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Translation of documents for various reasons such as legal, medical, personal, business, and other purposes require the expertise of professional translators. Universal Translation Services has all the manpower to render professional document translation services with premium quality and high-end precision at affordable rates. Our teams of translators and proofreaders are fully equipped with all the skills needed to translate any document.

Professional Document Translation Services

We provide professional document translation services for any types, kinds, or formats of documents and files. We accept documents written and presented in any form. It could be handwritten, typewritten, or computer encoded; no problem, we’ll translate them for you. We do image translation, pdf translation, digital translation, or anything; just send it to us, and we’ll take charge of the rest. We do our translations accurately, precisely, and with the highest quality.

Universal Translation Services employs only the services of professional translators and editors, as well as project managers, to ensure that we serve our customers with nothing but the best. All our services are guaranteed ISO (International Organization for Standardization) qualified services, and we also are proud to be a member of the ATA (American Translators Association). We adhere to every standard implemented and required by these organizations for all our services.

We’ve also managed to create our own web-based project management system designed for a more convenient access of our customers to all our services. The system has many features including a 24/7 live chat for customer service assistance, a free online word counting and price quoting, an online direct invoicing, and many more. Our customers can also view previous projects and developments of ongoing projects on our website.

professional translation

Some advantages in working with us

translation for any document

We translate any document

We translate any kind of document, in any format, from and into just about any language. We specialize in both translation for business and for personal reasons. If you’re looking for notarized or certified translation, we can do that too.

available around the clock

We are available 24/7

We are working around the clock to suit any need, including during the weekend. Our project managers are ready to answer any of your questions or to give you a free quote, and they are just a click away, by live-chat, phone or email.

high quality translations

High quality translations

We only provide high quality translations for all our clients. We sport the lowest translation rates you’ll find in the USA. We don’t have rush fees or higher rates for projects to be done during the weekend. We charge the same flat fee for any language.

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What we can do for you

document translation for immigration

Document translation for immigration

Universal Translation Services provides excellent document translation for immigration purposes. The document processed through immigration systems of any country is a very precise process that requires the management and presentation of the documents to be a specific way.

When you need your documents to be just the way your immigration office wants, you should come to us!

We have been producing documents that clear immigration offices easily for a very long time. The documents that come to our agency for immigration needs are varied and veritable. We get to translate birth certificates and personal family documents that are for special circumstances, as well as the usual marriage certificates, medical records and financial statements. These documents require special evaluation for us to design them compatibility with the immigration office they are being submitted to. Following are the details we advise our clients to provide the initial discussion without representatives.

You should begin your discussion by mentioning the immigration office that you are submitting the document to. The Immigration Office: The immigration office that is receiving the document is, of course, of the utmost importance. It will help if you begin your discussion by mentioning the immigration office to which you submit the document. You should also mention all the specifications that the office has placed.

The Background: You should explain to us in great detail, all the requirements that you think are important about your documents. Your aim with the translation is important. If there are any specific goals that you have for your submission, then you should share it with us.

business document translation

Business document translation

We have extensive experience in business document translation that comes from helping our clients establish their new businesses worldwide. We have seen the business culture and the variations in the native lands of the businessmen play against the target culture all the time and know exactly how to make your business ventures successful with our translations.

We conduct many business document translations for our clients. Our advice to you as a client when you are giving us your document is as follows:

Explain Your Aims: The best way to get the best results is to outline your aims when you provide us with the documents. We advise you to write the aims down in an email, but no worries if you are too busy, no worries. You can simply explain to our representative when you give the details.

Look at the content and just jot down all how you want your translation to be. Provide Specifications: The best translations are those that we conduct with as many specifications for the translation as possible. Look at the content and just jot down all how you want your translation to be. We will keep them in mind and give you the best translation.

Timeline: Timelines are important for businessmen. We advise you to get your Business document translation done early on in the project so that you do not have to worry about rush rates.

With these pointers, you will find the experience of using our services the most enjoyable and successful!

Document translation services for any need

We accept all documents in any format, including word document translation, pdf translation, image and digital translation, and a lot more. Aside from document translations, we also cater to various translation services such as:

UTS will cater to any document translation and other translation services for various fields, industries, and areas including the following:

Some of the best document translation services in business

professional qualification

Professional Qualification

We always hire translators who are professionally qualified in their languages and have either a degree or an accreditation along with previous experience in order to make sure that the translation that their conduct is up to the mark. Our translators are allowed to only translate into their native language, and we only assign translators with a vast experience in the field your document falls into.



