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The Latin language is an ancient language, the language of the Bible, considered dead by some. Now it is mostly the language of historians, yet it is used in many modern-day endeavors as well. If you need accurate Latin to English translation or the other way around provided by an accurate Latin translator , we are one of the best companies that provide Latin translation services by accurate Latin translators at affordable rates.
translation for any purpose

Translation for any purpose

You’ve probably learned some Latin in school. You are using Latin words every day. You may have to deal with legal issues where Latin is still used. You may have your diploma issued in Latin. You may have connections with the Vatican whose official language is Latin. Reasons could be many, but if you need Latin translation, you can always count on us to provide accurate translations from and into Latin.

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Latin to English translation services

Is Latin dead? While it is rarely used in daily communication today, Latin is still used in various fields including medical, literature, legal, not to mention the Vatican, where Latin is the official language. Your diplomas and academic records may be in Latin and if you need to have such documents translated, we will provide certified Latin to English translation at some of the lowest prices you can find.

available around the clock

Available around the clock

We are based in the US but we also have an office in Spain and as such we are available around the clock. If you’re tired of waiting for the other companies to reply to your emails, rest assured this won’t be happening with us. We will get back to you in mere minutes and we will always have an experienced project manager available to answer your questions about your ongoing projects or to give you a free quote.

If you are looking for a serious partner that is available around the clock and can provide accurate translations in any field, Universal Translation Services is here to provide that. Get in touch and rip the benefits of working with experienced translation professionals without having to pay premium for it!

Accurate Latin language translation for any field

Universal Translation Services is proud to work with a fantastic Latin linguist team who will cater to all of your Latin translation needs in full. Many modern researchers require Latin translation and are hence in need of a translator who is fluent in its many aspects.

Whether it is New Latin or Renaissance Latin; we are here to give it the complete attention that it needs in order for it to be perfectly usable in your endeavors. We know that when it comes to Latin, every case is a new case and all stories are to be told again. Latin is the language that has passed through time and we pride ourselves as the heirs of this beautiful language.

Your documents will be handled by two professional translators. The first translator translated the document and the second proofreads and edits the translation, spotting and correcting errors. While there aren’t any native Latin translators, ours are highly experienced in this language and no matter what kind of document you need to translate, they will be able to do it with accuracy.

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Certified Latin to English translation

Certified Latin to English translation is actively perused by researchers as well as many universities around the globe. We are proud of our track record of providing accurate certified Latin language translation that can be used for any purpose.

If you have your diplomas or academic records in Latin and you want to continue your studies in the US, your documents need to be accompanied by certified translation in order to be accepted by the university of your choice. In some cases the translation needs to be notarized as well. Luckily for you, we provide cheap certified translation services which come with our guarantee that the translation we provide will be accepted by any institution in the US.

Certified Latin translation is also needed by many researchers because some of their work needs to be in Latin in order to submit it to specialized journals and academic institutions. The certification gives validity to the translated document he or she might have been dealing with. The content of the translation is of great significance and is to be taken very seriously. We are aware of that and we provide accurate translation services that you can count on.

Latin is also still used in Central Europe, not for day-to-day conversations but in specialized fields like legal, medical and financial. If you need such documents to be translated, we provide certified or regular Latin to English translation services that will give you the quality required in your professional and personal modern-day dealings.

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If you are thinking of continuing your studies in the US and your documents have been issues in Latin or any other language we can help you with certified or notarized translations at the lowest price online. See our student discount translation page for more information.

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Various types of Latin

We will discuss various types of Latin and our treatment of these languages:

Old Latin

This is the language of Aristotle. Old Latin is the language in which Roman Empire was formed and the great texts of the beginning of democracy were written. We get various assignments where Old Latin translation is needed for political science curiosity if you can believe it. It has great use in modern discussion of prehistoric Roman writings and origin of humanity’s thoughts.

Classical Latin

Classical Latin is a treasure trove of modern philosophical discussions. It includes a lot of Julius Caesar and modern pioneers of philosophy among many others. We get many orders for Latin to English translation from customers who have textual needs of Classical Latin. Most of the content, of course, comes from Europe and we are more than eager to translate newly found Classical texts. But if you have an old text that you want to be translated with a new perspective and focus on a specific aspect of the writing, we are ready if not eager to look into that as well.

