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The advent of the Internet over the past few decades have created an online microcosm of our society in which almost anything we could ask for exists. Thirty years ago, the Internet was just a small outlet populated by academics and professionals. Back then, messaging boards, forums, and e-mail were the primary modes of communication and means of sharing information on this promising technology. Fast forward a couple of decades later when access to the Internet became relatively cheap, we invaded this niche platform and the rest, as they would say, is history.

Back in the days of yore when the dial-up connection is still king, E-Mail is the Internet’s primary mode of sending and receiving messages. Today, this powerful tool is already neglected by the younger generation in favor of real-time messaging services and social networking platforms. Nevertheless, there is still a considerable portion of Internet users that rely on e-mail in exchanging communications.

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Email Translations

Despite the popularity of new messaging platforms, some business and government agencies alike still rely on e-mail for communication. As such, the reliability and use it cannot be quickly shunned in favor of newer technologies.

In today’s world, the Internet has immense influence in our daily undertakings. Some people are even using it to work at home. It made the world a smaller place, at least on the communication aspect. Businesses can now perform transactions from all over the world in just a click of a company. In return, this breakneck speed of business transaction has led to exponential growth to business and easy access to the market for consumers.

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Global Business Transactions

One particular hassle in transacting business through the Internet is a language barrier. While the whole Internet can be easily accessed around the globe, some companies still use their local or native language on their websites or other forms of communications. This barrier can, in turn, cause delays, especially if you do not have access to a reliable translator or translation agency.

Having a reliable translation partner company could prove useful to a particular business, especially if it is dealing with a lot of foreign partners. This is exceptionally cost-effective and reliable as there is only one source of translation and by signing them in as a partner, a business can virtually have any translation project done at almost any time of the day.

Email Translations
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Business E-mail Translation

Our company provides business e-mail translation to business entities all over the world. We have an efficient system that allows us to offer translation solutions 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Our platform is designed in a way that is easy for our clients to utilize as little clicks and processing as possible to curtail turnaround time while at the same time, maintain high quality outputs.

The system that we have built allows our clients to in easily send any e-mail they want to be translated and have the result in as little turnaround time as possible. Our pool of translators is well-staffed, highly-trained, and experienced. They are always ready to take your project at a moment’s notice.

Our company provides e-mail translation solutions to companies and institutions around the globe. As such, we support more than 100 languages to make sure that we can cater to our client’s needs.

Top Quality, Fast, Accurate E-Mail Translations

We have provided thousands of translation solutions to our clients around the world. Through years of operation, we have honed our craft and establish a reputation for providing top quality, fast, and accurate e-mail translations of almost any language or dialect.

By partnering with us, we can guarantee top quality services at the most minimum of cost. We make sure that only the best and most accurate translations leave our doors. This way, we can make sure that our clients receive the best and quality service.

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We have also established a pool of quality checkers and proofreaders to make sure that all translations are free of any error. As for our pool of translators, we make sure to hire those who have industry experience and native speakers. By doing so, we can secure our clients that they are getting the best of our services.

When it comes to turnaround, our company consistently rank on the top. Our platform is designed so that our clients can receive e-mail translation services in real time. That way, they can communicate with their partners in real time as well.

Emails and Languages:

The way we exchange messages with each other has changed drastically, thanks to the internet. From text messages to emails, there is no shortage of options for us to choose from. Depending on the type of information we have to share with people, we can use any of the available options. Although emails can be used for personal messages, they are quite useful for businesses. Corporate messages and data can be shared easily through electronic emails. Since the internet is available everywhere in the world, people can easily send an email to anyone they want. However, emails cannot be of much help when there is a linguistic barrier between the sender and the receiver.

Online Tools for Translation of Emails:

Interacting with each other is essential for us. When linguistic barriers threaten to stop communication between humans, translation comes to help. It can also be helpful when it comes to emails. However, if you do not want to get in touch with an expert every time you receive a message, you can try online tools. Translating email with the help of online tools save time and money. Here are a few tools that have helped many people around the world:

  1. Google Translate:

The benefits of this email translator are endless. If you are receiving your emails on Gmail, then you will get Google Translate support automatically. With its help, you can translate emails instantly. More often than not, the program will detect the source language on its own. You can select the always translate option, which will result in automatic translation of your emails. Google’s tool offers support for a lot of other formats like pictures and audios. It is an amazing app to have on your phone if you travel frequently or come in contact with foreigners.

  1. Translator for Outlook:

This add-in needs to be installed once, and then you can use it on all of your devices. The next time you receive an email in your Outlook inbox, you will get its translation immediately. An amazing feature of this tool is that it detects multiple languages easily from the same message. It also works perfectly with email threads. So, if there is a corporate chain in which people from different countries are sending messages in their native tongue, the add-in will make sure the conversation goes on smoothly. In order to use this tool, you will need an Outlook account. But the service is free itself.

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How to Translate an Email?

Using an online tool to get an automatic translation is pretty simple. All you have to do is make sure you are using the right service like Gmail or Outlook. Here is how it works on Gmail:

  • When you open a message that is written in a foreign language, a translation bar will appear at the top of the page. In case it doesn’t, you can click the three dots beside the reply button and choose the translate message option from the menu.
  • If Gmail does not detect the language of the text, select it from the list.
  • If the target language is different from the default, you can choose it from the list. Otherwise, you don’t need to touch the second list.
  • Once you click the translate message button, the email will show up in the language of your choice. You can view it in the original tongue anytime you want.

By following this simple procedure, you can figure out the meaning of the message you have received. The internet always comes through in our time of need. The tools that translate emails are proof of that.

For clients who request privacy, we have also adopted strict privacy regulations. We do not share your e-mail to any third-party company. We can only provide a copy of your communications only if requested by appropriate authorities our agents of the law.

As for our rates, we always offer flexible and negotiable rates to all of our clients. Our business model is designed to cater to small and large business alike. It does not matter if you need translation for a handful or thousands of e-mails. Regardless of quantity, we always make sure that we provide you with the best solution.

In terms of long-term translation solutions, we have teams of translators ready to commit to massive projects. We have provided long term e-mail translation solutions to thousands of business and clients around the globe. Our claims are backed by thousands of customer reviews that highlight how effective and streamlined our services are. Please feel free to contact us should you need a quote for your e-mail translation needs.

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