Universal Translation Services takes on any task regardless of the complexity. We provide professional document translation services, software localization and website translation services at the lowest rates in the industry.

No assignment is complicated to our team as we carefully assess the demands of the client. An expert linguist is selected to take the lead in the translation with editors and proofreaders assisting him along the way in order to produce an impeccable output. In case the client requires that the output should conform to a certain target market, marketing and communication consultants may also come in.

professional document translation services

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document translation services

Document Translation Services

The main goal of translation is to clearly communicate the company’s message. We acknowledge this as a priority which is why our specialists work extremely hard at all times in order to achieve the appropriate tone and choice of words. Plain (literal) text translations do not give successful results but a total content adaptation does. With this in mind, allow us to show you what efficient translation is all about.

software localization services

Software Localization Services

Long gone are the days when you could sell your software or app in English in the entire world. Times have changed and your competitors are localizing their software in order to address to more clients. If you’re thinking of doing the same, get in touch with us. We provide top notch localization services in any language.

website translation services

Website Translation Services

While English is being spoken worldwide, when it comes to promoting your products and services you’ll get more reach if you translate your content. Studies indicate people are 10 times more willing to spend more time on your website if it’s written in their native language. Also, visitors are 3 times more interested to buy a product if it’s presented in their language.

Software localization Services

Not only does Universal Translation Services boast accurate translations but we also deal with software localization. Our software engineering division is very experienced and on par with the translation team in terms of excellence. Our engineers are experienced enough to confidently handle the tough process of localization from start to finish.

Our track record in localization shows very good results with noted testimonials from our clients. Not only do they feel confident with our output, but their respective businesses greatly enjoys positive returns. Expertise coupled with the latest tools and surefire processes are the key factors which make our team a cut above the rest.

Do not let software localization hinder the success of your business. Our company would be glad to help by providing an obligation-free proposal. Contact us today and provide us with your requirements. You will be surprised to know that we are able to help you achieve your ultimate (translation) goal in next to no time.

Website Translation Services

The Internet has paved the way for greater opportunities as foreign markets search for products and services from the other side of the globe. Given this scenario, it is important that company websites are fully understood even if the readers do not belong to the local audience.

At Universal Translation Services, we recognize the need to reach out to foreign markets by transforming a single-language website into a multilingual one. Our service ensures consistency in tone and use of words to keep up with the target audience. Seeing the endless advantages, it is desirable to go ahead and permit the international growth of your business. So, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today for a proposal.


Universal Translation Services provides high quality translations at affordable prices. Our professional employees are ready to take on any task: professional document translation, software localization, DTP services, website translation. Contact us now for a free quote.

  • This company has been in the translation business for fifteen years, and it shows! Their quality of service is excellent, and they keep in good contact with their customers. I hardly have to wait for a response when I am troubleshooting an issue with them. The Live Chat option is a user-friendly service as well. Thank you!

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