Golden Age

It was the peak time of Latin culture, between the Roman Republic and August Caesar’s reign. The number of texts in the ancient Rome is the highest and most amazing to play in this era. We get classical literature, theology, philosophy and many other texts to look at. We have always open for you to explain the needs of your paper and you can work with our translators yourself to look for ideas, backgrounds and all things Latin that you want to find. Our translators are always interested in providing Latin translation services for business or for historical reasons.

Silver Age

This was the downfall period of the Roman Empire and we get texts that discuss how this great nation failed even in its grandeur.

Late Latin

It is basically medieval writing with a Beowulf-like sense of grandeur for the past. It is heavily derived from the Classical Latin and is mostly used by historians who are conducting research in the transitory period of the ancient Rome.

Vulgar Latin

Vulgar Latin was the language of the common man that is used to compare the Royals against common people. And yes, we do translations in Vulgar Latin as well. We are well-equipped to give you a great analysis of the different use of the language and how it’s treated differently by various classes. Our Latin translation packages are lively affairs that dive into all the details, no matter how unique, that our clients have asked for.

Romance Languages

These are our bread and butter. Romance languages are the various languages that are spoken by modern-day Europeans and we are very proud to say that we are fluent in all of them. These include Italian, Spanish, and many other European languages in regions right around the Vatican. As these languages are diverse and yet have the same origin, the translators find them intriguing. But we, at Universal Translation Services, are specialized in legal, financial, medical, media and web content to name a few. We take these modern languages seriously and look at their vernacular today to ensure that our Latin translation suits the modern needs.

We are here to help you achieve your personal and professional goals and if you were looking for Latin to English translation, or for translations from and into any other language, you can count on us. We are the best Latin translators in business and we translate from every Era including Classical and Old Latin. We have experts at our disposal who make excellent translations while keeping your specific needs in mind. Visit our offices or get in touch online to get the best rates in town for Latin language translation.



Do you know how many English words have been derived from Latin words? There are too many to count. But that in no way implies that both languages are somehow similar. This is why finding the best certified Latin translation services is not that easy. Especially, if it’s related to a religious book or folk tale.

Books are written with a certain purpose in mind. When authors draft a book or transcripts, they not only keep the audience in view but also their concepts and perspectives. And if such significant texts are in Latin, there has to be a translation company that offers Certified Latin Translations. Luckily, our translators' team is very talented and knowledgeable. With their unparalleled interest in linguistics, they are very specific about translating the documents, books and transcripts that contain historical facts, stories, judgements and teachings. Our Latin translators are well-versed and have been providing Latin To English translation services for years.

If you are a researcher and you have to submit your work with authenticity, you can trust us. Our Translation services are equally popular among all the circles of life. From immigration, legal, medical to media, transcripts and diplomas, we have been delivering excellent Translation services all across the
globe. So get in touch with us through our instant communication tools today and share the details of your project with us. We assure you that quality translation services will be provided to you. We have no rush rates and we value our customers above anything else.


Latin Dictionaries:

There is nothing more interesting in history then the culture and languages of our ancestors. The things that were famous a few centuries ago are not even known to the majority of the population today. However, the same cannot be said about Latin because plenty of people know about it. We read the names of plants and animals in this tongue in schools and come across Latin phrases in works of literature frequently. This is why a lot of people are interested in learning Latin words and phrases, and there is no better way to do that then with the help of a dictionary. Here are some of the most popular dictionaries that can help you learn the language of the Romans:

  1. A Latin Dictionary:

The most popular and comprehensive dictionary of the tongue was published in 1879. It is most commonly known as Lewis and Short. It was derived from the translation of Freund’s Latin-German dictionary.

  1. William Whitaker’s Words:

Another good source for Latin-English conversions is the program created by William Whitaker. Its online version can be found easily. The online version also allows users to get the meaning of an English word in Latin.

  1. University of Notre Dame’s Dictionary and Grammar Aid:

This is another online source that has proven to be very helpful for students and lovers of the language. It has over 15,000 words in its database. Even if a person doesn’t know the exact word they are looking for, they can search a portion of it.

With the help of the dictionaries mentioned above, you will be able to become a Latin expert in no time.

latin dictionaries

Latin Translation

Humans have always been fascinated by their past and that is not going to change anytime soon. It is not just the fossil fuels whose discovery keeps us up at night, it is the sense of connection we feel with our ancestors that make us want to learn all about them. From the way they used to dress to the way they used to talk can tell us a bit about their lives in the old days and whether they were happy with their world or not. Most of the time you will find people complaining about the world they are living in by saying that things weren’t so bad a few decades ago. No one knows if there is any truth to that claim but everyone knows that all humans complain about their surroundings.

