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Are you planning on immigrating to The US? Is this something you have had in your plans for a long time? If this is the case, your dreams might come true pretty soon. However, when this happens, you might be presented with another challenge, the language problem, which could be overcome by using immigration translation services. Many people fail to get admission into the US even after satisfying all the other requirements simply because of language challenges. If the original language of your birth certificate is not English, you need to get it translated.

Translation Immigration Documents

Several applicants cannot satisfy the requirements of the US immigration offices because of their poorly translated documents. To help our valued clients in this regard, we are proud to announce our certified document translation for USCIS. Having years of experience in translating documents with perfection, our professional translators can provide translations covering more than 120 languages, including French and Spanish. So, if you are looking forward to submitting your immigration case to the US to start the citizenship process, choosing us can yield excellent outcomes and take you closer to your goal of getting a green card.

For a list of documents you may need for USCIS, please see this article: What do you need to provide to the US Immigration Services?

translation for immigration documents
Translation for Immigration

With our translation for immigration services, you can have your documents translated and certified in 24 hours or less, and you don’t have to pay a premium for it. You can have your documents translated on the same day! Our expert translators are ready to take on any task depending on your needs.


Passport Translation

Universal Translation Services provides certified translation for passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and any personal document from any foreign language into English. All our translations are guaranteed to clear the immigration process, and we have 100% acceptance for all past translations.

translation for immigration at affordable rates

Cheapest You Can Find

Clients want us to be fast, cheap and provide quality. We’re able to meet all those expectations. Our rates are probably the lowest you can find: only $20 per page. The price is valid for pages having up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, $0.12 per word will be charged instead.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

Translation for immigration documents

Do you need an official translation company to translate your immigration documents into English? We provide accurate translations of all languages into English. You will receive an official document translation validated by Universal Translation Services, an authorized professional translation company in the US, a member of the ATA.

Suppose you are moving abroad or applying for a visa, green card, or other immigration benefits. In that case, you will be asked to submit several original documents, including your birth certificate, marriage certificate or divorce papers, academic documents, police records, and bank statements. If your documents are not in English, you must get document translation services for immigration.

Most authorities and organizations like USCIS accept certified translations of your immigration documents. However, you can’t provide a certified translation of these documents yourself, even if you are fluent in both languages.

You are expected to submit a correct translation and your non-English certificate in the proper format. A copy of the original document must be presented for authenticity purposes.

Immigration translation certification

When all the documents needed for immigration are translated, we take care of the certification. We translate any documents required for immigration purposes. See below for an example of what an immigration translation certification looks like.

translation for immigration documents

birth certificate translation

Birth Certificates

Do you have birth certificates for all of your family members that you need to be translated with a good document translation service for immigration and get them ready by the rules and regulations of the USCIS?!

We deliver that promise to you and give you the best-certified translation services for immigration, personal, and family documents that need to be translated from a foreign language for USCIS.

Call now! We offer birth certificate translations in over 120 languages, and all of our translators are certified members of the American Translator’s Association. So, you will not have to worry just because your native language is less common; we can help you.

marriage certificate translation

Marriage Certificates

Do you have a marriage certificate in your native language made in the early eighties? Are you worried that getting it translated in a credible and verifiable manner will be a challenge? Worry not; we will give you the certified translation services for immigration that you need!

Our company has accurate document translation services for immigration and gives you marriage certificate translations from over 120 languages! We give you certificates of authenticity that will ensure your translation is good for the USCIS office. You will also get our complete contact details so that the immigration office can call us whenever they have a problem with the certified translation, and we can clear up the issue for them! Contact us today!

divorce decree translation

Divorce Decrees

These documents are usually written in different languages and must be translated into English to be usable in the US immigration process. This is where we come in with affordable divorce decree translations, ready in 24 hours or less! Universal Translation Services gives you the best-certified translation for your divorce decree.

