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Looking to expand your business in Macau, Hong Kong, or the Guangdong Province in China? You will need English to Cantonese translation for business because everyone is a Cantonese speaker there. If you are thinking to immigrate to the US, certified Cantonese document translation for USCIS will be needed. In either case, we can help you with accurate Cantonese translation services at affordable prices.

The Cantonese language that originated in the city of Guangzhou is spoken in different parts of China today. It is spoken in Guangxi, as well as in Hong Kong and Macau. It is also spoken by a small number of people in Taiwan. These people are mostly immigrants from Guangzhou. The name of Cantonese was taken from Guangzhou. The city of Guangzhou was previously known as Canton. Since the people of China speak different vernaculars, language barriers can be a problem sometimes.

English to Cantonese or Cantonese to English translation services needs to be highly accurate, done in time, and at an affordable price. They must also be under the cultural values of the people of the Canton city of China. This is exactly what we do: we only assign translators natives of your target language to translate and proofread, we make sure the translation is done fast and we don’t charge an arm and a leg for that. We help our clients to get over language barriers of all kinds. And we also keep your personal information safe, so you don’t have to worry while hiring us for a project.


Languages are complex and learning them is an art. But we cannot know all of them because there are more than 7,000 languages that are spoken in the world today. 43% of people in this world are fluent in more than one tongue so that means the rest of the world needs assistance when it comes to the matter relating to different speeches. Whether you need to start a business in a new place or apply to a foreign university, immigrate to another country or deal with a foreign business partner, you will need translation to help you get through the process, and without it, you will have to face confusion and failure.

Hong Kong, the administrative region of China, is known for its easy laws for businesses. Many foreigners have started in or moved their company to Hong Kong to take advantage of the easy terms and tax conditions of the region. But you can’t get through to the native population if you don’t advertise to them in Cantonese, which is the official language in Hong Kong. Effective communication is very important for a business. Now it is okay if you don’t speak the language, it is derived from Chinese which makes it pretty hard to learn. You can get Cantonese translations from us at affordable rates and see your company succeed in Hong Kong.

The Cantonese language is written in traditional Chinese characters. But its alphabets also have characters that are not used by other varieties of Chinese languages. On the other hand, Mandarin is written in simplified Chinese characters. Another difference is the number of tones. Where Mandarin Chinese has four tones, Cantonese has six. In China’s province of Guangdong, the Cantonese language is spoken by the majority. Most of its speakers can be found in Southern China where it is the primary language. It is important to know for businesses when to use traditional characters and when to turn to simplified characters.

highly accurate translations
Highly accurate translations

We only allow our translators to translate into their native language. We assign 2 translators to each project to translate and proofread. When the translation is done, our quality analysis team makes the final checks and delivers your translation along with a quality report. Should you have complaints they will be quickly dealt with until you are happy with our work. Our experts are always ready to make any content changes that you might want. Regardless of the translation language, you need help with, we will be able to provide you with accurate results.

 You won’t get accurate results from the Google Translate app on your Andoird so why not trust the professionals? Automatic translation is not only inaccurate but also harmful for businesses, which is why only native speakers should be allowed to translate their spoken language. Our team members have in-depth knowledge of the Chinese varieties, the simplified characters, and the traditional characters. We also employ quality assurance techniques so we can keep providing good results to our clients.

impressive customer support
Impressive customer support

We are available around the clock. No matter if it’s 2 am on a Tuesday or 10 pm on a Saturday, we are always available to help you out by answering your questions and giving you a quote. We are easy to reach if you need to communicate during the project, and we surely are available after the translation has been delivered, should you need edits, we’ll do it right away. All the content changes will be made without any additional charges. You will have direct access to the translator working on your project so you can easily share your tips. We also offer you the guarantee that your personal information will be kept safe.

Since we are offering our services online, you don’t have to worry about visiting our offices in person. Whether you are living in California or Maine, we can provide you with the linguistic assistance that you require. You can also get in touch with us when you need help with a supported language. We value all vernaculars and offer accurate assistance for all of them. Don’t worry if the translation language is not well-known because we are here to help you.

lowest prices on the market
Lowest prices on the market

Some advertise low rates and keep on adding extra and hidden charges to your total. We don’t. What we initially quote you is exactly what you have to pay. There are no extra rates, we don’t charge rush rates for translations needed in a hurry or needed to be done during the weekend. And we also sport the lowest rates in the industry for this level of quality. We also don’t ask for too much personal information when you are ordering our service online. We respect your privacy.

While machine translation apps available for Android and iOS are great if you travel and want to quickly find the meaning of a phrase, they are no match for professional Cantonese translators. When accuracy is important, professional translation needs to be used, and we can help you with highly accurate translations at some of the lowest rates you can find.

