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Do you need a certified Bosnian to English translation or an English to Bosnian translation?

If yes, then UTS is your one-stop to an array of translations. At UTS, our Bosnian translators carry out translations from English to over 130 languages and also translate from these languages to English. We also carry out translations for a combination of 500 languages. Bosnian is one core language that’s on our list.

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We understand that you have an awesome product, and your services are superb. These qualities may have earned your business huge sales in recent times, and presently you are considering expanding into the Bosnian market. This intention is a good one for your brand, but have you considered the Non-English speaking population of Bosnia and Herzegovina. How do you intend to advertise your products to the locals? Wouldn’t you want your content visible? You’ll need a better content strategy.

Patronize Our English to Bosnian translation service today and leverage on the benefit of the quality of translation. We can help your Bosnian and Herzegovinian customers see the strengths and benefits of your product and services in their native languages.


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Time is of importance to everyone, and we at UTS acknowledge its value to every business, hence we have ensured that our communication channels are open round the clock. You can use our Live chat button to get in touch with us from anywhere in the world, at any point in time, and be sure to get a prompt response, plus a free quote on the translation service you require. You can also place a call across to us using the contact number at the top of our page.
Translation for Technical documents

Translation for Technical documents

We believe that translation is the only mean of communication across cultures. What good is an article writing service if your Bosnian customers can’t understand a word of it?

UTS offers specialized translation for technical documents like manuals, owner’s guides, user guides, technical instructions, material safety data sheets (MSDS), and more. With the advent of science and technology in our world today, it is essential for companies to translate technical documents, especially if such documents are for products targeted for the Bosnian market and you want a large share of this market.

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Certified Bosnian to English Translation for immigration to the US

The US is a highly desired destination for individuals and businesses from all around the world. Having a population of 327 million, the US offers a large marketplace for businesses seeking domestic and overseas investment.

Businesses of Bosnian and Herzegovinian origin whose products and services are in the Bosnian language and are seeking to leverage the large consumer market within the US and the American culture, to expand and triple their sales are more than welcome to use our Bosnian to English translation service, to the advantage of their business.

Having technical documents like user manuals, product labels, handling guides, installation guides, and product descriptions for your products in Bosnian could be a major setback in sales for your new business in the US, as it could attract buyer’s objection from non-Bosnian speaking prospects.


Using our Bosnian to English translation service would ensure buyers’ acceptance of your products and services because our unique and affordable translation service is structured to ensure that we produce a mirror image of whatever document you provide us with for translation.

Whatever Bosnian to English translation we carry out for you, we ensure that the tone and context of your translations are undiluted, because we want to provide you with nothing short of the quality you expect. Translations at UTS are done by our certified and highly experienced translators, who also possess a strong Bosnian language skill, and a good knowledge of how the professional environment functions. This combination added to the extra effort we input ensures that you get the best translation service and good value for your money.

UTS assures you of a clear and concise Bosnian to English translation, for immigration to the US.

For individual English speakers, families, and groups moving from Bosnia, Herzegovina, and other Bosnian-speaking areas to the US, our Bosnian to English translation service also has you covered, and even at a rate you can afford, with nothing short of the quality that you deserve.

We do Bosnian to English translation for travel documents, certificates, and declarations written in Bosnian and required for immigration to the US. We know the need for these translations and wish you a nice experience as you migrate to the US. Offering our exceptional translation services at rates that you can conveniently play and still get value for, is the least we can do to show you that we care and have you at the heart of what we do.

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This is a machine translation and is not perfectly translated. If you want to work with a professional translator, please Get a 5 Minute Quote.
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English to Bosnian translation for business

Our team of highly skilled language experts is here to handle all your English to Bosnian translations for your business activity as an individual or a corporate entity within the Bosnian market.

To deliver a product or service, every link in the communication chain must be strong, and to ensure this, the first link in this chain which is your product or service has to be first understood by the customer before other processes to influence sales factors in.

UTS offers English to Bosnian translation for corporate communications across Bosnia and Herzegovina, for businesses whose products and services are targeted at the Bosnian-speaking populace.

It is essential to translate from English to Bosnian if you intend to do business within Bosnia or other Bosnian-speaking areas, as this would aid your business prospects and customers who are natives, in better understanding your products and services. Additionally, this can help you save a lot of valuable time spent on trying to find alternative channels of communicating to and engaging your Bosnian prospects.

What type of documents do we translate?

Business documents, communiqués, product descriptions, technical manuals, user guides, installation guides, Job postings, academic papers, PDF files, and other materials in print and non-print format. We engage the expertise of our highly experienced translators to ensure that we provide you with accurate and high-quality English to Bosnian translation.

Patronizing UTS’s English to Bosnian translation would be the first step in strengthening your communication chain with the Bosnian-speaking populace. Use our Bosnian language services and you’ll get the best translations.


