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Were you looking for Chinese translation services of the highest quality at low rates, certified for immigration or regular for business? We translate from Chinese into English just as easy as we translate English into Chinese.
full TEP process

Full TEP Process

The translation process we use at Universal Translation Solutions is the TEP process – Translate, Edit and Proofread. By using this system, your translations are done and reviewed by several experts and proofed for accuracy, clarity and cultural nuances no matter if you need English to Chinese translation services or the other way around, certified for immigration or regular for business.

fastest turnaround time

Fast Turnaround

Need your Chinese translation in a hurry? We can provide rapid turnaround translations, even on large documents using our collaborative translation portal. Many translators can work on larger documents, making it possible to get even lengthy documents translated within a couple of days. For small requests like birth certificate translation we ensure delivery in 24 hours or less.

low prices

Best Price

One of the ways to know what kind of price you are looking at is to take advantage of a translation service’s free quote option. Most professional, experienced Chinese language services offer a quote, like the one we provide. By comparing these quotes, you can make your choice about which service will provide the best Chinese to English document translation for the best price.

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world regarding the number of native speakers, with around 935 million natives. Chinese is an official language of China, Taiwan, Singapore, Wa State and Brunei. Besides, it’s recognized as a minority language in the United States, Malaysia, and the Philippines. It is also officially used in the United Nations. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are the scripts in which the Chinese language can be written, and Mandarin, Taiwanese, and Cantonese are the spoken forms of the language.

Certified Chinese to English Translation Services for USCIS

Our team of Chinese translators is composed of translators that are certified by professional translators’ associations such as the American Translators Association. We can provide certified Chinese to English translation services by translating your document to/from Chinese. Our certified Chinese translators are highly qualified and can provide the best quality of translation services to you and your company.

Certified Chinese translation of documents for immigration is commonly requested from Chinese individuals applying for a visa and/or any other immigration-related applications. Other US institutions or agencies may even require notarized translations on top of the certified translations, for another layer of security regarding the subjected documents.

While it is essential to get Chinese documents translated and certified or even notarized for immigration purposes, where to get the documents done is equally important as well. Getting certified translation for USCIS, and any other US institutions and agencies needing the same is possible thru the aid of professional translation service providers like UTS translation agency.

USCIS requires your translation to be certified.  Therefore, we can provide you with certified Chinese translation for USCIS. Our certified Chinese translators are experienced and have provided hundreds and thousands of certified translations for USCIS.  Therefore, you can entrust on us in providing you a certified translation for immigration.

As we stated above, whether you are applying for personal goals including school, immigration, legal, medical or real estate, you can rely on our certified Chinese translators to meet your application’s requirement. We also offer certified translations of documents used for business purposes.

certified Chinese to English translation
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English to Chinese translation services

Chinese Translation Services for Business

Global business is a fact, and it is growing day by day. For this reason, translation services for business are imperative for any company aiming to work at an international level. Though, business cultures still vary from one country to another regarding expectations, language understanding, standard practice, manners, and styles of writing.

Universal Translation Services has a team of professional and experienced linguists who provide professional Chinese business translation services. Our linguists are experienced in all formats of translations, they localize the translation for a better adaptation to the local market’s needs and help the client achieve his goals. We guarantee an efficient and high-quality translation service that meets all your business needs.

We are experts in an extensive variety of business documents such as advertising campaigns, releases, business documents, websites, presentations, leaflets, brochures, calling cards, catalogs, market studies, business newsletters, advertising media, advertising, white papers, and many more.

No matter whether your Chinese translation request is for legal, technical or marketing, you can trust that Universal Translation Services can help you. Our expert team of certified Chinese translators, proofreaders and project managers can advise on the best way to organize your certified Chinese to English translation project, as well as explain how we use our state of the art quality assurance process to deliver world-class Chinese translation services.

Looking for Chinese Translation Services?

Whether you want to build a branch of your business in China, or an advertising agency with a Chinese audience or want to move to the US, English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation is becoming a highly demanded service.

Certified Chinese to English translation is not an easy task to conquer, and yet the need for professional Chinese translators is growing rapidly. More and more, businesses, agencies, and individuals need Chinese document translation services to communicate with their Chinese business partners, target audiences, or employees.

Chinese language translation is not simple or easy. That is why high quality, experienced translation companies like Universal Translation Services, with over one hundred skilled Chinese translators, are available for even the most technical Chinese translation.

Get in touch to obtain a free quote in seconds, which will provide you with a detailed estimate. Or you can opt to use our live chat for a consultation or for any specific questions.

professional Chinese translators

If you’re looking for certified Chinese to English translation immigration to the US or English to Chinese translation for business get in touch with our project managers, they will be able to give you more information, to answer your questions and to give you a free quote.

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