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Universal Translation Services is a leading online translation agency offering high quality services over the internet, but you can also talk to us in person if you come visit our offices. We are one of the world’s top translation companies who offer professional services at affordable prices. Here at UTS, we offer high quality global translation services for personal and business matters. We have searched for only the top linguists and have recruited thousands of expert translators. Our services are available worldwide ensuring no-one is left without quality translation.

Our offices are based in Europe and USA and we are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, meaning no matter when you require our service, we are always here to help. UTS is your number one partner to help translate business documents or even whole websites and web pages. Our multilingual publishing process is fast but effective and offers a wide variety of services, and our software localization team is always ready to help you with translating your software or app in any language. Certified or notarized translation for immigration is yet another service we provide at some of the lowest prices you can find, and we guarantee the acceptance of our translations at any USCIS office.

We are honored to be members of the ATA (American Translators Association) and we have been accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and as such, you can count on us to always hold to our promises of delivering high quality translations in the shortest amount of time and at some of the most affordable rates.

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Translations USA

What credentials do you look at when you have to select a service provider? What if a company has all the certificates listed on their website but their actual work isn’t according to the industry standard? There are a few things that can help you differentiate between those who claim to be good at their job and those are actually good at what they do. For starters, learning about their past performance will help you a lot. If they have provided quality work to their clients in the past, they would continue to do the same in the future.

When it comes to translation agencies, having native translators on their team is very important. Not everyone can become an interpreter just because they need a job. If you need translations USA, you will have to find the most reliable language services provider or you will be wasting your money on getting interpretations from someone who are only in it for personal gains.

The best translation agency in USA

At Universal Translation Service, we believe human translation services are the only way to go when it comes to giving honest and accurate translation. As a translation agency we have the responsibility to ensure the best translation is given and that is why we only use 100% human translation.

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Expert Project Management

We manage every translation project with care and ease and for us, we believe affordable prices are crucial. Without affordable prices, clients wouldn’t be able to afford our service and that is why we always do our best to ensure prices are fair and reasonable for everyone involved. Deadlines are crucial, at Universal Translation Services, we know and understand this and always have every deadline met to ensure quality all around. We stick to the deadlines.

Our diligence can be observed in the fact that we manage things in the most professional way. By working in a manner that doesn’t even waste a single minute of yours, we elevate our productivity level to maximum. So entrust us with your next project and you’ll be our customer for life.

online translation agency you can trust

The Translation Agency You Can Trust

We are THE online translation agency in the USA you can trust. If you are interested in stretching your business further and want to gain new customers, we have every translation solution for you. Our solutions can be used across all channels, platforms and devices; and with our hard work ethics and know-how, you’ll be left wanting more!

Individuals looking for translation services for immigration in the United States can also count on us to deliver cheap certified translations which are guaranteed to be accepted by any Immigration Office in US.

18 years of translation experience

18 Years Of Experience

There are more than 18 years of experience here at Universal Translation Services and we are very proud of that because it means we have become an expert in our field. There aren’t many translation agencies out there who can say the same so we are bursting with pride. Each year we have been around has given us the ability to recruit skilled translators and as we’ve already said, we only employ the best in order to provide high quality global translation services.

Standing among the leading companies has given us the confidence to give you the ultimate best in everything we deliver. Throughout the course of our history, we have faced crucial challenges but we always came out as a winner. If you need our cooperation in any new task, we can serve you excellence with world class expertise.

Native, Professional Translators

Native, Professional Translators

The best English to French translators are selected for French translations and we select the best German translator for English to German translation.

How are we able to do this? Well, it’s very easy – every single one of our translators have undertaken and passed strict translation tests. These tests help to separate good translators from the best and we only choose the best. Our high quality-focused strategy for professional translation services goes even further.

Extensive Quality Control

Extensive Quality Control

Our translators used terminology management tools as well as our Translation Memory technology, which really helps to speed up translation. However, even after the translator has done their job, there are still quality checks carried out by native speakers who proofread the text as well as our Quality Control linguists who pick up on any faults.