The translation we provide will come with a certificate of accuracy and will clear the legal office submitting your documents. Call now and get the translation you need, guaranteed to be accepted at any USCIS office! We have a long record of delivering high-quality, reliable translations, and your documents are safe in our qualified hands for certified translation services for immigration.

Pharmaceutical  Records Translation Services

Medical Records

If you need your medical records translated, we provide the best medical certified translation services for immigration in the United States.

Medical records are translated for immigration reasons and because many foreign nationals have all of their medical documents written in their language. The medical records have to be viewed and understood by doctors in the United States. This is why it is only feasible to translate the medical documents to make sense to the doctors considering them!

We have experienced translators for over 120 languages! This means that you will never find yourself searching for a translator that we do not have. Call now for document translation services for immigration!

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translated documents for immigration

Immigration Translation Services for the USA

Anyone who wishes to get a green card will have to go through immigration first. Although people can enjoy many benefits after getting their green card, it is often a long process. The green card process is long and complicated, but by following your attorney’s instructions and fulfilling the requirements of USCIS, it can get easier. A professional translation service can get you closer to your green card.

We fulfill all the translation requirements while handling your birth certificate to be accepted by USCIS. Before coming to the US, it is always good to have all your documents translated into English to have all the other procedures go smoothly for you. It is important to have certified copies with you so you don’t panic at the last moment.

With our immigration translation services, rest assured that you will have more than the assistance you need to provide. Many people do not understand the need for translation for immigration documents until they find themselves stuck in a situation where they do not have much going their way. If they keep certified copies with them, they wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

What is needed for translation for immigration?

For immigration, you will need us to translate your birth certificate for USCIS so that all your applications from here on can be made faster and smoothly. Getting the USCIS birth certificate translation is one of the first steps toward certification of your documents, which will help you live everyday life in The US.

You do not want to be in a situation where nothing is going according to plan for you simply because the documents you have are not available in a language that can make work easier for you. However, through this service, you will realize that there is an expedited rate of processing of your career because your documents are in a language that is easy to understand for the government officials that you will come across. Let us do this for you and make your life easier.

Certified Translation for USCIS

UTS provides certified translation services for all the standard documents. We have you covered if you need translation for immigration to the USA. Whether you need your birth or marriage certificate, your diploma, or any other document translated for USCIS, we can provide you with USCIS certified translation for all.

Requirements for your immigration Translation Documents

As you know, USCIS has unique requirements to process your papers. You already have to submit a pile of documents. Most of the time, your appointment starts with a lawyer specializing in immigration. That lawyer knows exactly what kind of visa you need to apply for. Visas differ from one another depending on the type of visa you are using for. It will cost you money to get things arranged, and it takes time. This is not something that can be placed in 2 weeks. The preparation of the papers is what takes most of the time.

So we try to help you to speed up the requirements when it comes to immigration translation services. We will be able to translate your birth certificate or your passport or any other papers that need to be certified and ready for the USCIS. Most of the time we deliver on the same day and we have a flat rate of USD $20 per page for every certified translation. Your translation for immigration documents will be delivered with the certification signed and stamped ready to be submitted to the USCIS. Guaranteed!

  • How do you get a certified translation of a document not in English?

    According to the immigration law in the US, you cannot submit your application if you don’t have certified translations of your foreign language documents. If you are wondering how you can get this service, we have the answer for you. You can scan the whole document and send it over to us. One of our linguistic experts will begin working on the document. Once they are done with the translation, they will draft the certification letter. The signed certificate will have the full name, address, signature date, and contact details of the linguistic expert.

  • Who is qualified to translate a foreign language document into English?

    Nowadays, you can upload the source document on Google and get its translation within seconds. But if you need a professional translation service, you should not turn to Google. Anyone can translate a document into English if they are bilingual. But for translation accuracy, only qualified experts should be hired for the job. Translation accuracy becomes more critical when you need linguistic assistance for official government business. So, hire someone who can follow the official rules and provide accurate results.

  • What is immigration Translation?

