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Are you in need of a Punjabi to English translation? You can count on our Punjabi to English and English to Punjabi translation services, we provide high-quality translations from and into Punjabi for business expansion or for immigration at low rates.

You might have seen a video of a song shot with guys wearing colorful turbans, beating huge drums with sticks, dancing to a beat which no one can resist, even if they don’t understand the words of their melodies, Well, these songs are Punjabi bhangra songs. Punjabi music is loved internationally, and fans of desi musicians live everywhere.

This vibrant language is a mother tongue of billions, working in different spheres of life at different places of the world. And anyone could need Punjabi language translation services. Thankfully, we are ready to help them.

Our native professionals have a firm grip on local dialects, usages, terminologies, and vice versa. This knowledge allows them to provide the closest content to their client’s desires. From social media to business strategists, we serve all with our translation services. The promise of quality is for every language. No matter where you are located, what you are looking for, and whatever is your emergency, we are here to accommodate you in the best way we can. So write our name in your diary or bookmark our URL, because next time you need a Punjabi translation service, just hit the tab.

Accurate translations for any needs

Have you searched around the Internet for reliable Punjabi translation services and came up empty? Fear not, your search is now over. With over 3,000 linguists, Universal Translation Services has the manpower and the ability to provide high quality linguistic services of any kind, for both individuals and businesses at fair prices. Is our office too far from you? Not a problem, with us you can order online at any time. Ask our project managers for your free quote and you’ll have it in 5 minutes, we are working around the clock to suit any needs.

Any language or document
Any language or document

We do English to Punjabi translation just as easily as we do Punjabi to English translation or any other language for that matter. Come to us with any document you might have, for business or personal, we can do it, even certified translation for immigration in the US.

lowest prices on the market
Lowest prices on the market

Accurate translation doesn’t have to be expensive, and with us, it is not. Stop paying high rates for uncommon languages or language combinations. Come to us instead, and you’ll get cheap translation services for any language, no matter if you are in a rush.

available anytime

Available anytime

It is past 5 PM, all the offices are closed, and you need your translation first thing in the morning? Ring us out, or live chat with us, and we’ll strive to have it done when you need it. We are working around the clock, including weekends, and don’t have extra rush rates.

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Certified Punjabi to English translation

We provide certified Punjabi to English translation services for our customers who are looking to immigrate or to study in The United States. As you may already know, in your relationship with USCIS you need to have all your documents translated and certified. The same goes for university admission in the US. We give you cheap certified translation services for any personal documents (birth and marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas, etc), guaranteed to be accepted at USCIS or any other US legal body, for only $20 per page. Any certified Punjabi to English translation will be delivered to you in 24 hours.

Our team for Punjabi to English and vice versa is all based on native Punjabi-speaking certified linguists who have a complete grasp of not only the Punjabi language but the Punjabi culture, local norms, and lingo as well. We pride ourselves in the fact that we hire translators from all over the world who are well versed in the language that they are translating from and can understand even the most challenging of translation-related tasks as they know the languages like the back of their hands, therefore are fully capable of delivering an accurate output. We are the foremost translators of anyone needing Punjabi translation services.

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English to Punjabi translation for business? Sure!

Businesses can rely on us for their business translation needs at any time. If you are a Punjabi business looking to expand, we can help you. Are you an international company looking to tap on the Punjabi market? We can help you too. Ranging from marketing to legal, technical, medical, or general content, we have specialized translators in just about any field who can provide accurate translations, perfectly adapted to your target market, for any document, website, or software.

The translation process is rigorous and many times challenging as the content goes through many changes in search of the perfect meaning of the original document in the target language. It’s a challenging task as not every word has an equivalent in the target language. The language difference between English and Punjabi is a real challenge as there are many words, senses, and tonalities that are present in English that cannot be found in Punjabi and there are many phrases in English that cannot be found in Punjabi.

The work that we give you in our final translation is vetted carefully by a second native Punjabi linguist for content, quality, clarity, and accuracy. He also fine-tunes the work if it needs to be polished and then the final translation is presented to you after our quality assurance team checks it one more time.

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Marketing Content

Want to localize your website to the Punjabi market, or to make it global by adding a Punjabi to English translation? Punjabi style for web content has to be lively, conversational, and filled with colors and clever puns. Selling a product to the Punjabi audience won’t do well unless it’s not done the proper way, by perfectly adapting your product to the market, in a way that it’d look built for them. Websites and products that are to be sold to the Punjabi target market have to have a sense of the latest fashion in the region but also be culturally adapted. Our web engineers are working with the translators to make sure that the product is well placed and well presented in the target language.