There is a lot of old reading material, including ancient bibles, that was written in Latin. Those that want to learn all about the history either end up spending months trying to learn this unique language or turn to the internet to search for reliable translation services. The thing about ancient languages like Latin is that it is hard to find professionals who can accurately translate these vernaculars. However, we understand the need of those who want to get a true glimpse of the past and that’s why we only hire the most experienced translators. We have qualified Latin translators who are available 24/7 to work on your ancient Latin texts and help you develop an understanding of your past.

Automatic Translators:

If instead of dictionaries you are looking for an automatic translator, then there are plenty of those today. Here is a list of online services that can provide you linguistic solutions in seconds:

  1. Google Translate:

Once you allow Google access to your browser, you will be able to get an automatic translation. You can also get meanings of words simply by visiting Google Translate. The program has a lot of features. You can open your phone’s camera and capture images from inside the app to get their translation.

  1. Bing Translator:

If you use a social media network regularly, you would have seen the ‘translate post’ option many times. Most websites use Bing’s service for the translation of their posts. When it comes to lesser-known languages, the service is rarely accurate. This is why there are plenty of images on the web about the hilarious translation of posts. But with languages like English, Spanish, French, and Russian, the service is mostly accurate. This program can also be used on other websites. But for websites, the better option is Google because of the latter’s involvement with web pages. When it comes to Latin, not a lot of programs can handle it, but Bing and Google are some of the exceptions.

We have retained many things of the past, but for language-lovers, the unique aspect from our history is Latin. It was once the language of the Roman Empire. But even after the fall of the empire, it ended up getting divided into multiple vernaculars. Some of the most spoken vernaculars of today are the daughter tongues of Latin, which is why many do not think of it as a dead language. It is also religious important and is used by the Catholic Church. Due to its importance, people require its translation from time to time. But since people are told to only trust native translators, they wonder how they can get accurate linguistic service for Latin.

There are a lot of experts in the world who spend years perfecting their art. Even if there is no native speaker of the tongue in the world today, that doesn’t mean it cannot be translated accurately. However, the linguistic expert must have the right qualification and experience in order to provide accurate assistance to the clients. Since certified translations come with a signed statement of the linguistic expert, they can only be carried out by professionals who are confident of their work.

There are a few academic and research institutes that use the Latin language in their documents. The wrong translation will not be accepted by these institutes, which is why people are conscious about hiring an expert. But if you hire us, we can assure you that you will get the translation that will be accepted by all the institutes in the US and Europe, where Latin is still very much present in different corners. With the help of our experts, you can get accurate services at affordable rates. This way, you won’t have to deal with any linguistic problems related to Latin.

Every day of our lives, we affect the ones around us. It is an unspoken rule of the world that we get influenced by each other. But that influence is rarely on a large scale. However, a few people manage to change the shape of the whole world. They are the ones we will never forget, no matter how many years pass. We will learn about them in our history books and place their pictures in our educational institutes. But along with people, there are also other things that have influenced humanity in a significant way. When it comes to languages, none of them have affected our culture as much as Latin did.

history of latin

The History of the Latin Language:

Today, a lot of us cannot speak this tongue, but all of us know the name of Latin. A huge number of the world’s population speaks vernacular that originated from this ancient tongue. But where and when did this influential language originate? Due to a lack of proper records, it is hard to say when exactly did Latin originate. However, there is one thing that we do know for sure. It existed even before the city of Rome was founded. So, we can say with certainty that Latin was around before 753 BC.

Throughout the years, it underwent many changes and became completely different from its past self. The ancient or Old Latin was quite similar to Greek. It shared many features with the ancient tongues. But as time passed, it became different from them and developed an identity of its own. It also got divided into two types in which the common one was used by the public and became known as Vulgar Latin. The version that the elite class used and was common in the court is known as Classical Latin.

When the Roman Empire expanded its rule over most of Europe, they tried to impose their culture and language on the people of that region. As a result, Latin became the common tongue of the region and began influencing the local tongues. It was the Vulgar Latin, which was used by the population of countries like Spain, France, and Germany. When the Roman Empire fell, the language stayed behind. Due to the local influences, it got divided into various parts. After enough time passed, Latin lost its originality and got turned into its five daughters, the languages which are spoken by the majority of the European population.

There is proof in the history of the Latin language that a single aspect of our culture can change everything else. The tongue spoken by the Romans ended up giving birth to Romance languages that rule a huge part of the world today.

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