Machine Translation:

If you think you can add the language code and get automatic character translation of Cantonese then you would be wrong. Even if you get the translation from a machine, it will not be accurate. Google Translate and Microsoft indeed offer a lot of features. You can even upload an Excel file and get its translation. However, these tools like Google Translate cannot accurately read an Excel file or the selected text from a document.

There are aspects like the character set and grammatical structure that cannot be handled by Google Translate or Microsoft Translator. All the software lacks the necessary elements to understand the cultural aspects of a language. Whether it is the traditional characters or the simplified characters, only a native translator can interpret them accurately. Also, for legal reasons, it is not advisable to rely on machines when it comes to translation.

Certified Cantonese to English translation at low rates

The Cantonese language also includes many other dialects of the Chinese language that are spread across the nearby regions of Hong Kong and Macau. We are more than able to understand and translate these languages as well. Even though Mandarin Chinese has the same vocabulary as Cantonese, its grammatical structure and phonetics make it an entirely new language altogether. The difference between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese also separates them from each other.

We are proud to say that we know Mandarin as well and your content in Mandarin will be most welcome to be translated here. Our professional Cantonese translators have a complete grasp of the language and its connotations and know how to deal with any documents you might need us to translate. We can provide you with an effective translation of any dominant language, unlike Google Translate which is only helpful when it comes to popular European vernaculars.

Cantonese to English translation

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English to Cantonese translation

Accurate English to Cantonese translation for business expansion

Do you have Cantonese language-based content that needs to be translated? We are here to help you out at Universal Translation Services. We are the foremost experts in Pan Asian dialects, our team comprises excellent Cantonese translators and we can translate just about any documentation from and into Cantonese.

Cantonese is a vibrant and significant language that is the local language of Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong and Macau are both incredibly significant. Macau is known as the Vegas of Asia and is of great importance in trade and economy to China. As China has a very limited English allowance policy, there is the bulk of translatable material in Cantonese to be dealt with for international traders and business enterprises. There is an enormous market for Cantonese translation services and we are fully equipped to deal with any documentation when it comes to Cantonese to English translation, but also when you need English to Cantonese translation.

Cantonese is an ancient language with millions of speakers across the globe. Your need can vary from Embassy submissions to the immigration office and from a personal document too long and complicated business dealings that have to be translated. We are available for all of these and so much more with our experienced Cantonese translators.

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Translation for any purpose

We have expert Cantonese linguists with the native capability of translating documents. We go through the original text carefully and see how to best translate it into the target text carefully and professionally to keep its content, tonality, and quality intact. We are good at understanding the underlying meaning of the text and making sure that this meaning is being perfectly conveyed into the target language.

Legal translation

Legal documents contain rather technical writing which is not easy to translate. Thankfully, we have a great team of legal translators who are here to help you with all of your legal Cantonese translation needs. We are fully equipped to translate all of the extremely heavy legal works such as business contracts, dealings, financial papers, negotiation transcripts, and all other legal documents that you may need English to Cantonese translation or the other way around. We are excellent translators between these two languages and we are here to help you get an excellent translation of your legal papers without having to pay a premium for it.

Marketing content

Marketing your content and products to the Cantonese market is a challenge as China itself is the biggest promoter and exporter of products. But we have fingers on the veins of Cantonese people and we know just how to present your website and your products to the Cantonese population without sounding boring, mundane, or uninteresting. Our marketing translation will be highly effective. We may not be able to help you with your web development services but we’ll make sure your experience of translation with us is just as productive as creating new content.

Local media

Universal Translation Services is a great producer of subtitles, scripts, and voice for English to Cantonese or Cantonese to English translation. We are also proud translators of English movies for Cantonese audiences, and we make excellent subtitles for documentaries as well. As the central language of China, Cantonese and Mandarin needs are high and far-reaching. We are here to provide you with any assistance that you need in the translation department. Come to us with all the media materials you need to have English to Cantonese translation for and let’s talk about your needs.

Software and websites

You are probably aware of the fact that you’ll need website translation services if you want to tap on new markets, or even provide remote services, and we can help you with proper translation and localization for all your materials, online and offline and give you highly accurate English to Cantonese translation. If you have software or apps that need to be localized, we can help you with that too. We know your budget may be small, and this is why we have the lowest translation prices you can find.



Highly experienced Cantonese translators

Cantonese is a variety of the Chinese language. It has almost 80 million native speakers. In Hong Kong and Macau, Cantonese is the predominant variety of Chinese. In these areas, Cantonese is also the official language which makes it the only variety of Chinese to be used in an official capacity other than Mandarin.

The language first developed in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The importance of the city’s culture has also made Cantonese a very important variety of Chinese. The cultural value associated with it makes it an important of China’s cultural heritage.

