Pdf language translation as a modern tool

Documents in “portable document format”, commonly known as pdf documents, have become very popular in the last years. The main reason of it is because they allow users to exchange reliable information independent of operating system, hardware or software. In addition these types of documents also have great resolution.  One of the most common requests from users is pdf language translation or pdf file translation.  Despite its format offers security, this function makes it difficult to translate.

pdf language translation – how to do it

The first way to translate pdf dcuments requires converting them to word format. In this way the document can be imported in translation tools thus making it easier to translate. It takes additional time and effort; therefore users and programmers have continued to seek new ways that ease the pdf file translation task. One of these programs is MemoQ.

Other options allow you to translate the document without having to convert it. Several programs such as Google translator, translator toolkit or Microsoft, have these types of functions. But they have the following 2 limitations:

  • The file should not be password protected; otherwise the translation tools won´t be able to read the content.
  • The translation doesn’t keep the layout of the original pdf document, so it makes necessary to work on it again to add the original features. Results usually show tags and line breaks that need to be repaired.

An additional option requires finding the original document. You must remember that pdf documents and files always come from other types of documents. Most common original sources of pdf documents are Adobe Creative (Photshop, FrameMaker and others), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Database files and scanned files. If you are able to find one of these original formats, then you no longer need to use the pdf file as you can have your original document translated while keeping the original layout too.

pdf file conversion

Are there any tools to provide pdf file translation?

More recently, a new tool to translate pdf documents has emerged. The site allows you to upload your pdf document and obtain the translation in few minutes with more or less the original layout. It seems to be the solution for all the above mentioned problems. However, users complain the interface is not friendly enough, and the quality of the translation is not great either. There is another option called Multilizer which allows the same functions to translate pdf documents but it is a paid program. It offers a free downloadable version which shows basic features and allows user to try the potential of the program.

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pdf file translation

Pdf file translation

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Translation for any document

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Pdf language translation is very important for professional translators. It is common that their clients request translation of these types of documents and they expect to receive the final work in the same format. In the other hand, it is also common that information about products and services come in pdf format.

As we are in the internet era and worldwide commerce is now ruling business trade, clients and potential business partners get help when they are able to translate pdf documents and files to their native language in easy ways. Students and researcher also find translators tools for pdf very valuable, as many of the web content comes in this format.

Because pdf format is easily exchangeable, it has widely spread through all fields and areas and fortunately pdf translation has become a vital tool to modern times.

Universal Translation Services has the necessary specialists to convert pdf files into an editable format before translation, and convert it back into pdf after the translation is finished. Get in touch now!

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