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It is said that the World is a global village and language is the only communicator that connects the people living all around it. Universal Translation Services understands this very sentiment which is why we deliver translation services for all needs. Our localization services for iPhone Apps are another remarkable service that we offer for our clients, and our iOS app localization services are some of the cheaper on the market.

At Universal Translation Services, our iPhone app translation services are delivered keeping in mind the importance of the dialect in reference with the targeted audience, their convenience, and their usability. We deeply comprehend that the slightest mistakes in localizing an app can change the course of your business and profitability. The brand power of your company depends entirely upon the understand-ability of your applications and where it is important to have a user-friendly interface, it is equally important to communicate with your users in their own language. With the expertise of our translators and software specialists, we localize your app in the most proficient way in just about any language.


It is important for our clients to know what benefits they are going to get and what achievements they can acquire through our iPhone app translation services.

iPhone Application localization


Our iPhone app translation services are vast, we localize iOS apps into any language, and we are very particular about the dialects. For instance, the Spanish in Spain is different from the Spanish they speak in Mexico, and we keep in mind all such details. Any misconception can break the communication with the audience and we never let that happen.

expert localization team for iPhone

Expert Team

Our highly qualified translators work in a specialized environment where they perform their linguistic services. The localization experts conduct a thorough research and analysis while reviewing the compatibility of the localized versions of IOS and the app itself.

high quality services

High Quality

We have carefully selected our team and we proudly call them the masters of iPhone application localization. Our certified team localizes applications in coordination with native speakers and translators to provide the highest quality iPhone app translation services.

affordable localization packages

Affordable Packages

Universal Translation Services is a global language agency and all our services are available at the lowest rates in comparison with other translation and localization service providers. We offer customized packages for the convenience of our clients. Our iPhone localization services are provided in accordance with the marketing trends worldwide but we try to facilitate our clients as much as we can.

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Why should you choose our iOS app localization services


ios app localizationWell, you must be thinking by now that it’s just another service out there on the internet. Not exactly. By choosing our app localization services iPhone we will provide you the following benefits:

We enhance the achievements of your brand

It is impossible for a brand to reach the height of the local market without properly communicating with the people in the area. iPhone app localization services are the only tool that stands your company out from the rest. Our localization experience in various environments, files and content will help you in achieving your desired goal.

Nothing is too big for us

With our highly capable teams of translators, content developers, editors, and software engineers, we provide iPhone application localization services for small business owners as well as giant conglomerates. Our 24/7 support desk will continue to help you with everything related to your localization services.

Satisfaction and affordability in one place

Like we said earlier, our services are wide. Our translation and localization services for iPhone Applications include from and into different languages spoken around the world. So while providing services for various languages, we ensure your satisfaction before anything else. At the same time, we take care of your translation cost in a very reasonable way.

We go beyond the ordinary

Other than localization of iPhone applications, we also provide you access to more and more potential users by translating the description of your application on iTunes and also translate its UI for an engaging and entertaining experience for your targeted audience.

What we do


We give you a clear road-map of what we have to do in order to get done with your localization of your iPhone Application.

Choose the target market carefully and decide the right dialect before planning the launch of your app. We’ll then assign the best specialists we have for that language.

We get your iPhone Applications files ready for localization. If you don’t want to have us do that, we’ll walk you through on how you can extract the localized files of your iPhone App.

With all that done, we’ll have the source files ready to be translated and localized.

Thanks to our highly qualified team, we work with all kinds of files and formats, and our translation and localization services include not just the text, but descriptions and images as well. Even more, we will extract the files from your source, translate and localize and add the files back, so you don’t have to do anything unless you want to.

iphone localization
localization services iphone

Fast, high quality services at a fair price

Do you like Apple? No, we are not talking about the fruit; we are talking about the company. Well, of course, you do, you just love the iPhones, iPads and all the other cool gadgets, just like everyone else. And this is where you can get the benefit of that love; you can localize your iPhone app to reach your target audience in the most effective and quickest way.

Wondering where can you find the best IOS app localization services, the ones that are affordable, delivered on time and accurate? The answer is right here, Universal Translation Services. We understand that your business needs in today’s world have been diverted to a broader spectrum. You just can’t settle for keeping your business to a local community, you have to be there on the list. Our website translation services and IOS app localization services are significantly improving the shape of business for our clients and we want to do the same for you.

So this is how it works. You can share the details of your app with us, either through sending us an email, connecting with us via live chat or even you can come and visit our offices in Miami and Aventura. We’ll give you the quote after analyzing the app and your requirements such as dialect, language, and target area. Our software experts, translators and other concerned team members will ensure that your IOS app localization services are provided in compliance with the international standard of localization and only after your satisfaction, we’ll deliver the project to you.

Simple as that! So, get your IOS App localized today, only by Universal Translation Services, the number one translation company in the world.

So, why don’t you get in touch with us in order to use our iPhone app translation and iOS app localization services? We’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as our project manager assesses the estimated time frame and price for your app. We’ll deliver our services to the point of your full satisfaction and until your app reaches the app store and subsequently your target audience.

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