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Universal Translation Services is known as one of the leaders in developing an effective globalization strategy for products or brands. We are on the very mission of eliminating the set boundaries through the virtual world. We have employed world’s most esteemed specialists who can help you get across the cultures through an effective product globalization strategy.

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We live in a world of hybrid cultures and languages. Every culture has its own specialties and beauty. Long gone are the days when people used to be unaware of the cultures other than their own. Now cultures are interlinked, people don’t have to worry about the language differences, all because of the presence of translators, interpreters, and internet. And due to this very fact, businesses also don’t have to restrict themselves to their own society.

The internet has bridged the gap and so have translators traversed the language barriers. This has collectively given rise to a globalized world. Now the brands can pitch their market sitting miles away from their clients through a website or an app. But only if the website or app has been localized in close accordance with the target market can the business flourish, otherwise, all this philosophy of bridging the gap and overcoming language barrier drops down to nil.

If you have landed at Universal Translation Services in the search for an effective globalization strategy, then you are sure short to double up your sales and triple fold your revenue quickly.

Benefits Of Hiring UTS Globalization Strategy
effective globalization strategy

An effective globalization strategy for your business needs

We make sure that your message gets across effectively to your clients. For that matter, we do whatever needs to be done. It also includes globalization services. We adopt the website globalization strategy owing to the increasing trend in the modern world. If you are in search hunt of a translation agency that could help you in turning the fate of your trade, then look here and there no more and head straight to us. We have experts who deal with these terminologies of internationalization and localization on a highly professional level.

We help customers in deploying multilingual website by initially internationalizing the website followed by localization process, the website can be localized at any point in any other language that the client might ask for. We also make sure your products are adapted to the targeted culture.

We have always maintained our standards in giving high-quality translation services in all fields of life. We know that you want to keep up the pace with the modern trends of globalizing your products. We proudly present to you our translation services for your globalization needs.

Benefits of hiring UTS

Universal Translation Services is a pro in the translation industry. We offer professional services in return for which we have always attained an immense appreciation and accolades from the world’s renowned brands we have collaborated with. What benefits would you get in working with us?

guaranteed quality

Guaranteed Quality

Our translators invest in research resources, attend workshops and trainings and keep on expanding their base knowledge by continuously learning new things. This helps them in producing better results and ensuring quality work.

definition of globalization

Culturally Correct

Our native-speaking translators deliver grammatically correct, organized, comprehensive content with suitable tone, style and picking on the cultural influence in the best possible manner.

specialized services

Specialized Services

If you need a translation that is both culturally and technically correct with a touch of professionalism to it, then know that we are offering exactly this. We offer translations that are complete with a full array of technical terms as needed. We have specialists in all fields.

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Definition of globalization

There is no exact definition of globalization. To us, globalization or more commonly known as website globalization is a technique for increasing client base, empowering web presence and competing in the global market. The perfect website for vast audiences is a multi-faceted endeavor which involves localization and internationalization. We, at UTS, help you in achieving your target through internationalizing and localizing your website. We have our specialists and translators lined up for taking on your project and helping you reach new heights of success.

Website globalization = Internationalization + Localization

Website internationalization

Website internationalization is the first, foremost and pre-requisite step in the globalization process. This, if done and correctly so, can help save you from the stress of having to start from scratch every time you want to introduce and localize your business, your brand or/and your products to a new market. It is so created that it can be modified and used in many languages later on.

It involves the designing of core code and making sure that it is flexible enough to accommodate new languages without having the need to rewrite the whole stuff again.

It is developed and designed bearing in mind that it will work in complete accordance with every new audience market that is introduced, perfectly adapted to the culture, language, and geography of your target market. This is a one time making and designing process. Slight changes are made later on according to the new target audience’s needs.

Our team professionally internationalizes your website which in its core features will be perfectly adapted to handle different languages, content, data, currencies and feedback portal and finally publishing the website, giving you both an effective globalization strategy and the means to get right where you want.

Website localization

The next step in line is the website localization. While internationalization is the back-end process, localization is for the front end working on the website. It is the translation of the website content into the target language along with aligning the graphics which should be adapted as well. This does not have to be just a literal translation rather it has to be culturally accurate in complete coordination with the subjected market. In short, it should be linguistically and culturally appropriate, eliminating any chances of inaccuracy.

If you have opted for the best choice among the translation agencies that is UTS then the things that you have to provide to our translator are;

  • The number of words on the website. If you are clueless then use our word counter tool for this very purpose. It will give the exact number of words.
  • The source language and targeted language.
  • The type of website, i.e. finance related, medical, online retailer etc.
  • Mention if there is a requirement of desktop publishing or not.
  • Your target markets.

These things will give a rough sketch of the kind of work our specialists have to undertake. Rest assured that it will be a smooth workflow at our end yielding best outcome for you.

It doesn’t end there. There are two more steps to take in order to make sure your website performs well in local searches. This is where our multilingual SEO services come into play. By applying multilingual SEO on your website, we make sure that your website is optimized for what your local market is actually searching. This step is an SEO wise adaptation of your content to the local market.


What is Globalization?

What is globalization? Globalization in the literal sense is the increased interaction of people through the intermingling of cultures, heightened flow of money on an international level and fusion of ideas and thoughts. It is often used in terms of marketing and sales of a product.

Globalization happens when the company projects its product away from the domestic market, into a foreign market through e-commerce and in complete alignment with the targeted locale. We can help you with an effective, tailor made globalization strategy which will take your business one big step ahead of your competition.

Why is globalization important?

The world is full of diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. There is a thirst in people today that makes them reach out to people from different countries and there is a willingness in people to know all about the different cultures of the world and this is what has made globalization a familiar concept among people all around the world. Globalization is a concept that has gained popularity over the past few years. Almost all businesses around the globe have a desire to spread out in different parts of the world and globalize their companies and services. Globalization is a way to broaden the audience and reach out to an increased number of customers.

For a business to expand and reach out to a bigger audience, it is essential to localize their business in the country they wish to spread their roots in. Websites and advertisements are the most effective way of localization. Localization is not just merely translating the websites and ads in the local language; localization requires much more than just that. The first thing is to get to know the culture and the people of a country you wish to spread in and then use marketing strategies that help the people of the foreign country connect with your brand. Carry out research and see how your product or your service can help people there and what problems can it solve, then figure out the best way to squeeze it into the market like it was meant for them.

For the best and the most reliable globalization services for your business, Universal Translation Services is what you need. UTS has the skilled personnel and the tools to carry out globalization services and help companies make their way in the hearts of people living in foreign countries. Hiring UTS to carry out the globalization strategy for your business is the wisest option as the work provided is culturally correct with top-notch quality.

Globalization Strategy for Business Needs
Effective Globalization Strategy

Need more clients? Think global!

The technological advancement in today’s world has made everything accessible. Communication has also changed its ways, whether it’s reaching an audience for business purposes or introducing a new service to some far-off country, the globalization strategy is something that’s on everybody’s mind. As for a translation company, we understand that an accurate and high-quality translation plays a vital role in the globalization strategy of an entrepreneur and brand ambassador equally. The sky is the limit for both of them and we make sure that we play our part with full honesty and dedication while delivering them what they come to us for.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an effective globalization strategy or for accurate translation services for documents, websites or software, you will always get exactly what you need from us. Feel free to get in touch by phone, email or live-chat with any questions you may have and we will always have an experienced manager at the other end of the line to give you the answers you were looking for.

It is indeed a matter of immense pleasure for us to make the impossible possible by globalizing the content of our valuable clients without charging a fortune for it.

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