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There are a lot of things you may not know about. But when you need help with something you had never heard of before, you might start panicking. However, if you need English to Yoruba translation for your business, there is nothing to stress about because we are here to help you. We are an online translation service that can assist those who need Yoruba to English translation for their visa application. Our experts won’t let anything come between you and your dreams.


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We offer help with more than 250 languages but even if the combination you are looking for is not listed on our website, get in touch with us and we will provide you special assistance. We don’t want anyone to deal with language problems on their own.

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Certified Yoruba Translation Services for US Immigration:

It is a true power for a state to have a big youth population. Youth is the backbone of the workforce in the country. A lot of big countries today are facing the problem of lack of young people. The older citizens cannot work as much and aren’t suitable for the majority of jobs that make up the industries. Many states with a lack of youth population give extra benefits to their citizens for having kids. A country with a huge population of young people can easily become a huge economic power and that’s why financial experts think that Nigeria, with its Yoruba Population,  has the potential to join the likes of Russia and China. But despite having a powerful economy, Nigeria has still a long way to go. This is why its youth population has to look elsewhere in order to pursue their dreams.

There is a lot of potential in the youth of Nigeria. But they often immigrate to first-world countries and work there to earn their livelihood. A lot of them turn to the US in order to live the best life they can. But the US immigration laws are not that easy to get through without any help. One thing that everyone immigrating to a different country needs is a certified translation of their documents. Someone wanting to make the move from Nigeria would need Certified Yoruba translation services for US immigration and that is one of the services we offer. We have native translators on our team who can provide you with quality translations of your birth certificate.

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New business opportunities don’t

just come up out of nowhere. They require a lot of research. Finding the right market is not always easy and it doesn’t happen without effort. However, everyone with a business mind knows that emerging markets are ideal for small businesses. This narrows the search down for people. So, if someone looking to expand their business internationally decides on Nigeria, they wouldn’t be making a wrong choice. However, working in a different place means connecting with the people of that location and that can’t be possible without getting the advertising content translated in their language. So, if someone wants to open their shop in Nigeria, they would need Yoruba translation services for business. By translating their advertising content in Yoruba, they will be able to reach out to the target audience and present their offers and promotions to them.

The possibilities are endless once you find the right business translator who can do accurate interpretation in Yoruba. It will become a lot easier to connect with the local audience.

The Yoruba Language:

Yoruba Language Translator

Yoruba, the West African language is like the English language in the sense that both have different codified forms in all the places where they are spoken. Nigeria is not the only place where this tongue is in use. In fact, it is not only limited to the African continent. It is also spoken in Europe and the Americas. However, the majority of its speakers live in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.

There was a time when Yoruba was written in the Arabic script, but today it follows the Latin alphabet. The change came about in an attempt to modernize the language. Outside the continent of Africa, it is the most spoken tongue that originated in the region. It has over forty million native speakers but the number of people who speak it in the outside world is also in millions. The dialects of Yoruba are divided in separate groups based on the region where they are spoken. There are five different groups according to the area with each containing more than five dialects. One interesting thing about the dialects is that they differ in the number of vowels they have.

Anyone studying about Nigeria would come upon this language which is very important to the people of the country. But it is also a universal tongue for having speakers in different continents. This unique language is not only an interesting subject for the linguists but also a gateway to the Nigerian society whether you want to establish your business there or start living in that beautiful country.

Lingvanex is considered a great substitute for Google Translate if you need to translate English to Yoruba or Yoruba to English. Microsoft Bing translator is also a great English translator if you want to translate Yoruba phrases into English sentences.

The word Aye in Yoruba translates into the English word Life. Say, for example, if someone says AYE MI, it will be interpreted as My life.

Although you can say Hi and the Yoruba speakers will understand it, there is another word used in the Yoruba Dialect, that is Bawo ni. bawo ni o ṣe was? literally translates to, Hi, how are you?

Eku Odun translates into Year’s Rat or Year’s Mice.

The word Ekaro in Yoruba is said to greet someone in the morning because it means Good Morning.

The best way to do that is to download an app that helps you learn Yoruba. If it’s possible, find a partner, preferably from Yoruba, with whom you can practice your skills. Learn more about their culture, and if you can visit Nigeria, meet the native speakers and learn to pronounce like them.

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