Local Media

We do high-quality translations for Punjabi scripts, voice-over, and subtitles. We have an excellent record of providing great Punjabi to English translation services and vice versa content and making sure that the audience appreciates the tone, texture, and quality of writing that we come up with. The texture of the Punjabi language is very different from the texture of English, which means that converting content from one of these languages to the other is an arduous task that requires a creative flair for incorporating the styles and mannerisms of the target language while keeping the original text’s content and tonality.

Legal Translation

Certified Punjabi to English translation is also available for legal documents. We are excellent translators of legal content whether it is birth certificates, marriage certificates, or business documents. We are here to translate all of your important legal papers according to your specifications and in strict compliance with the legal system. We can translate contracts just as easily as we do testimonies and any other legal proceedings that may be required in the court of law. We keep the content and its meaning strictly while finalizing the translation and make sure that we got not only the essence but all the important points of the legal papers well. We are here to serve you with the best English to Punjabi translation available.

Punjabi translation services at affordable rates

Punjabi is mainly spoken by people living in the historical Punjab region that occupies the area in both Pakistan and India. But Punjabi speakers can be seen all over the world, which builds ongoing requirements for Punjabi translation in different fields. UTS fills in such requirements through our professional Punjabi translators many of whom are native Punjabi speakers. We always hire native English speakers with a high command of the language to offer professional translation services. We’ve worked hard to choose the best Punjabi translators with vast knowledge of English who can translate into English with a full understanding of all nuances of the language.

The team providing Punjabi translation services at UTS works for one of the best translation companies in the world, and if you are looking for professional Punjabi to English translations trust us with your eyes closed, UTS is your choice. Our goal is to always translate accurately and on time, conveying the meaning of the original text when it comes to Punjabi technical translations and medical translations, but imaginatively and focusing on the message rather than the form when we deal with marketing translations to produce fast yet accurate translation services at a competitive price.

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Translations in Punjabi

People who move away from their countries and spend their whole lives in a foreign place live a unique life. They want to teach their children the culture of their home country but at the same time, they also want their kids to adapt to the modern world they are living in. This pressure ends up confusing children. They love a homeland they have never been to and speak the language that they can only talk in at home or hear in the entertainment industry. Punjabi is one such interesting tongue that has been ruling the households of Indians and Pakistanis who live in English-speaking societies.

There is a certain charm about Punjabi that many find hard to ignore. A lot of people who don’t even understand it has listened to a few Punjabi songs because they are so catchy and hard to resist. Sometimes, communicating with ex-pats can be a problem if they never learn English. People who never worked after moving to another country never felt the need to try learning English. This is why brands and companies sometimes need translations in Punjabi to communicate with that target audience that doesn’t know any other tongues. Seeing the translations will make these people immensely happy and they will end up becoming your loyal customers.

About Punjabi

Punjabi is a vibrant and beautiful ancient language with an astonishing history and culture behind it. Punjab is a region that is spread from India to Pakistan and was divided into Indian and Pakistani Punjab after separation. The Punjabi nation in total, from India, Pakistan, and half of the globe is close to a billion with a heavy population residing in the United Kingdom, United States, and all over the world. Sikhs are a religious group that rose from the Greater Punjab area a few centuries ago and are now spread all over the world. All Sikhs originate from and belong to the Punjab region but the larger population of Punjab is spread across many other religions such as Muslims, Hindus, and some others.

A significant portion of South Indian Islamic mysticism, known as Sufism is heavily based in Punjab as well with many followers of Islamic Sufism following the teachings and learning the dogma in the Punjabi Language.

Punjabi is a beautiful language with great ancestry behind it. Punjabi people are warm-hearted, loving, and passionate about their world, and their language has the intensity and expression that comes with these features. Punjabi has a beautiful way to express thoughts and ideas.

We are a leader when it comes to English to Punjabi translation or the other way around. Get in touch today and see what we can do for you!

If you are using a free Punjabi online translator, most of them use Google Translate or Microsoft translator for translating your content. However, when you use a translation agency, a professional translator will work on your English to Punjabi text translation. He will not be using any translation tool for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, etc.  He or she will be having a native or near-native proficiency in the English language and the Punjabi language.

A Punjabi translation is a translation in which text is translated into text. However, with Punjabi transcription, one has to listen to audio and transform it into the text version.

Since Google doesn’t rate translation accuracy, we can’t say that it’s 100% correct. However, it’s not that bad when it comes to translating Punjabi into English. Of course, nothing can beat the standard translation services, no matter which language is at hand.

Below are some of the best free translation websites for Roman Punjabi to Gurmukhi Punjabi:

Online Punjabi Converter | English Punjabi Translation | Punjabi Conversion

Again, these are free online translation applications and work automatically so you can’t call any of them a standard translation service.

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