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Nowadays, getting in touch with people is not an issue. You can pick up your phone and send them a text in seconds. You can also add emojis in the text if you feel like it. You can call them if you wish to discuss something important. But in some cases, a text or a phone call is just not enough. They do not serve the purpose that face-to-face interaction does. However, when two people are separated by thousands of miles, face-to-face interaction is just not possible. Fortunately, there is another option offered by the internet that can help people in such cases, and that is Video Remote Interpreting Services. In video calls, people can see each other and talk to each other at the same time. It’s like sitting in the room with them instead of talking to them on the internet.

Video Interpreting:

Companies often have to arrange video meetings with investors and shareholders. But the problem multinational companies face is the linguistic differences between the people at the conference. Thankfully, there is a great option offered by the translation industry and offered by video remote interpreting companies, that can help companies in such a scenario, and that is video interpreting. It is a process in which you add one more member to your online meeting, and that will be the interpreter. They will interpret the conversations to help the people in the meeting understand each other. There are no restrictions on the method. You can also get an interpreter on video call even if every other person is present in the same room. As long as you need the help of someone on video chat, you can schedule a session with an interpreter. This system, allowing for effective communication,  is in medical cases, vital.

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Do you face problems every time you have to discuss important matters with your shareholders because of the linguistic barrier? Or maybe you always fail to convince potential investors because you can’t speak your language? With the help of a vide interpreter, you can say goodbye to all of these problems. You can book our video Remote Interpreting services today and schedule a session with an interpreter. The next time you are on a remote video call, you will have the linguistic assistance you need, and you will be able to satisfy your shareholders and investors quickly.

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When you visit our website to book a session, you will have to enter the date and time at which you will need the assistance of the interpreter. This way, they will know when to keep a slot open in their schedule for you. You can also provide them any documents related to the meeting so they can prepare for it in a better way. If you prefer to provide information directly, that will work too. You can also decide how you want to pay for the session. If you wish to pay by the minutes, then you will be charged 0.99 USD per minute. If you are hiring the services of an expert for an hour or more, you will have to pay 59.59 USD per hour.

Once you schedule a VRI interpreting session, with choosing the language of the video meeting,  you can rest assured that you will get accurate interpreting services on the day of the meeting. Find out how easily you can make requests for language interpretation and how quickly it is scheduled. The audio and video will be high-quality, so you won’t have to deal with any problems during the session. You can stay focused on presenting your idea and let your interpreter handle the rest.

Note that the video meetings we offer are not for deaf people providing the sign language also called American sign language and interpreting.

Our prices: Only 15 usd per 15 minutes!

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving businesses and individuals for years and understand linguistic problems better than most companies. Here is why you should choose our video interpreting services:

  • No minimum fee or hidden charges. You will only pay according to the time. There won’t be any extra costs added to your bill. There are a lot of companies that charge the registration rate, but we only bill you for the service and nothing else.
  • We offer video interpreting services for all languages. Your investor could be a Finnish speaker, and you will be able to get the help you require from us. You don’t have to worry about coming to us with a lesser-known language.
  • High-quality assurance for both video and audio during the call. You won’t have to worry about losing connection or audio during the meeting. You can continue your conversations while the interpreter is on the line.
  • Our fast service means that we won’t be putting you on any waiting lists. You will get the help of an interpreter straightaway. If you are booking a session for some other day, you won’t have to wait for the interpreter. They will get in touch with you on time.
  • You will get only the top-quality interpretations from us. Indeed, most experts do not focus too much on quality during interpreting, but our experts make sure you get the best service. They know how to be helpful during your meeting. They will offer you precise and accurate interpretations so you can carry on the conversation easily.
  • You can schedule your appointment on our online calendar. No registration process like, for example, stratus video. You make your booking, pay, and you will get in a separate email the login instructions to meet the video interpreter online.

So, if you require linguistic assistance of any kind, get in touch with us today, and we will connect you with the most qualified professionals. You can attend your meetings with full confidence because our video interpreters will help you get over the linguistic barriers.

