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When you look around in the translation industry, you will find very high rates or not good enough quality. Highly accurate translation doesn’t have to be expensive. Please take advantage of our offer: cheap translation services for translations from and into English at only $0.10 per word! Please read the page carefully as certain conditions apply.

cheap translation services

Special, Limited Time Offer

As a way to thank our customers for their trust in us, we’ve decided to offer a special price for translations from and into English: only $0.10 per word! Only available for this month, so get in touch now!

special translation prices: 10 cents per word

Only $0.10 per word

Yes, you heard it right: we offer translations from and into English at only 10 cents a word! No machine translation, no CAT tools, just human translators and proofreaders, natives of the target language. Get in touch now before it’s too late!

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Available 24/7

We are working around the clock to suit anyone’s needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 am or the weekend, you’ll still find us here, ready to answer any question about the services we provide! Get your quote by live chat; it’ll only take 5 minutes.

Cheap Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is the best translation company on the globe. Universal Translation Services is an ATA member, and an official translation will have more weight and worth if the translator or translation company is a member of the ATA. Our low-cost translations will always be performed by a professional translator who is proficient in the original language and a native speaker of the target language. For this month, Universal Translation Services offers translations at only 10 cents per word!

Here’s what you get:

  • Translation from and into English for any document;
  • No machine translation. A professional translator, native of the target language will translate your document;
  • A second translator will proofread the translation and correct errors;
  • Our Q&A team will finally analyze the translation and send it to you along with a quality report.

If you need translations done fast, this is the perfect opportunity to get the same high-quality services at a special price!

Following conditions apply:

  • Only translations from or into English are eligible;
  • The offer is limited to the first 100 clients.
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why choose us

Why choose Universal Translation Services?

  • Lowest prices: Our services are some of the cheapest in the industry, while the translations we provide are of the highest quality, meaning you’ll get great value for your money.
  • Speed: No need to lose time sourcing and handling freelancers to save money; we have thousands on our database available to begin working quickly.
  • Simplicity: One call to us, and the difficulty goes away, leaving you free to get on with other responsibilities.
  • Potential: If you have a large translation job needed to be completed fast, we can split it between several translators and proofreaders to get your job done in record time, and our project managers will make sure consistency and quality are kept at the highest standard.
  • Availability: No matter when you need to get in touch to learn more about the status of your ongoing project or to ask for a free quote, you’ll find us online at any time. We are working around the clock, and you can rest assured that there will always be an experienced project manager at the other end of the line, ready to give you any information you may be looking for about our services.
  • Security: You have the advantage of dealing with a genuine agency registered and based in the US, so there’s no chance of freelancers doing a lousy job and disappearing with your money.

Whether it’s an old anthropological work, a computer hardware installation manual, or a legal document, official documents, every one of our translators has industry-specific translation skills. Our translation process is very smooth.  If you want to come to the United States, you’ll need to get your paperwork translated into the country’s official language. Over at our translation agency, we focus less on the money that we obtain from translating documents and focus more on providing excellence for our customers, as returning customer is more valuable to us. From the very start, we have aimed to provide only the best for our customers, no matter what the translation cost, and we have been doing just that since 2001. Because they have a natural command of the language, our native English to Spanish translators and freelance translators are qualified to translate legal, medical, technical, and financial documents and give accurate Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations.

We make sure that for European languages, we utilize European translators so that the text is translated by an online translator who is familiar with the culture and customs of the target country.

Affordable Translation Services

Are you looking for an affordable and high-quality translation services? We provide cheap translation services from over 120 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, Danish, Norwegian, French, Swedish, and numerous others into English or English into any other language.

Using state-of-the-art, custom-made translation management software allows us to decrease the time to perform translations and also enables us to offer cheap translation services to our clients.

Maybe you have to perform difficult technical translation or medical document translation, and you’re worried about the quality or the delivery time? Because they have a natural command of the language, our native English to Spanish translators is qualified to translate legal, medical, technical, and financial documents and give accurate Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations. We have affordable solutions for everyone looking to translate large documents. We guarantee error-free, accurate Greek document translation and always at the lowest cost possible to you. We take pride in bringing to you “100% Transparency” in our pricing and guarantee “No Hidden Costs,” unlike various other agencies. For the best results, every document is proofread by a second native speaker at no extra cost.

Our translation experts come from different fields and have great experience in their area. That specialization allows us to choose just the best translator for your translation project; no matter from and into what language you need to have your documents translated, you will receive only 100% quality translations. All our translators are well-versed in their languages, highly trained and experienced.
We employ only qualified professionals, and we assign them to the projects based on their experience to assure your project is translated at the highest level. Our specialists have expertise in different areas, being particularly successful infrequent requests such as translations for business, legal, financial, or technical documents.
Even if you have a rush translation project, you can count on us because when adjusting to a deadline, there’s no similar service of the same performance level. We offer rush translation services without charging any extra costs. We have over 3,000 professional linguists on staff who can deliver high-quality Spanish translation on time and within budget. The cost of translation will be much higher in the Scandinavian countries.
affordable translation services
special translation prices: 10 cents per word

Why leave it for later when you can have it done now, at an special rate?