    Immigration Translation is getting the documents you need to present for USCIS translated into English. USCIS will NOT accept any official foreign document that is not in English. Besides that, they need to be certified and translated by a certified translator or a Translation Company.

  • How do I translate a document for immigration?

    USCIS will not accept documents that are translated by yourself. They need to be sure that the translation is identical in English. Therefore immigration office will ask for a certified translation. If not provided, they will not accept the documents.

  • How much does it cost to get a Legal Document Translated?

    The price of getting a certified document translated for USCIS is most of the time charged per page. Companies charge 20$ – 75$ per page. Make sure that there is a certificate with the documents and that all pages of the documents are stamped and signed by the translator or the company.

  • Does USCIS require a certified translation?

    Yes, USCIS only accepts certified translations.

translation of documents for immigration

USCIS document translation services

The USCIS is very strict with following the federal regulations regarding document submission. Any personal document in any language but English needs to be translated and certified. No, USCIS no longer requires notarized translation, only authorized, which you can either submit by e-mail or by going to their office.

The certified translation needs to follow the rules as well. When it comes to USCIS document translation, the applicant can’t translate independently. A friend of his could provide the translation, but issues may appear in the form of the translation or the certification, which will lead to the translation being rejected.

Our USICS document translation services are here to provide you with a certified translation that is guaranteed to be accepted by any USCIS office. We know the rules and regulations imposed, and we do our translations according to those rules.

Hundreds of customers have been happy with our services, and we have a 100% acceptance rate at USCIS. Get in touch and have your translation for immigration documents done at only $20 per page!

Why do you need USCIS translation

Why do you need USCIS translation?

People planning to migrate to the United States must submit certified translations of relevant documents to get their case approved. A small mistake or error in the translation can cause delays or even rejection of your application; therefore, you must get your documents translated from a trusted agency. If you decide to turn to Google Translate, you have already doomed your immigration case.

UTS provides immigration translation services for all types and categories of personal documents. From birth certificates to marriage certificates, our services meet the predefined criteria defined by the USCIS so that your application never gets delayed. When it comes to USCIS translation, you can never get it approved unless a professional translator’s work has been performed because the documents must be accurate and authentic.

To meet our client’s expectations, we are always ready to handle any certified document translation assignment. To avail of a free quote, you can talk with one of our project managers through the customer care helpline, available 24/7. Furthermore, our team members guarantee the safety and security of your important documents, so nothing gets compromised during the translation procedure.

USCIS translation certified
Can I translate my own birth certificate for USCIS

Can I translate my birth certificate for USCIS?

Immigration translations need to be accurate and certified as several essential aspects need to be focused on. Translating your birth certificate for USCIS by yourself is undoubtedly not recommended, as your immigration case can be delayed due to false documents. You cannot write a certification letter yourself if you are not a qualified translator.

Even more, USCIS prohibits the immigrant from translating his documents. Even though you are bilingual and can translate anything else, you can’t translate and certify the translation of personal records if you submit them to the USCIS office.

Universal Translation Services offers certified birth certificate translation services at low rates. Our processing time is fast so that you can receive the signed copy and the official document within twenty-four hours. As we have employed the finest team of certified translators in our company, each translation project is done per the strict standards set by the US immigration office. Our translations have a 100 percent acceptance rate at USCIS.

A reliable immigration translator is available 24/7

An immigration translator plays an essential part in supporting the justice and due process of immigration. In addition to a quality level of oral and written fluency in another language, translators working with foreign customers should be culturally fair and familiar with language access standards.

If you need assistance translating immigration documents, our USCIS approved translators can break the language barrier and offer professional guidance. At UTS, we understand that every nation has different requirements for immigration. We provide translation services with the type of certification you need for the US. We are the best immigration translator you can find, we can translate from any language into English, and we sport some of the lowest rates.