Medical and legal documents

UTS also offers Bosnian to English translation and vice versa for legal and medical documents. Law is a culture-dependent field and we want to ensure that you get a linguistically transparent legal translation for your legal documents. Also, we understand how vital medical documents are and how advanced technologies can have an impact on the content, especially because they are health-related, hence we take extra care in the translation of such documents.

Translation for website, software, and localization

Whether you are looking to transform your software from Bosnian to English or the opposite, our highly skilled translators are here to give you excellent Bosnian to English translations and English to Bosnian translations, whatever the case may be. UTS also offers translation for localizations targeting the Bosnian marketplace.

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Origin and Importance of translating to and from the Bosnian language

The Bosnian language is the official language of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These countries are on the Balkan Peninsula in South-Eastern Europe. This language is the adopted variety of the Serbo-Croatian used mainly by Bosnians. The Bosnian language is spoken by over 2.5 million native speakers.

Considering the number of native speakers of the Bosnian language, you would agree that translating to Bosnian would mean communication to over 2.5 million persons. For international businesses, this would benefit if the market can be accessed.

Also translating from Bosnian to the English language is essential for individuals and corporates immigrating into English-speaking countries like the US.

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Facts About Bosnian Culture and Language

There are a few exciting and defining characteristics of the Bosnian culture that are worth noticing. The majority of the population is a follower of Islam. As a result, Islam has had a significant influence on the lifestyle of the citizens of this state. The impact of Turkish culture is fairly visible. Sharing the same religion has brought the two states and its population together. On the other hand, the people of Bosnia consider Serbia their biggest enemy due to the latter’s control over the region. Many conflicts arose because of this power struggle.

The Bosnian language is quite similar to the other tongues spoken in the country. Croatian and Serbian have played a huge part in the social life of the natives, but they have failed to obtain the same status as Bosnian. But all three are not known internationally since they are not spoken by a lot of people. However, they continue to be the first choices of the local population.

Our professional translators translate your English to Bosnian text by using their translation skills. Depending on the type of the translations, our translators work hard to ensure there’s no inconsistency in meaning or terminologies in the translated Bosnian text. If it’s a medical translation, we always rely on the expertise of a medical translator. In some cases, when we have large volumes of text that need to be translated, our translators use our recommended translation software. However, they do most of the translation themselves and use the translation tool only for increasing the efficiency of the translation project at hand.

All of our English to Bosnian translations are carried out by our native English translators who have utmost proficiency in the Bosnian language as well.

This English to Bosnian translation service is not free. We do not use any Bosnian translation tool for our projects. Our community of translators utilizes a unique combination of skills, making sure that every translation is accurate, is a true depiction of the original text, and looks great in terms of creative writing. On top of that, our translators have an excellent work history and thus, we don’t provide free English to Bosnian translations. However, our Bosnian text translation is super affordable, quick, and high-quality.

We do have a free translation tool for each of the languages we offer but since it’s a machine translation, we can’t say that it’s 100% free.

You can use our free translation tool on any device, including your mobile phone. Keep in mind that this is an online translation service, not an advanced translator, and can’t work without an active internet connection.

Every language has its specific structure, grammar, nuances, etc. This is why when we translate one language into another, we can make mistakes in the grammatical structure. Even translation applications can’t ensure grammatical accuracy. However, professionals with detailed experience in translation, particularly from English to Bosnian, can perform almost accurate Bosnian grammar translation.

Google Translate is continuously working to improve its accuracy score and the accuracy score for most languages now is 95%. Since Google Translate provides English to Bosnian translations, we can say that this simple application is great for English to Bosnian.

Well, it’s quite easy. Simply open Google Translate, click the microphone icon at the bottom of the source language bar, allow your computer to use the microphone, and start saying your English words to get their audio translation in Bosnian right away.

You can also use Microsoft Bing Translator for translating text, audio files, images, blog articles, and so much more.

However, if you want Bosnian Freelance interpreters for business needs, you must ensure that they not only have professional interpreting skills but also possess excellent communication skills. Whether it’s business, finance, marketing, or any other field, you should only go with an interpreter who has lots of experience in live interpretation.


Google Translate is a free online language translation service that can translate text and web pages into different languages. Yes, Google Translate supports Bosnian.

The phrase “thank you” can be translated to “hvala” in Bosnian. “Hvala” can be used in a variety of situations, including when you are thanking someone for a gift, a favor, or their time. Hvala” can also be used as an expression of appreciation, such as when you are thanking someone for their hospitality.

Other ways to say “thank you” in Bosnian

1. “Zahvaljujem”

2. “Hvala ti”

3. “Izvinjavam se”

The phrase “Goodbye” can be translated to “Doviđenja” in Bosnian.

You can use our free translation tool on any device, including your mobile phone. Keep in mind that this is an online translation service, not an advanced translator, and can’t work without an active internet connection.

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