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Certified Translation Prices

The world is pretty confusing as it is. All of us can avoid further misunderstandings. And one way to do that is with the help of corporations. There are a lot of instances where companies intentionally avoid being upfront with their customers. They hide additional charges, even discounts in some cases. When a person orders something from a restaurant, they check the menu first to know how much each item costs. If the menu doesn’t have prices mentioned on it, no one would feel confident ordering from that restaurant. People like to be in control and rightly so since they will be the ones spending money, they have a right to know how much each thing costs.

Certified Translation Prices

That’s why price tags are attached to clothing items so no one has to feel embarrassed when they went to the counter to pay and find out something costs more than they can pay. Even if someone has money in their wallet, doesn’t mean they left their home thinking they will spend it all on a single clothing item. And everyone has to spend according to their budget. Even if you live in a first world country, doesn’t mean you can spend as much as you want. Majority of people have limited income and endless expenses. The only way to balance the income and expenses is by budgeting.

Almost everyone’s expenses are prioritized the same way. Everyone wants to focus on the essentials first and the first thing most of us do after getting our pay is paying the bills. After that, it is mostly grocery shopping. Many people don’t earn enough to keep money aside for clothes and shoes every month. They save a couple of months to buy those things and for them, such things that can not be bought every month fall under the category of luxuries. Regardless of how much someone earns, everyone has trouble adjusting in the deteriorating economy of the world. And when an unexpected expense comes around, it upsets the budget for a couple of months.

Certified Translation Prices

Certified Translation Prices

Everyone is always thinking about improving their lives and rightly so. Stagnation is the death of progress and only way to succeed in life is by trying. There are different ways to do that too but the only thing worth keeping in mind is to never let an opportunity go. If there is an opening in a multinational company and you think you are the right candidate for the job then do not hesitate to apply. You finally have the chance to apply to a foreign university to study, send your admission application today. And if you think immigrating to another country is the break you need, then you should go ahead with it. But all of these things require effort and translation of your documents.

Anytime you deal with foreign officials of a country who don’t speak the same language as you, you will have to get your documents translated for them. You can’t even prove your identity in a foreign country if you don’t have the required translations with you. But the thought of how much a translation prices will bother you as a lot of agencies don’t offer straightforward rates to their clients. Well, what if there was a better option, a reliable agency that not only offers quality translation but also tells you the rates upfront so you don’t have any confusion later?

Our Price List:

Universal Translation Services understand how confusing it is to not know the price of something beforehand and that’s why to save you the trouble, we have created this price guide. You will learn everything that there is to know about our rates and services here.

When the Project is Ongoing or Quoted:

Whether you have requested the quote of a project or your order is already been placed, here are the rate rules that apply:

  • If you need an digital certification of the translation but don’t need notarization of this document, you will be charged $10 for it.
  • If you need an digital copy of the translation with notarization then the total price will be $30.

All of these rates will be in addition to the basic translation charges.

When the Project is Closed:

Once you have received your translation and your project has been closed, you can order extra services from us. Here are the rates for extra services:

  • If you need any changes in the document after its certification has been done, you will be charged $7.50 and you will receive new certification with new dates.
  • If you need a digital copy of the translation certified, but not notarized, $10.
  • If you need a new digital copy that is certified and notarized, you will be charged $30.
  • If you need notarization of the document after translation, you will be charged $20 for that.


If you only need notarization of a document, you will be charged $20 per page of the document.

Now that you know the rates of translation, you can order one for yourself without having to worry about the total cost and hidden charges.

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  • How much does translation cost?

    The cost of translation depends on factors that change from one document to the next. For instance, the language combination and the word count help agencies decide how much they should charge for a service. The best rate you can get from an agency is somewhere between $0.10 to $0.12 per word.

  • How much does it cost to translate 1000 words?

    The cost of the translation of a 1000 words will depend on the language combination and the type of service you require. For instance, if you need a certified translation, the rate will be higher. But if you manage to find a good agency, you will only have to pay $0.10 per word for a simple linguistic service.

  • How do you translate a document officially?

    If you need a document to be translated officially then you should turn to a qualified expert instead of trying to handle the task yourself. You can only obtain accurate and complete translation from a qualified professional. A document translated by a professional will be accepted by the officials too.

  • What is certified translation?

    A certified translation is a translation that comes with the signed statement of the linguistic expert. It says that the work completed by the linguistic expert is accurate and complete. The name and contact details of the linguistic expert are added at the bottom. It is the only type of translation accepted by immigration officials like USCIS.

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