This is our tested procedure and it means we have provided a language translation company service to thousands of customers around the world. We have served people in the UK, US, throughout mainland Europe, Kuwait, Japan, China and many more and we have left everyone satisfied with the results.

always available

Always There For You

Universal Translation Services is the founding member of the Translation Project Management (or TRANWISE) and thanks to our flexible system, you can move to us without any hassle whatsoever. Everyone who wishes to use our services has access to our portal 24/7, allowing them the freedom to upload text for translation as well as speak to our representatives via Live Chat. Tranwise also allows you to quickly check your invoices and payments, but it also gives you the ability to chat with the translators assigned to your job in real time.

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We can offer:

Professional German Translation Services 100%
High Quality Italian Translation Services 100%
Excellent Spanish Translation Services 100%
Exceptional French And Swedish Translation Services 100%
Great Danish And Finish Translation Service 100%
Localized Norwegian Translation Services 100%

Of course we offer more languages. In total we offer 550 language combinations

What makes us the best translation agency in USA

There are numerous translation agencies but the best ones are just a mere few. The demand for translation services has led to a surge in translation companies. But not every agency is a pro in the field; it takes years of experience and a multitude of hard work to get to a certain position. Nothing comes easy, it demands rigorous labor and thorough meticulousness only then does one reach the heights of absolute success.

That is how we evolved over time and thus became the best translation agency in USA. In order to get the best translation services turn to UTS. We offer online human translation services for almost all languages in the world. We have experienced translators on board who are proficient in Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, English, French, Russian, Portuguese and many other languages summing up to 200 major languages and pairing of more than 500 languages of the world. You will be marveled by how spectacular our work dealing is.

Apart from quality, reliability, efficiency, on-time delivery, expert translators, proofreading & editing, we offer confidentiality. Which is a most important yet the most neglected feature in a translation agency in USA. We maintain strict confidentiality. We assure our clients that their personal information, translation content and payment information would always remain secure. We keep our integrity and that of our clients our top most priority. And it is the minor things we keep into consideration that makes us stand out as the best translation agency in the USA among the crowd.

translation agency in USA

Being Online to Answer All Your Questions

Our online translation company is available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This includes all holidays and weekends. Translation needs don’t stop, because it’s a holiday, or come only at certain times of the day. The process of translation services does not work that way. Just call us, and we will get you the best translator for your specific needs on time. There is no obstacle, as our experts related to the language you need to be translated, are always available online to explain all your questions and help you with your translation.

We charge the lowest price and we do not have rush rates

Many translation companies offer huge discounts on their services but fail to provide content that can be deemed fit for certification while others are too expensive for common men to indulge themselves into. Universal Translation Services is available both online and offline and no matter how you get in touch with us, you will get the same high quality services at the most affordable rates a translation agency is able to offer.

We offer cheap translation services from and into English at a price as low as 10 cents per word (conditions apply) which has made our company the second largest amongst the fellow competitors of the translation world that provides quality work at cheap rates.

When it comes to translation for USCIS, we provide certified translation services for any personal document, from any language into English, at only $20 per page (pages under 200 words), and our translations are done in 24 hours or less and are guaranteed to be accepted at USCIS.

With us there is no such thing as hidden charges for extra services. Many companies file extra charges on their clients for revisions or editing and proofreading of the translated document. We on the other hand have always provided the best customer care to our clients and we’ve never made compromises on our work. As an example, we do not take any extra charges on proofreading or for revising our work. There is absolutely no kind of rush rates if you need urgent translation because we know how important such work can be for our clients.

There is absolutely no compromise in the quality promised to be provided, be it that the translated document needs to be delivered urgently or the document needs to be translated at a cheaper rate.

lowest prices on the market
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Our clients are our most precious assets

We have become what we are today due to hard work and dedication towards our customers. Happy customers is what kept our boat floating therefore customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

With us, you get the following benefits (and more):

  • accurate translation services
  • 24/7 availability
  • low prices
  • on time, fast delivery
  • full privacy

A happy customer is a returning customer. A happy customer is willing to get the word out about our services and recommend us to their friends. And happy clients are our main goal.

Since we are working with documents which most of the times are private, highly confidential documents, we take privacy and data protection seriously. We are always adding more and more layers of security to our servers just to make sure all data is safe. We also take measures to keep your documents confidential, and all our translators sign a non disclosure agreement before they are accepted to work on any project. We make sure your data is safe. You can read our privacy policy here.

