral code, which you must provide to your face-to-face customers. If you want to add your unique affiliate link to your website, navigate to the Ads tab, where you will find a suite of banners you can use along with your affiliate link. Detailed stats are also available so you can see at any time how many of your clients have visited our website, how many bought our services, and how much you earned. Another tab will show you the payment history, where you can see the history of payments sent to you. You can also change your details in another account and your password if needed.

    Start making money with our affiliate/referral program for translation services!

    grow by using our translation affiliate program

    An excellent opportunity

    Believe it or not, our translation affiliate program is an excellent opportunity to earn money for every person who owns a website. If you are tech-savvy and an expert in digital marketing, here’s your chance to make a referral income by UTS and an additional 17% profit on every sale from your website, blog, Facebook page, online magazine or any other social platform.

    an excellent opportunity

    How does it work?

    To become our affiliate, you need to follow some simple steps. Just place a link to UTS on your website. The link could be a banner, an ad or a text that will direct the viewers to our website, Universal Translation Services. Every time a viewer clicks on that link and uses our translation services for certified translations, document translations, or any other translation service that we provide, you’ll earn a commission from that sale.

    Marketing materials

    Marketing materials

    You don’t have to choose the right strategy to market our services. We offer banners in different sizes and links with a unique code that allows you to use them as our affiliate. We take pride in our translation services, particularly the diversity that we offer in multiple languages, so even if you are running a website in a language other than English, we can provide you with banners in your desired language upon request.

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    Pennies turn to dollars; dollars turn to hundreds.

    Did you hear about our translation affiliate program and thought to yourself, “I don’t need the money”?

    You still have enough reasons to join if you are an established business and our commissions are a penny to your financial ecosystem. We explain why our Affiliate Program is excellent for you and your clients.

    why should you join our affiliate program

    Why should you join our translation affiliate program?

    Let’s consider a travel agency. Every time a client comes to them with a plan of backpacking through Europe, they find themselves with a considerable amount of translation of legal documents to make their clients happy. No business will only refer regular and vital clients to an agency because they like extra pocket money! We know that, so here are our strong points:

    Universal Translation Services is a US translation company with over 3,000 professional translators that can translate every type of document that you may have from and into 120 languages. Following are a couple of reasons you should consider working with our translation affiliate program:

    We only hire professional translators

    If your client comes to you with a shabby translation that is so dubious you can’t clear it, let alone the visa processing system, you will wish you had sent them to someone reliable yourself. We are the reliable ones that hire only professional translators in our agency.

    Client referrals are essential.

    All the travel clients tend to ask their handlers where to get the translation and follow their advice. This is because the clients do not know anyone and need to know the best translators in the business!

    The translation needs to clear the system.

    Translations for travel documents are essential and a tricky business. You need the translation done accurately, following the narrow guidelines set by the destination country. We will give you copies to get your clients through the immigration system or travel visa protocol without hitch or problems. You can try us and see for yourself.

    Joining our translation affiliate program will free you from the hassle of looking up a good translation agency whenever you or your clients have translation needs while making money.

    How do I keep track of my sales and referrals?

    Well, we know that this question was tingling on the tip of your tongue. The answer is here. We believe transparency is critical in all kinds of deals, so we have developed a real-time statistics system for all click-throughs and sales. Our technical team keeps track of all your customer and referral activity through our impeccable and reliable tracking software. We deeply value you as our affiliate, and we save you in the loop so that you can ensure that you’re getting what you have been committed to and what you truly deserve.

    A cookie identifies a visitor as your customer whenever a visitor clicks through to our site. That cookie lasts for 30 days. If the visitor doesn’t make a purchase on the first visit but returns and places an order within 30 days, we’ll provide you with a committed share of our sale.

    This is indeed a golden chance for social media enthusiasts, and if you are one, you can send clients over to us through social media and keep track of the activities, such as sales, clicks, and referrals. You’ll have to register with us, and we’ll walk you through the details of how you can use our links, banners and other available options, simple and easy!

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    What’s the catch?

    Well, suspicions embrace us every time we hear about an online opportunity, but not this time. There is nothing to worry about. Our affiliate program is free, free of cost and risk; it’s just a simple and easy way to earn a decent extra by sharing information, whether by site, social networking or just by spreading it across.

    So, how do I join?

    Join us today; first, go through our agreement. You’ll find a link to our online registration form at the bottom of the contract. Click on it and follow the instructions on the form. Signing up with us will merely take 5 minutes. And that’s it, you’ll be a member.

    Not just that we provide special affiliate or referral codes to our affiliates who have no websites but can send us clients through word of mouth; the codes will secure your earnings. And even after that, to be safe, we have the option for you to add your name to the affiliate program manually. For further details, you can always drop a question at our 24/7 customer support or have a live chat with our affiliate manager on our website. You can even track your earnings.

    Earn money by referring clients to us.

    Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need money in today’s world? Even with a job, it’s insufficient to cover your expenses. Earning a little extra can be extremely helpful if you have a family to support. Even if you are single, the inflation rates will ensure you always need more money than you make. Finding the right opportunity to earn extra cash is hard these days. When you see such an opportunity, there is no way to know whether it is legit or a scam.

    We have come up with a solution through our translation affiliate program. We give you the chance to earn money without having to do much. You have to join our affiliate program, and you will see how easy it is to get that extra cash. In fact, with our translation affiliate program, you will not only be helping yourself but also others. When you recommend our exceptional services to someone, you will do them a favor and get a commission in return. Isn’t it great? So what do you say? Are you in? If yes, then sign up today.

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    Highly Effective Translation Affiliate Program

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