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Planning on immigrating to the US but don’t know where to get Macedonian to English translation from? We have got you covered. Our highly qualified native translators can help you with English to Macedonian translation and vice versa.

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No one can understand a language better than its native speakers so then who better to translate it than the same people, right? Our team consists of native translators from around the world who understand their languages well and are highly experienced to handle documents of all kinds. They have spent years perfecting their work as a translator.

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Your different time zone may keep you from getting in touch with your friend because its 2AM in their country but it wouldn’t stop us from helping you when you need a translation. We work 24/7 so whenever you reach out to us, you will find us ready to start working. We don’t want you to wait for the next morning for an important translation.


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You don’t have to look elsewhere if you need a medical interpretation. You may read the word certified for immigration and think that’s the only thing we do but we have experts from all fields in our team. From legal to technical files, we can handle whatever problem you are facing regarding languages.

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Certified Macedonian Translation Services for Immigration to the US:

People often assume that it is the Asians and Africans who wish to move to the US because of the bad economic state their countries are in. That is true for the most part but Asians and Africans are not the only people who wish to experience the freedom offered by America in person. There are many things about the US that attracts people towards it. The American Dream has always been the biggest motivating factor behind people’s attempts to immigrate to the US but the other factors also play an important role. The country is home to the Hollywood, the most successful entertainment industry in the world. Aspiring actors and directors often move to the US to get close to the industry and study in the acting schools of America.

There are also people who lack the freedom of expression in their countries or who are hunted by the authorities due to their religious beliefs. To everyone who has to face such conditions, America looks like heaven. They want to move to a place where they can be whoever they want without any fear. The Us is also home to various technology companies and many aspiring engineers move there to join big names like Apple and Microsoft and put their talent to good use. However, for the people of North Macedonia, and every other country where English is not the official language, immigration to the US is impossible on their birth certified unless they can find certified Macedonian translation services. With the help of certified translations, they can easily apply for US immigration and start a new chapter of their lives.


Macedonian Translation Services for Business:

Throughout its history, North Macedonia went from being ruled by one country to another. This is one the reason why it couldn’t succeed much in the past. But in the last few decades, things have started getting better for the country and its citizens. North Macedonia is getting back on its feet. The improvements can be seen in the economy of the country but it is also becoming an emerging power on the global scale. It will become a member of NATO by the end of this year and has also applied for an EU membership.

The country is a member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. The open economy of North Macedonia is getting stronger with each passing year and its citizens enjoy a lot of benefits today including universal healthcare and social security. All these factors make North Macedonia an ideal place for starting a small business. However, if you want to expand your current business to this country, you will need the help of business translations. Our expert business translators will be able to handle all the marketing content of your business. We can also help you with the localization process. But our specialties don’t end here. We can also offer support to our clients for legal and technical translations.

The Macedonian Language:

Certified Macedonian Translation Services

At over 64%, Macedonians are the biggest ethnic group in North Macedonia and their language is the official language of the country. Macedonian is also recognized as minority language in the neighboring countries like Albania and Serbia. Unlike most of the Indo-European languages, Macedonian is written in the Cyrillic script. Bulgarian and Macedonian share a lot of similarities and are therefore considered mutually intelligible to a high degree. But the dialects of the two may differ a lot from each other depending on the area where they are spoken.

The language has many dialects and the phonology of each of those dialects is different from each other. There are a lot of Turkish and English loanwords in Macedonian. Due to the differences between dialects, it is impossible for an outsider to understand the language. If you are in need of Macedonian translations, let our native translators handle your documents. They will not only be able to provide you with quality work but also deliver in time so nothing can keep you from starting your business in Macedonia.

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