Global Telephone Interpreting Services

Have an interpreter on the phone in seconds
Universal Translation Services provides global, completely automated telephone interpreting services available to all through subscription. Using our service you can have a live language interpreter on the phone in seconds and the process is conducted through our fully automated system.
Fully automated phone interpreting services

If you need to speak with someone but you don’t know his language, worry not: Universal Translation Services now offers fully automated telephone interpreting services for any language combination beside our written translation services. The system is readily available, always accessible for both individuals and companies alike. There are no call attendants to put the call through, all is done automatically through voice recognition. Simply create an account, call our number, go through the options by actually speaking on the phone and you’ll get connected with a phone interpreter in just a few seconds.

This saves a major portion of fixed costs that come with call center representatives engaging with the customers, but also saves you time as you don’t have to wait for the operator to connect you to the interpreter, all is done automatically. Universal Translation Services is providing this innovative, incredibly affordable service for our clients. You will of course be able to use the service for a one-on-one conversation with an interpreter, but you also have the option to have a third party connected to the call. This is one major way which now became the standard way of interconnecting people not sharing a common language.

phone interpreting services

Need to have an interpreter on the phone?

The advantages in using our telephone interpreting services
fast and affordable
Fast and affordable


Our phone interpreting services are fully automated so we don’t need to have a human operator taking the calls and connecting the clients to our interpreters. Our system does that, and it does it brilliantly. You get connected with the interpreter a lot faster while we save on costs and are able to offer you lower than market-average prices due to the automation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a company or an individual who wants to speak to someone else in a far away country or in your own office, our system can either call the third party if it’s far away from you, or you can have your phone on speakers if you have the third party in your office.

Professional telephone interpreters
Telephone interpreters available 24/7


While other companies may not offer their telephone interpreting services around the clock, we do! With us, it doesn’t matter what time is it, or if you need the service during the weekend/ We have a huge database of professional interpreters carefully tested and they’re from all over the world. It doesn’t really matter if one interpreter is taking a nap, there will always be another one in the other side of the globe who is readily available to take your call. All our interpreters have declared their availability time. Our system will check that first and only call the interpreters who are working at that hour, so there won’t be any delays.

extensive options
It does what you want


Are you an individual looking to speak with someone in another country who doesn’t know your language? Our telephone interpreting services are the perfect fit: with us you can have a professional telephone interpreter and a third party on the phone in just a few seconds. Simply create an account, call our number and choose the languages by  voice recognition, add the other number to be dialed and voila: our system will automatically select the best fitted interpreters and start calling them. Once an interpreter accepted the call, the system will call the person you need to speak with and you can all have a great conversation interpreted live by our interpreter.

Need to have an interpreter on the phone?

how phone interpreting works
Top of the line phone interpreting services

In a few simple steps you will be able to use our phone interpreting services to speak to just about anyone you need to. Nicknamed the language barrier breaker, our system does just that, and it doesn’t need a hammer to do it.

How does it work? Simply put, there is a smart software we have developed between you and our private database of interpreters. Our system has a highly sophisticated, private, security controlled and user savvy platform through which you can register and pay in order to use our services. Along with these services, you can review your call reports, client details, call details, call recordings and all other information that you want to keep a close eye while using our phone interpreting services.

The software is the one answering the phone when you call our number in order to speak to an interpreter. You simply add your account number and your pin, and you’ll be able to authenticate in the system, then you’ll have to say the languages, then select if it’s going to be a simple call or a third party call. If you want to speak to another person in another country, you will simply select a third party call and add that person’s phone number. If the other person is near you, select simple call and put your phone on speaker.

Once those are done, our system will select from our database only those interpreters which are available at the time of your call. It will call 5 or more interpreters at once, and the first who answers gets the call. From there on you’ll be able to speak with your partner through our interpreter.

Available 24/7, any language combination

Remember the time when speaking to a foreigner was a huge trouble, particularly when you are on a phone. Those were the times when business proposals had to go through the waiting of being translated by a translator so that it can be moved further. The whole process was meticulous, tiring and perplexing. Thanks to telephone interpreting services, the case is entirely changed. Today, language is not a hindrance in making new connections; the telephone interpreting service makes foreign communication as smooth as talking to your locals.

Businesses are largely benefiting from this innovative and high end solution. But telephone interpreting services are multi-purpose. For legal and other purposes, you can acquire the expertise of a telephone interpreter and save yourself from the trouble of miscommunications and waiting. Since it’s a part of our mission to include every new linguistic solution in the services we provide, our telephone interpreting services will continue to make things easier for our valuable customers.

Universal Translation Services is proud of the convenience and quality that it has been serving for years. Due to our reliable services, we have earned the love and trust of our customers. If you need interpretation services by phone it’s time to join the family as our service is available around the clock, we can deal with any language combination and we charge the lowest rates on the market.

phone interpreting available 24/7

Want to know more about our service?

Although our phone interpreting services are all automated, you aren’t left clueless if you need help. The system is designed to be used by anyone, and we did our best to explain everything in your online account, but we also know that you may have some questions or may need help in using our services. That is why we have customer care services which are available around the clock. If you’re at your computer or accessing our website with your mobile, you can always get in touch with us by using the live-chat feature. We reply in a few seconds, and you can rest assured all your questions will be answered. If you’re in a call with our system and need help, you always have the option to call our help line and a real, highly trained customer representative will help you right there on the phone.

Need to have an interpreter on the phone?