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If you can’t name every country in Asia, that’s okay too. In such a diverse continent, it is difficult to keep track of everything. Even the Asians don’t know what is happening in their neighboring countries at times. Every state on the continent went through so many changes throughout history that it is almost impossible to keep track of everything. USSR got divided into fifteen different countries. China was ruled by different empires. The European colonized majority of Asian countries. The middle eastern states fought among themselves and then faced civil wars one by one. The situation is bleak even today in a lot of countries of Asia.

At the same time, there are countries like China, Malaysia, and Thailand with strong economy and ever improving GDP. They have highly productive working classes and attract people from all over the world for work and education. There are also countries like India that have poverty-stricken areas and advanced cities at the same time. It is impossible to find a region of the continent that has it all. Every state, even the most successful ones, are struggling at one front or the other. But despite all of that, they are all surviving.

It is not up to people to learn about all that is happening in Asia, but there are countries like Cambodia that have a history full of conflicts and struggles which the historians find impossible to ignore. Many people turn to the internet to find out if a country is rich or poor but when it comes to the majority of Asian states, it is a lot more than that. There are vibrant cultures and ancient languages, unique dresses and delicious food, big companies and latest inventions. Anyone who pays close attention will be able to see the true colors of this beautiful continent and all its countries.

Khmer Translation

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Khmer Translation

Cambodia and Its History:

Many people think of the Khmer Rogue, the supporters of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, when they hear the name of Cambodia but the history of the country was never calm even before the foundations of the party were laid. From 802 AD, the region was ruled by King. That was the beginning of the Khmer Empire which lasted for six hundred years. In 1860s, the country became a French protectorate. It wasn’t until 1953 that Cambodia gained independence. But its struggles didn’t end with the freedom.

Cambodia was bombed by the US during the Vietnam war. When a pro-US party came into power, the clashes with Khmer Rogue began and the violence lasted for many years until the victory of Cambodian People’s Party in 1997. The party is still in power today in the country.

The economic history of Cambodia was affected by the conflicts and wars but it seems to be on the mend and has become one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. However, the per capita income is still pretty low. Tourism is a growing industry in the country while agriculture remains the biggest contributor in the economy. Industries of textile and garments also seems to be progressing in the last few decades.

Khmer Translation
Khmer Translation

The Khmer Language:

The Khmer people are the biggest ethnic group in Cambodia and make up almost 98% of the total population of the country. Although Vietnamese and Chinese also live in Cambodia, the most spoken language is Khmer with almost sixteen million speakers. After Vietnamese, it is the most spoken Austroasiatic language. Like the Khmer Empire, the language is pretty old too and was influenced by ancient vernaculars like Sanskrit and Pali. Vietnamese and Thai also influenced the language. Along with Cambodia, it is also spoken in Vietnam and Thailand.

There are six known dialects of Khmer which are used in different regions of the country. The language is quite different from other vernaculars of the area. The biggest difference is the fact that it is not a tonal language. Since the seventh century, Khmer has been written in the Khmer script. Although a few changes have been made in the script over the years, it still has plenty of ancient features. That’s why only 79% Cambodians can actually read their language as compared to over 90% Cambodians who can speak Khmer.

Khmer Translation Services:

English is hardly spoken or understood by the people of Cambodia, which can be problem for someone starting a business there. If that business is expanding from an English-speaking country, they will need translation of their advertising content to be able to connect with the local audience. But Khmer is not one of the famous languages of the world and that is why it may be hard to find a Khmer Translation Services you can trust. If you are unsure what to do, look up famous translation agencies and you will find out that the best ones have got all the languages covered. They will be able to offer you Khmer Translation at affordable rates.

Khmer Translation

Even if you are moving to Cambodia for studies, you will still need translation of your personal documents. Finding the right translation agency can be really useful for you. With 24/7 customer support, affordable rates, and quality services, you won’t have to worry about your translation needs at all. You will be trusting them with sensitive documents so that’s why you must choose someone reliable. Get in touch with a reliable agency today or a good freelancer for all your Khmer translation needs.

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