If you are born in Hong Kong, Macau, or Guangzhou, your birth certificate will be in Cantonese. When immigrating to the United States, you will need Cantonese to English translation of your birth certificate for it to be acceptable for the USCIS. Cantonese to English translation is not an ordinary task that your bilingual friend can tackle, you will need expert translators for that, and that’s why you should choose Universal Translation Services. We have native Cantonese translators who are highly qualified and experienced. They can provide you accurate Cantonese to English translations so your documents will not get rejected.

Whether you need Cantonese to English translation for visa application or business expansion, we are here to help you with all kinds of translations.

Cantonese translators
Cantonese Translation

When it comes to the experience with translations, you may have come across projects that involved a Japanese translation, Italian Translation, or even Spanish translation. However, Cantonese language services are not that popular, or should we say lesser-known. It is because Mandarin or Chinese is considered the only language of countries such as China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Everyone has heard about Mandarin but it will be of no use to you in Hong Kong and Macau where Cantonese is the tongue majority of people speak. People can’t learn one of them and understand the other because the two are not mutually intelligible. In Southeastern China, this tongue holds a high place among its speakers. They consider it an integral part of their culture and continue to spread it even when they move overseas. However, if someone is moving to Hong Kong for job, they should know that English is also pretty common in the region and people can get by without learning a difficult vernacular.

But if someone needs a translation into Cantonese, they should get in touch with us because we have the right people for Cantonese services. With our dedicated client service, we can provide you with a professional translator for all your specific needs.

Our world is a massive place and we don’t have enough time in our lives to learn everything about all the cultures and traditions of the people who live around us. But that doesn’t mean we cannot try. There are many steps that we can take to bridge the gap between different nations. If we go forward with the sole aim of trying to understand them then we definitely won’t fail.

In order to understand them, we can try to learn what differentiate them from us. And another thing that we must do is end stereotypes and racial slurs. A lot of us look at any brown colored person and proceed to call them Arab. This is an example of the kind of things we should avoid.

The culture of Asia is multilayered. There are many misconceptions about the people of this region. One of them is that people often think Mandarin and Cantonese are the same language. In truth, the two are very different. Cantonese is also spoken in China but it’s a more dominant language in Hong Kong and Macau. In order to enable people of that region to communicate with English speakers, Cantonese English Translations will be necessary. They will also be needed for official purposes, for instance visa application.

Cantonese English

Is There Cantonese in Google Translate?

Everyone loves and trusts the services offered by Google. But the company’s app for translations is not always helpful. You may use it as an English translator or even a Chinese translator but not for Cantonese. Although it does offer support for most of the popular languages, it can’t assist those who plan on visiting Hong Kong any time soon. Cantonese is not only quite popular in some regions of China but also the official language of Hong Kong. But currently, Google Translate does not offer its translations. If you are in Hong Kong and you change your location, you can get voice support. This feature, however, does not work after the update of the app.

How Do You Say Cantonese in Cantonese?

Translate Cantonese

The vernacular has multiple names depending on the region where it is spoken. In English, it can be translated as Guangzhou or Canton language. Sometimes, the word Cantonese is used to refer to multiple varieties of Chinese. In China and Hong Kong where more than 68 million native speakers of the vernacular live, it is called Gwóngdūng wá or Jūngmán. In overseas communities, the tongue is referred to as Tòhng wá. The speakers of the language have named it after their native regions.

Is Cantonese the Same as Chinese?

Cantonese in Google TranslateA lot of people have this misunderstanding that Chinese is one language. But it is the name of a variety of different tongues, and they are all different from each other. The most spoken variety is Mandarin, but it is by no means the only popular one. Cantonese is another variety that has a lot of speakers in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. If Chinese is used to refer to Mandarin, then a comparison between it and Cantonese will show that the two are quite different from each other. The similarities can be found in their written form because of the simplified alphabet that is used to write both vernaculars nowadays. The two are different in their pronunciations, which means that the same word can be pronounced differently in both.

How Do You Translate Cantonese?

mandarin vs Cantonese

Since Google Translate does not offer support for the language, people wonder how they can get help with it. For traveling, they can get help from other apps, but when it comes to business and official documents, only human experts can be of assistance. A native speaker of Cantonese will be able to deliver 100% accurate results. If someone is having trouble finding an expert who can provide them with accurate linguistic assistance, then they should get in touch with a reliable agency. The agencies that have native translators on their teams will always be able to provide quality content to their clients. You can trust them to give you your money’s worth each time.

The English to Cantonese or Cantonese to English translation services that we provide come with an excellent second review step where a second translator reviews the original translation and makes sure that all the points are well covered and properly translated. He also checks on the quality and strength of the translation and sharpens the style and texture of the work to make sure that the client is satisfied with the final product.

Since Cantonese is not yet available on Google Translate, You’d need another translator. Microsoft Bing Translator is one such translator that you can use for Cantonese text translation. You can use it for Cantonese to English and English to Cantonese translations. Bing Translator is an excellent service for people looking for a bilingual translation.

However, a professional translator can help you better with your Cantonese documentation translation.

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