We are ISO certified, which means we adhere to high quality standards set for the industry. We are also a member of the ATA, the American Translators Association, and as such, we are deemed highly qualified to provide translations for any field or language. And lastly, we are a BBB accredited company as the Better Business Bureau has determined we are a well-established company with a proven positive track record in the market.

TEP translation

High Accuracy

We have a very strict process of making sure that every translation is of the highest quality by having 3 different linguists to translate, edit and proofread. This is done to make sure that every translation is checked and double checked and no translator is left with the full responsibility. Fresh pair of eyes makes the translation error proof. All our projects will go through our TEP workflow to ensure high accuracy, no matter the size of the project.

reasonable rates fast delivery

Reasonable Rates

Due to using a highly effective project management system and professional project managers, we are able to accomplish more in less time, which allows us to lower our rates to some of the lowest in the industry for this level of quality. We charge the same flat rates for any language or document so you get cheap translation services from and into English, and some of the lowest prices for certified document translation.

Ready to take on any task, no matter its size

Do you have a document that needs to be translated right now without emptying your pocket? Is this a very important document that needs to be translated in a very precise manner? Worry not, we are here to make sure that the translation that you need is provided to you fast and at affordable rates.

We have the best translation team globally, and our live connection with over 3,000 professional linguists gives us the ability to translate from and into over 120 languages. We gathered such a huge collection of gems because we hire the best freelance translators in the business and offer them a hassle-free work environment where they can carry translations for any document, in any field.

We accept any type of document translation that comes our way, no matter the project size. Our Subject Matter Experts can handle just about anything, and we are here to make sure that accurate document translation services are available for any and all clients without putting a hole in their pockets. Bring in academic, highly technical documents or ask for certified document translation for USCIS, we are ready for the challenge and welcome the opportunity to help our clients.

certified document translation for USCIS
document translation services online

Document translation services online

The translation service industry is fast-growing in today’s world. People from different countries need to communicate and made this world a global village. Immigration, business expansion, educational and medical research are the common reasons why people need to get professional translation services. Documents are essential when it comes to communication between people of different countries. These documents can be legal, personal, or even just informative and must be translated by experienced linguists. Professional document translation services hire translators with the linguistic and cultural knowledge of languages they are experts in. This is because the translation is not just a literal transformation of words, but keeping the meaning in the context of a document or a text alive even in a different language. This can only be done by experts who have a deep understanding of the target language and culture.

Every different document must be translated precisely. Some guidelines and formats have to be followed in all documents, and these must be met and maintained when translation is being carried out. There are numerous document translation services online that you can easily find, but the quality is something that is not offered by many. The format, integrity, meaning, and the theme of the document need to stay the same even after being translated.

If you are looking for the qualities mentioned above in document translation services online, Universal Translation Services is what you need. We are a team of expert translators and editors and we accept all formats of documents and carry out the tasks without changing the format, theme, and idea of the document, irrespective of the technicality or complexity of the materials. Handwritten documents, computer encoded, typewritten; whatever format you wish to get translated, UTS offers online documents translation services that are of the highest quality at the lowest prices.

PDF translation

PDF translation is yet another important service that we offer to our clients. It has not been very long since this format became common all around the world. PDF translation is one of the most highly demanded translation, and we offer high-quality services if you need to translate PDF files.

The primary issue that arises in PDF translations is that the original layout may be affected during conversion to an editable format. We are using various tools to convert such files into Word documents before being translated. After the translation has been proofread and is error-free, our DTP specialists will integrate it into the original template. Universal Translation Services carries out PDF language translation without affecting the design and format of the original file.

Universal Translation Services makes online translation easier and more convenient for people all around the globe. You do not have to roam around in your area or city to look for a reliable translator when you can get top-quality PDF translation from the very best service, at the lowest price you can find.

translate PDF
global translation services

Global Translation Services

We offer our services at low prices, and we apply flat rates for all our translations. No matter how big or small your project is, our applied rates are uniform across all varieties of translation jobs. We have no hidden charges, and transparency is always our way of work. We don’t impose additional fees for rush translation jobs and for projects ordered and done on the weekends. We even give discounts to large volumes of projects.

