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Have you ever seen people in TV shows or movies signing a piece of paper without reading it? It must have made you anxious on their behalf. All of us learned it from TV that it is not good to sign a paper without reading it, who knows what you are agreeing to? In today’s world, even if someone doesn’t have a lot of money or own property, they have something which the companies want: their data. We know that signing a document without reading it first is not a wise thing to do but all of us accept Terms & Conditions without reading them. This is how a lot of companies and apps gather our personal data and share them with advertisers.

It is no wonder that you talk about a product and its ad starts appearing on your Facebook. But even after learning about the evil ways in which apps collect our data, we ignore the warnings and accept the Terms & Conditions without giving them a second look. And who can blame people, none of us have the time to read a lengthy page each time we download an app. But real life is not like that and we rarely have to sign papers that can affect us in one way or another. And that’s why reading before signing a document is what all of us should be doing.

translation affidavit

What is an Affidavit?

An affidavit is something whose definition often confuses people. It is even more confusing for people to learn that they may have already signed an affidavit or two. That’s because a lot of government forms carry the same power as an affidavit, which means if you lie on them, you will be subjected to perjury. But no one should lie on a government form whether or not it will result in perjury.

In simple terms, an affidavit is a written statement equivalent to a verbal statement given under oath. People sign the affidavit in front of an authority figure who is eligible to witness such an oath. Once a person signs an affidavit, they have agreed to everything that is written on the paper. And if it turns out that something on the document wasn’t the truth, they will be subjected to perjury. This is why people have to be very careful when signing an affidavit, and must read it to make sure it is the absolute truth before signing it.

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When is an Affidavit Used?

translation affidavit

Affidavits have a lot of different types and consequently, many uses. Its basic use is in the court where it is presented as evidence. At times when a witness is unable to attend a court session, the lawyer can present their statement in the form of an affidavit and it will be considered valid by the judge and the jury. It is also used in court in non-criminal cases. In family courts, it is used in heirship and marriage cases. For instance, if a person wishes to get married and need to prove they aren’t married already, they can do that with the help of an affidavit. Sometimes, it is also used to prove that a person is married. This type of affidavit is mainly used for foreign visa when a couple can’t locate their marriage certificate.

When someone passes away without leaving behind a will, their rightful heir can present the court with an affidavit claiming their right to inherit their loved ones’ property. Other types of affidavits relate to financial issues, name change, identity theft, and real estate declarations.

The Translation of an Affidavit:

The world may not have gotten bigger than it was but with time, the humans have spread out and claimed different parts of lands. Today, there is hardly anyone who can say that all their loved ones live near them. Friends and family travel to different places and settle down there but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter to you anymore. You will always be connected to family no matter where they are. However, living in countries with different languages can sometimes be a problem. If you have inherited something in another country, you can’t present an affidavit in your country’s official language. The court will not accept it when it is not in their language. They won’t even be able to understand it and as a result will not consider your request.

translation affidavit
translation affidavit

Another similar situation can arise when you are a witness in a foreign country’s case but you don’t know their language. You can’t refuse to give your statement and let injustice win. But you can’t give a statement in your language either. The jury that won’t be able to understand you, won’t give your statement any importance. What you do need in such cases is the translation of the affidavit. The translation can convey the message of the original document as it is and can be used in any court of law easily. You don’t even have to attend the court session if you can send the translation of your affidavit that contains your statement in detail.

There is, however, one thing that you should keep in mind when getting the translation of a document of high importance. It has to be done by someone who has had prior experience with sensitive information and will not misuse your documents for ulterior motives. Find a reliable agency for your translation needs and you and your data will remain safe.

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