High-quality yet cheap translation services – is that even possible? Yes! We’re proud of our quality, and we have over 2,000 happy clients to back us up on this.

  • A team of over 3,000 professional translators is available online at any time;
  • Experienced project managers to handle your translation job efficiently;
  • 24/7 live-chat connection between clients, project managers, and translators through our translation management software;
  • Fast turnaround time;
If you come to the office in Miami, you’ll get a free coffee.

Convinced? Get in touch with our project managers to discuss your needs.

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Is the cost associated with quality?

The demand for cheap translation services has rapidly skyrocketed over the past few years. Before that, the local translators were chosen for getting all the translation work done, but such translators cannot offer the same quality at low prices that are required today. The business expansion, immigration, and other communication areas among different countries need a high-quality translation. High quality is that such service providers do not use machine translation. Machine translation has failed today on many levels, and the primary cause of failure is the absence of an emotional and logical understanding of the language. Not only do we entrust certified projects to our best official translator, but our service also mandates that all documents be double-checked before being delivered to our clients by our team of native translators.

The proper understanding of the language and the culture associated with the people speaking it is fundamental when translating documents, pdf files, and medical reports. Professional service providers only provide that. When choosing the right translation service provider, it is essential to look for professionalism, but along with this, you must search for reasonable prices. The cost plays an important role when choosing the service. People today commonly believe that the more expensive a service is, the better is the quality. But, this is not what the actual case is. The quality of the translation has nothing to do with the cost.

Professional translations online cost less than the local ones, and you can find them all over the internet, but there are only a few that provide quality yet cheap translation services.

cost vs quality
save money

Same quality at a lower price

Thousands of organizations offer translation and localization services in today’s industry. But how can you be sure that any language service provider is trustworthy? Perhaps the company is new; maybe the translations given aren’t certified; perhaps the translators aren’t competent; and so on. If you don’t know how to outsource or choose a qualified translation business, you’ll always be surrounded by such things.

If you want to get high-quality professional translation services at affordable rates, Universal Translation Services is what you need.  Find cheap online translation agencies like Universal Translation Services tend to be the best option for cheap document translation services.UTS makes your life easier by providing the best online service at a cost that is affordable for anyone and everyone. The price we offer is one of the lowest prices that you will find all around the internet. Universal Translation Services proved the most accurate and complete translation services.

Our cheap translation service is not only high quality and affordable, but we offer fast turnaround, and customer support offers excellent service giving you a price within the hour. A low price does not in any way mean low quality. No matter how technical your document is or how complex the language is, we provide human translators to carry out the task, not only this but at the same price. We forward the translated document for proofreading to a second linguist to make our customer’s materials free of errors.

We also offer business translation and localization services for your website, software, applications, technical or medical documents, and reports.

Be it a personal document/original document, a business manual, or an official contract; if you need to translate it from one language to another, we will do it fast and with high accuracy. The primary focus of Universal Translation Service is our customer’s satisfaction. We ask for less but provide the best. Want quickly, reliable, high quality, and cheap translation services? UTS is a perfect choice. Why opt for an expensive service when you can get the same quality work done at the lowest price?

Looking for Affordable Translation Services?

Well, it’s certainly not what we would call our services as we call it quality with affordability, but sure whatever floats your boat. Our fantastic offers not only include diverse translation services or innovative localization options, either do they end at digital marketing solutions, they also cater to your topmost priority, cheapest translation service in the town.

The best part is we are always online, so you never have to look for another option anywhere. If you need affordable translation services, we are within your reach every day of the week. Now that’s a service you need in today’s world. According to digital strategists, all leading companies, irrespective of the services they provide, ensure that they are reachable 24/7 at cheap rates. But we bring more to you; we get the most affordable translation services.

With our instant quote, you can always compare the prices online. But before you do that, we want you to visit our website and our services in detail. You can become a part of the Universal Translation Services family, either by acquiring our services, joining as a translator or interpreter, or you can also become an affiliate and get that extra income that you were looking for.

Features We Tested As we said before, we aim to help our users find the best financial, creative, technical, medical, or business translation services in a competitive market. With us, the choices are unlimited; all you have to do is look. We handle all of your certification requirements and are always there for you as emotional support. These cheap certified translation services are primarily used for documents such as certificate translation (e.g., birth certificates, death certificates , legal documents, notarized translation, etc. An adequately translated document can make the immigration process very easy for an immigrant.

affordable translation


Yes, it depends on translation service providers. Many translation companies provide cheap but accurate translation services in foreign languages. That means services cater to international standards of business and are credible.

The cost of translation is based upon several factors, including the rarity of the language, but possibly the most crucial component is the translators’ living expenses.

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