Why would you trust online services?

Online translation agencies have a history of battling trust issues with clients. Clients find it hard to show up for translation agencies that are run online because they are paying hard earned money and fear the agency can evaporate in the air at any moment. That fear makes clients reluctant to use online services. The client also finds it hard to begin the translation process knowing that they cannot physically visit the office of the agency and debate the translation and its content.

And yet, the fact is that the services provided by our online translation agency are of the same high quality you’d expect if you’d visit our offices in Aventura and Miami. There are hundreds of clients who have dealt with us at our offices as they found it to be more convenient to conduct business in person, and there are thousands that entrusted us with their translation needs and have ordered online, and we have yet to hear any complaints.

Both our online and offline services are conducted with the same care and attention and we never compromise on accuracy, no matter what. In case of complaints or comments in regards to our translation, we quickly re-open the project and work on it until the client is happy with the outcome, and we do that even years after the translation has been delivered.

online translation agency

what is the advantage of an online translation service compared with other translation service companies?

Advantages-of-online-serviceWhen looking at truly professional online translation services, there are many options to consider. Will you need automated or machine translations or will you require good quality translations by human translators? This decision will be based on the amount, speed, intended use, and the type of material that you need to be translated.

With a professional online translation company, you do not have to worry that your translated content will not satisfy the target consumers. Advantages of online translation services when compared with other translation service companies:

  1. Access to professional translators with extensive experience.
  2. Ability to meet deadlines, sometimes within a few hours.
  3. Cost-benefit, mainly if an offshore agency provides the translation.
  4. Secure online access to quality translators at competitive rates.
  5. Time zone advantage.
  6. Access to reliable translations. This is important if the documents are legal or likely to be published in a public domain.
clients from all over the world

We deal with clients from all over the world

The translation industry is fast moving towards online translation even when they have a strong client base at their local offices. When a translation agency has worked well in the local area for a long time; they want to help their clients abroad as well. As a fact, we started as a global company helping clients from all over the world with their translation needs.

Many agencies develop an online presence because they want to expand their businesses. An online presence helps them in reaching to a larger audience and gives them the ability to hire more translators. The international exposure polishes their local translators as well and makes them work at a larger scale.

Believe it or not, we get a lot of calls from far-out clients who ask if we’re able to help them. We always do our best to do just that, no matter if it’s a company looking to expand its reach or an individual looking to immigrate to the US. Our services are of exactly the same quality, no matter if you order online or come to talk to us directly at our office.

Client testimonials

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Using online translation companies

With online translation companies, there’s no way of finding out how good they actually are. You will have to go through extensive research in order to see if the company is a good fit. But, you have that assurance with us. We are ISO certified and accredited with the American Translators Association to provide the best translations for our customers, no matter if what you’re looking to translate is a business document or your personal documents for immigration purposes.

Even with the online platform, you have the option to get in touch with our project managers, get instant quotes and discuss about your ongoing project with us. And with an experience of almost two decades, we know how to do our work, so for all your translation needs, we are always online.

translation agency online

A translation agency online

With the advent of technology and rapid shift in innovation, everything is available online, why not a translation agency? We are the one that is available at all times; you can find us easily when you need us most. We are a professional translation agency online which puts the customers before anything; we guard their personal information with the same care that we put in the provision of quality services.

While you can always visit our offices, if you can’t, we give you the option to get in touch and order online, and you’ll be treated with the same care and attention as if you’d have visited our office. So, the next time you want accurate translations for any purpose, you’ll know where to find us.

Affordable yet professional translation service in USA

We have offices in Europe and in the United States, which allow us to recruit the best translators from all over the world. Our live connection with all our translators, editors and proofreaders gives us the ability to take on any task no matter its size.

If you need a translation service USA that is available at all times, it provides accurate output and doesn’t charge a fortune, you will find us to be your best partner. Our ability to deal with any documents in any field and have them translated from and into any language is just one of the advantages in working with us.