No matter your native language, we will always have an immigration translator available for any language. Our expert translators have years of experience translating birth and marriage certificates, academic degrees, and legal agreements. A second linguist edits your translation before being sent to you to ensure accuracy. Our immigration translation services are formatted to meet all US Citizenship and Immigration Services requirements, and we guarantee acceptance for all our certified and notarized translations.

immigration translator

People about to submit their case to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office need to get certified translations of every relevant document. Certified document translation solutions offered by us are done according to the standards set by the USCIS. Order your immigration translation today! Moreover, you can also get your documents translated on the same day, for which no extra charges are applicable.


Avoid Rejection of your papers for Immigration

When you require document Translation Services for immigration, you have to be very careful. Immigration offices are very particular about the paperwork and documents. They also have certification requirements that the linguistic expert must fulfill. Their officials check out every little detail in the documents submitted. And just a hint of misleading information could make them curious. To avoid such a situation, it is always advisable to go with a translation company that has been in the industry for a long time and has qualified translators on board.

Certified translation services for immigration are required no matter the nature of your travel. Therefore, you must always keep in touch with a company that offers Certified Translation Services. At Universal Translation Services, we provide Certified Translations for immigration documents, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, driving licenses, diplomas, degrees, and any other official document you may have been asked to submit by USCIS. We also handle academic transcripts for students who wish to study in the US.

Do we charge Rush Translate Rates?

When you tell a service provider that you are in an emergency and need things to get done quickly, they use your situation to charge you extra. But unlike most translation companies that charge you with rush translate rates, Universal Translation Services provides urgent translations with no additional cost added. You can get a complete and accurate translation within a couple of hours without any extra fees on your bill.

Our vision is to ensure translation services that are convenient and cost-effective. We are a translation agency that understands your urgency and values your loyalty as a customer. And in return, we never take advantage of your emergencies. Due to our commitment to our customers, we have achieved global recognition in the field of translation. We still believe that we can offer more, and hence, we keep on including every new translation service on our list so that you don’t have to choose another translation service for your translation needs. So if you are done with companies asking you to rush translate rates, it’s time for you to choose Universal Translation Services.

Rush translation rates
Rush Translation Agency

We offer Rush Translation Services

No matter how much of a planner you are, setting things on schedule while immigrating could be tricky. You’ll think that all of your shopping is done, and the next thing you’ll come up to know is that you forgot to buy a pair of socks. But that’s just an example, and you know that you can find a solution to those minor mistakes but what if you suddenly remember that you didn’t translate your required documents. What would you do? Panic?

Well, no need to do that. With us being here, we guarantee you our rush translation services without any additional cost. You can relax knowing that we can deliver even within a day. Our express delivery is an option we have kept open for our clients that get caught up with other stuff. For instance, if you are going on a company tour and have a lot to tackle before going on the journey, you’ll need rush translation services for sure. Even if you order rush translation services, we won’t forget the due process and make sure you get accurate results.

So don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Irrespective of the nature of your document, we’ll be here for you at the eleventh hour. All we need from you is just a message, and we’ll get back to you instantly.

One of the many requirements when submitting documents to USCIS related to your immigration case is a certified translation of any document that is not in English. Typically, these include birth certificates, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, academic degrees, death certificates, passports, bank statements, police records, transcripts, affidavits, etc.

As part of the documents, including the translation, another USCIS requirement is that the translator certifies that the translation is accurate with a signed Certificate of Translation Accuracy.

Any professional translator or translation company can “certify” a translation. A translator needs to be certified to provide a certified translation. The certification statement must specify whether the signer has translated or reviewed the translation.

A certified translation never expires. The certified translation is valid forever unless the requesting agency states otherwise.

A translation cannot change over time and should be valid indefinitely unless the original document has changed or has expired. If the signature of a certified translator or notary has expired, it does not invalidate the translation. As long as the translator’s certification was valid at the signature, the translation remains valid.

The only time the translation would expire and a new translation would be required if the original document has expired or has changed and the applicant submits a new document.

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