We provide professional document translation services from and into almost all the languages around the world. We provide professional document translation services from and into almost all the languages around the world. All our in-house teams of professional translators, proofreaders and editors, and project managers are always on-call and ready to serve you anytime, anywhere, on a 24/7 basis. We provide professional document translation services from and into almost all the languages around the world. With UTS, you can rest assured that all your translation projects entrusted to us will be delivered on time and sometimes even earlier, with the highest quality and accuracy, at the most affordable price rates, among others in the market.

UTS have always been and will continue to serve the translation industry with premium quality of translations for everyone. Our experience as a translation services provider for more than a decade now have molded us to become what we are right now. We are now one of the leading translation services providers all around the globe. Get in touch to try our services now, and see for yourselves. We can assure you that we’ll give you only the best.

Translate your document online

Readily solutions online are so tempting that we just can’t help but try. After all, what harm would that do? Well, sometimes it does. Take translations of important documents for important reasons, for an example. If you choose to translate a document online, you’ll simply get a text in a different language, that’s all. You might be wondering what else translation is; sure, translation is transforming words of a language into another, but that’s not the case with document translations.

See, your documents include your diplomas, legal deeds, certificates, business agreements, medical reports, and a lot like those. All these documents have sensitive information and a standard format and layout for each of them, which you simply can’t ruin. So the best way to translate documents online is by choosing our services.

On the basis of our experience in the industry for over two decades, we can handle your document translation with ease and perfection. Just get in touch with us online and we’ll continue to amaze you with our exceptional service.

translate document online
online document translation

Document Translation Online

The conveniences internet has brought for us are just too many to count. We live in an era where we literally just hit our screens and order anything at all. We have a tool for everything in the digital arena, from clothes to shoes, from food to groceries, from selling to buying. We have a tool for everything in the digital arena. Another thing that we take for granted now are the document translation services online, now we can get them by just uploading them, sending them to a translator, and we’ll get the translated version within just a few hours and that too, online, either through email or a direct message.

This is the beauty of technology. Earlier, however, people were not that lucky; they had to search for interpreters. Sending documents in a new language was not that easy, and when it was necessary for someone, they had to pay a huge amount for it. This is the beauty of technology. Thanks to technological advancement in every field, we can get services at a fraction of what we usually had to pay. Document translation services online have made lives easier for millions of people everywhere, and if you want to be among them, you can contact us for the highest quality services 24/7.

Document Translation

If you don’t have a stack of important documents in one part of your home, you probably haven’t lived a full life yet. These important papers must be translated at times for some reason. Without that, you can’t get into a foreign university or immigrate to a different place. But this is the type of linguistic service that you can’t get from an online tool or software. Formatting issues must be kept in mind when handling such records, which machines don’t do. This is why online tools can’t help you out with such services.

However, if you find a trained professional who has handled official papers in the past, they can provide you accurate and complete document translation. It is then that officials and foreign institutes will accept your records and application. So, if you don’t want your dreams to get ruined, make smart choices.

document translation
  • How much does it cost to translate a document?

    Most of the translation companies charge you for translation per word or per page. Some companies charge you based on the difficulty of the document or the subject or the language in which the text needs translation. On average, the price per page is from $20 to $60, and per word starts from $0.07 to $0.35 per page.  You need to send your document so you can get an exact price.

  • Where can I translate a document?

    You choose to select a freelance translator or a professional translation company. Companies that print thousands of manuals, for example, for their products, will choose a translation company while small translations of emails or letters will be done by freelance translators. If you only need to know the content of the document that is written in a foreign language, you can use google translate, for example.

  • Where can I translate foreign documents?

    Foreign documents that need to be submitted for immigration purposes in the US, it has to be presented in the English Language. In this case, Certified Translations are needed. A Certified Translation is a certificate that is attached to the translation. An example of a certified translation is shown below:

  • How is the process of document translation services?

    A document translation service request needs to be sent by email to the translation company. They need to see in advance the document, and they need to know into which language you need to have the translation. You will receive a price for the translation by email with a delivery deadline. After the payment has been made, the company will start the translation.

  • Can you translate your own documents for USCIS?

    All document translation services that need to be presented to USCIS need to be a certified translation. A certified translation is a translation that is performed by an ATA Translation company or an ATA certified translator. USCIS will not accept your own made translation.

  • What are the requirements for translation for immigration?

    You need to present to USCIS a document package consist of a certificate of translation, a copy of the document, and the translation all stamped and signed by the translation company or the freelance translator. Check this link to see what  our certificate of translation looks like.

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