If you require a large volume of words each month to be translated into a second or third language, contact one of our project managers today.  Our motto is “Quality is never expensive, but lack of quality will always be”, and we believe translation should be affordable so don’t be afraid to contact us. Professional translation services can be affordable when you choose the right language translation agency in the USA!

translation service USA
USA translation

USA translation for every need

So what makes Universal Translation Services different from other USA translation services? For one, we are not limited to a few mainstream languages when it comes to offering translations. And we aren’t limited to the USA either. We operate in the USA and Europe and provide translations of more than 120 languages. We won’t turn you away if you need the translation of a language that’s only spoken by a few thousand people. But UTS does not only focus on quantity. The quality of our translations has always been remarkable.

We also offer our services to those who are applying for immigration to the USA. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have strict rules and policies that need to be followed, and we understand the importance of those rules.

We provide certified translation USA for those who want to get their immigration application accepted by the USCIS. We work with only one aim in mind: to provide our clients with ultimate satisfaction. So if you send your documents to us for translation, you can rest assured that they are in the right hands.

Translator USA

There are things that we think of all the time. Get done with breakfast and you would be thinking about lunch. A new year starts and you would already be planning your summer vacation. But there are some things in life that we don’t think about ever, simply because we never need them in our daily lives. That doesn’t mean we won’t ever need them. Since we never paid them any attention, when we need them, we won’t know where to turn. We don’t know the right brands or service providers when we require something particular for the first time in our lives.

Translation is something that people don’t require every day, although we do see it on the internet when we translate tweets and Facebook posts. When you have to find a translator USA, you will turn to the same internet, but when you find us, you should sit back and relax because your search has ended.

translator usa
USA translation

USA Translation

Many people don’t understand how difficult it is to handle some jobs. For instance, many don’t get how difficult writing can be. They assume that anyone can open a word document and their fingers would start running over the keyboard. People forget that nothing can be accomplished without talent and practice. Just because something is not related to the scientific fields, doesn’t mean it is easy. If that were the case, everyone will be able to write books for their entertainment at home. But that’s not what happens. We go to bookstore and get books for ourselves and our kids.

Translation is another field that many assume to be easy when in truth it is very difficult. Interpreters have to spend years mastering their skills. If you are looking for USA translation companies then go for the ones that have qualified translators on their team. We believe that only the qualified interpreters are able to handle interpretations.

Translation Company USA

What is the easiest thing to locate in the USA? Most probably a Walmart or a McDonald’s. But if you live in a big city, you would hardly have any trouble finding anything. Whether you are in need of a grocery item or craving a certain place’s junk food. You can also get pretty much every service around you when you live in a big city. But those living in remote areas and smaller cities do not enjoy the same luck. Sure, they may still be able to find a Walmart near them but discovering the office of a service provider is a lost cause in many cases.

Translation is on the list of services that you can’t easily find everywhere. Locating a translation company USA is difficult but not impossible because we make sure our facilities are available everywhere and you can access them from your home through the internet.

translation company USA
translation services USA

Translation Services USA

Word of mouth is what humans have relied on for a long time when it comes to finding the perfect company or brand. But with changing times, the means of advertisements have also changed. And something that worked for your friend might not work for you. This is why people have been turning to other platforms to learn about the usefulness of a product or the quality of a service. The internet is the biggest source of information today for people of all walks of life. Whether you are a student or a banker, you would be dependent on the internet in one or the other.

When someone is in need of translation, they turn to the digital world to find suggestions. And rightly so because customers leave behind reviews that can help others. The best translation services USA can be found with the help of reviews and recommendations of their previous clients.

Translators Office

Every time you pass by a building full of offices, what do you think of? Maybe of all the people working inside. Or maybe their level of expertise. Some may even think about things they can relate to like getting tired after a full day of work or laughing with coworkers over lunch break. But no one pays attention to the fact that everyone has worked hard to reach that position in life where they can work from the security of an office. There is a certain level of qualification required for such positions but that’s not it. Someone who doesn’t have any knowhow of their job or a little experience, will not be accepted for it.

When you are in need of a service, you will want to find a center where you can locate the specialists of that service under one roof. This is why companies set up shop in different cities so they are always accessible for their clients. If you need translation of any kind then searching for translators office would be a good start. You can find the right kind of agency that has expert translators on their team and provide highest quality services to all its clients.

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