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No matter what type or category of technical translation is required, our company follows strict quality standards and delivers outstanding work ahead of deadline. So, if you are in search of highly accurate technical translation services online or offline, Universal Translation Services will surely provide great services at affordable rates.

The need for technical translation services

With the increasing number of technology users across the world, user manuals and instructions are now compulsory to be translated into almost every language. This is no easy task as there are a lot of important factors which need to be overviewed in order to retain the originality of the translated document. By using the correct terminology and vocabulary, translations are created by following a predefined format in order to achieve high quality standards.

Technical translation is an approach conducted by professionals in order to translate technical documents, scientific researches and methodologies. As it is supposed to be accurate and authentic, this specialized form of translation is generally performed by subject matter experts and professionals.

In order to deliver accurate and professional technical translation services to its customers, Universal Translation Services has a team of dedicated professionals which are always ready to handle any complex assignment.

We accept orders in any format such as word documents, pdf files or handwritten samples. Our professional translators make sure every project is given due attention in order to provide the best results. Turnaround time is yet another point of focus for our project managers so that our valued clients can receive translations as per the set deadlines. Therefore, we always work an extra mile to complete given assignments ahead of deadline without compromising on quality.

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Why Universal Translation Services is one of the best options to be considered?

high quality translations

High quality translations

Universal Translation Services is known for its high-end services and quality. Working in the translation industry for more than 16 years, customers can avail amazing services at affordable rates. Furthermore, our project managers make sure each requirement and aspect of translation is completely satisfied without any compromise. A poorly translated technical document is never acceptable and can lead to problems such as damaged equipment, system failure and malfunction as well.

expert translators

Expert translators

With an outstanding team of specialized translators on board, we can translate highly technical documents from and into more than 120 languages with high accuracy. We offer reliable and fast human translation services by using the correct terminology management approach in our TEP process. As our expert staff is always ready to deal with any of the technological subject areas and documents, each translation project is done with accuracy and consistency.

low prices and quick delivery

Pricing and delivery

We aim to provide quality output at cheap rates. Without compromising on quality and standards, customers can get accurate technical translation services completed at lower rates as compared to our competitors. Moreover, there are absolutely no hidden charges for proofreading or revisions as you will only have to pay for the price agreed in advance. For your convenience, our expert translators can also deliver urgent tasks for which there is no extra fees to be paid.

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Types of technical translation services offered

Being a specialized provider of technical translation services, our company provides budget friendly and high-quality translations in more than 120 languages. In order to meet the requirements of our valued clients, our project managers are available 24/7 to answer all your questions, to give you a free quote and to quickly assign the best translators to your project.

Here are some of the major technical documents which are frequently translated:

  • Technical documents and user manuals.
  • Service manuals and data sheets.
  • Articles related to scientific, engineering or medical categories.
  • Engineering specifications and electronic manuals.
  • Instructions and operating manuals.

Each technical document is translated by following the predefined set of rules so that the end product is delivered with highest accuracy. By using correct terminology and keywords, each project is started after creating a glossary of required technical terms. This ensures best accuracy and timely delivery of every translation project.

If you were looking to accurately translate technical documents fast and at lower prices, you’ll find UTS to be the best translation company to work with.

We strive to provide highly accurate output

You might wonder why waste money and risk requesting online translations when you can get any local translator to do the job. Here is why you need accurate translations with the help of professional translators, having experience in the field; bad technical translations could lead to mishandling equipment, inefficiency with the processing because of misguided instructions, delivery of wrong equipment or bad service to the clients or producers, misuse of products or offensive marketing campaigns.

This is why we hire professional translators who are natives of your target language and have experience in their area of expertise. We assign translators who are aware of technical marketing and production of certain equipment related to the field such that maximum accuracy can be attained with every project.

We are aware of your doubts when you request for technical documents translations since your whole operation and marketing effectively depends on our work, which is why we are doing our best and we guarantee accuracy of any translated documents.

high quality output

Which industries can benefit from technical translation services?

As technology and digital products are widely being used throughout the globe, understanding user manuals and guidelines is a must for every user. With our accurate translation services covering more than 120 languages, tech and software companies can get their relevant documentation translated without any hassle. Industries such as engineering fields, agricultural farms, chemical plants and health care companies can get their critical documents converted in any language with ease.

Achieving accuracy is the biggest challenge which needs to be focused on while performing translation of technical documents. With a lot of details and important data, our professional translators make sure each part of the document is translated accurately and error-free. As we have hired technical translators having expertise in each of the specific fields, our aim is to never compromise on quality, proper use of terminology and formatting.

Furthermore, our customer helpline is accessible 24/7 in order to provide support to our international clients as well. As they can contact us anytime to discuss project details, the helpline can also be used to overview work completion status. Coming over to the most important part of technical translations, our company truly understands how important your documents are therefore we have created special security measures to keep them safe and secure.

Translating technical documents requires a lot of attention to detail, in order to give accurate output. As there are several important factors and aspects to be focused on, selecting a renowned translation company can give great satisfaction. Universal Translation Services offers state of the art translation services for clients all over the globe. With more than 120 languages to select from, our trained staff leaves no stone unturned to meet your work expectations.

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