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At Universal Translation Services, we understand that every language is unique. It has its own origin, own facts and own usages. English, an originally West Germanic language that’s a global lingua franca today, is a language that we see most on the internet. It’s quite strange how a language of the early medieval times became the source of the largest global connection in the history of the human era. It’s an interesting fact though, that most of the English language words are derived from Norse, Latin and French. And today we see hundreds of words that are combined by two Latin or French words. Even language is derived from the Latin word “Lingua” and words like menu and café have also been taken from French.

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English And Its Global Reach

By this equation, English is vast. It has absorbed a lot form other external and internal elements yet it’s still the mode of conversation for millions globally. Today, even if you see a social media post in Russian or Spanish, you also see a little icon offering to show you the English translation of the text. Wonder why this is? Well, because from entertainment to advertisement to immigration to education, we see nothing but English speakers, translators and interpreters. In fact, USCIS has made it an obligation for all immigrants to submit their relevant documents in English for processing further.

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Our English Translation Service

For us, it was the most fundamental part of our services that we start our translation services with English. And so we did. But with the course of time, we realized that we should offer more than just one dimensional assistance. We can translate from and into English for any other language combination that you could ask for. If your target audience is located in a remote area in Mexico and you want your app to be localized for them, we can make that happen without any difficulty. We have on our team the best translators that anyone can think of hiring for their meticulous and complicated tasks.

We Offer Confidentiality

Being the world’s leading industry, we take care of your English translations with utmost respect for your privacy and honor. It is our top priority to be a trusted source for language services for all our customers. For all your documents, business contracts, websites, certificates, medical reports, police clearance certificates, power of attorneys and anything official, we ensure that we follow the professional ethics as suggested in the industry.

Quality Is Our Priority

Another significant part of our business is that we have always had strict rules about quality check and control. We don’t just guarantee you quality with our words, but we assign every task to our professionally trained translators, yes, two translators for one task. We do so because once the translator is done with the task, the second one double checks all the text for errors and omissions, and most importantly the accuracy of the work.

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Areas Of Expertise

With a wide network of expert translators, our area of expertise is diverse. Our translators are professional educationists, scholars, immigration specialists, lawyers, medical practitioners, marketers and localization experts. They go above and beyond in research and deliver quality work with their professional insight. And that’s not all, they remain focused on constantly updating their knowledge of translation, uses of terms and evolution in their relative fields. With the incorporation of their knowledge, they provide translation that is best suited for the modern world. So even if you have an ancient book that you want to translate into English or an old Manuscript that you want to interpret from English into Spanish, you’ll meet the perfect balance of creativity and interpretation.

Non-Stop Customer Support

Since we want the best for our customers, we offer a 24/7 customer support. You can ask question, leave your messages, concerns and queries and we’ll get back to you immediately. We value our clientele and they’re like family to us. We also offer revisions, editing, and proofreading services just to make sure that you get satisfied with the outcome. We believe that you should be served the best value for your money and time.

Affordable Rates

Speaking of money, we have the most affordable rates in the industry. Our more economical versions of our packages are per word and per page rates. To make things even more convenient for you, we have a free word counter tool, and a free translation price calculator as well. You can use these tools in simple and easy ways.

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Communication At Its Best

Our communication channels are strong and instant. With our live chat option, we always have someone take care of you, no matter if it’s day or night, weekdays or weekend, we are here all the time. When you call us on our given numbers, our project managers are connected to you for further discussions about your special requirement. After sharing the details of your project, we direct you to the payment process and as soon as you get done with that, our English translators start working on your task.

What is Limited English Proficiency?

Today, more than twenty percent of the earth’s population can speak and understand English. But not all of those people started speaking the tongue natively. There are also those who have difficulty communicating in the vernacular. The term Limited English Proficiency (LEP) is used to refer to people who are not fluent in the language. Currently, LEP individuals make up 9% of the population of the US. They are all above the age of five.

The definition of LEP varies from state to state. Sometimes, there are also differences between the definition within a state. The reason behind coming up with a term, and its meaning is to help those people in their communication with the authorities. There are branches of the government that citizens have to get in touch with from time and time, and the linguistic barrier can be a problem. This is why governments have to take steps to make sure the citizens don’t have to face any communication problems.

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Limited English Proficiency Policy:

All the state departments in the US have made policies about LEP individuals. According to the field, the policies were made to accommodate people who aren’t fluent in English. The US Department of Health & Human Services has explained the details about the policy for all businesses in the country. The company or business must conduct research about their population to find out the languages they can speak. Every company must have a list of available resources for those who speak a vernacular other than English.

Sometimes, an interpreter is available to help people during their conversations with an official. The languages spoken by the minorities vary from state to state, which is why different experts are needed for the job. Sometimes, an individual might also need help with a document if it is in a language other than English. In that case, it is up to the government bodies to provide them with the right guidance.

There are state departments whose policies prohibit them from discriminating against LEP individuals. Such policies make sure that all the citizens can apply for relevant jobs and have equal chances of getting them. The LEP policies made by different branches of the government help secure the rights of the minority. It is true that it will not end racism and discrimination completely, but it is a good step in the right direction.

There are millions of immigrants in the US today, and plenty of them are not familiar with the official tongue. It is the duty of the government to make sure they don’t get discriminated against because of the vernacular they speak. With the help of such policies, the world gets closer to becoming a more tolerant place.

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