We also offer Telephone Interpreting Service only without video. Please click here to find more information about this. Of course, you can make appointments for over the phone consultation in another language too.

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Most Common Questions About Remote Video Interpreting:

  • How much does Video Remote Interpreting Cost?

    Universal Translation Services is charging clients 0.99$ per minute or, if needed, 59.59$ per hour. You do not have to pay any kind of minimum fee to get our assistance. There is also no complicated conditions to get registered. You can visit our website and ask for the help of a linguistic expert without running into any hurdles.

  • What platform is used for Video Interpreting?

    We always want our clients to get the best service from us, which is why we are using Zoom, the perfect video calling software, for remote interpreting. Using the features of Zoom, multiple people can easily join a session. We will make sure that there are no connectivity issues. We don’t want our clients to suffer any kind of delay or interruption during the call. Important information can get lost if the internet gets disconnected during a call, which is why we make sure nothing like that happens.

  • How Does Video Remote Interpreting work?

    The procedure of booking a session is easy and straightforward. You can visit our website to book a session. You will select the date and time when you need the assistance of a linguistic expert. After that, you will have to select from the two payment options: per minute and per hour. Once you confirm the detail, an expert will get your contact information so they can get in touch with you on the given date.

  • What is a Video Remote Interpreting Service?

    Video remote interpreting service is an innovative way of solving language problems. Linguistic experts gather a lot of details from gestures and body language. With the help of video calling, they can easily improve their linguistic abilities by observing the visual cues. By using Zoom, our experts utilize the latest features in video calling. In times of a global pandemic, this service is the best solution to all linguistic problems.

  • What is needed for Video Interpreting?

    It is essential for clients to know that video technology is dependent on a few things. In order to get connected with an expert, you will need to have a working internet connection. Without a good internet connection, you won’t be able to get in touch with the expert. Our qualified interpreter cannot help you much if you don’t have a webcam on your computer. In order for the service to work, the interpreter must be able to observe the visual cues, which is something they cannot do without a web camera. You must also have a working microphone so you can speak easily during the session.

    If you are getting in touch with us through your mobile, then it must be a videophone. We use the best quality internet to make sure you receive high-quality video, but all of that will be of no use if there is no video option on your end.

    Video Interpreting for Patients:

    There are many instances in which the hospital staff has to deal with patients who don’t speak the same language as them. In such situations, the help of a language interpreter is required. But sometimes, it isn’t possible for an expert to visit the hospital. In such a situation, remote video interpreting can be of great help. By getting on a video call, patients can explain their health-related issues to the doctor and receive the treatment they need.

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted to protect the sensitive information of patients. There are a lot of companies out there who try to steal sensitive information for monetary gains. This is why people should not trust every other service provider. But if you are worried about utilizing our services, then you would be happy to know that they are HIPAA compliant. All of our calls are made through a secure channel to protect our clients from any outside attack. We value your information and wish to keep it secure at all costs.

    Limited English Proficiency Help:

    Currently, at least 9% of the population of America is made up of individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). All the government departments make sure that LEP individuals can communicate with officials easily by hiring interpreters. However, there are moments when an expert doesn’t show up, or they get stuck in traffic. In order to avoid all the problems associated with in-person interpreting, video service has been offered to help all the LEP individuals. Even if their spoken language is not widely known, we will be able to connect them with a native expert easily. At the given time, a linguistic expert will contact them to solve their linguistic problems.

    Communication with Providers:

    Since a significant number of people in the US cannot speak English fluently, they need assistance whenever they get in touch with service providers. Whether it is something simple like getting their cable fixed or asking the gas company to fix the leak, they cannot do so on their own. But with the help of remote interpreting, they can easily get their message across. Whatever the problem may be, getting it resolved becomes easier with our remote services.

    Whether you need translations or interpretation, our multilingual staff members can help you. You can visit our website to schedule a session with an experienced interpreter. You can discuss your problems with your service providers, communicate with your doctor, or convey an important message to your foreign friend with the help of our video service. Even if you are an LEP individual, you will be able to get the help you need easily.

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