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ATA Members and ATA Translation

The translators who are members of ATA provide the best translation and localization services for people and businesses. Universal Translation Services is a perfect choice if you are looking for reliable translation and localization services as many of the team members are active members of ATA and we as a company is also certified member of the ATA. This makes us one of the wisest choices for accurate translation services no matter if you need an ATA certification or not.


Why are we ATA members?

Translation service providers have become very common today. This is because translation has now become a necessity for many people. People need translation services for their immigration applications or business expansion, for medical reasons, or for communicating with foreigners and sharing information with them for other research fields.

Translators and interpreters were not found with so much ease as they are found today. People have actually started to consider this as a profession and people who have love and admiration for languages become translators and help people by doing what they are passionate about.

American Translators Association is an organization that has been established to promote the profession of translators and interpreters. This organization helps in the grooming of translators and helps them excel in their fields. This organization serves as the perfect support service for almost 10,000 translators and interpreters from 100 countries.

The programs offered here contribute significantly to helping professional translators and interpreters develop strong translation skills and learn new strategies and technologies to be experts in their profession. If you are looking for localization services, UTS is the best, here are some reasons why UTS serves as the best option to help you take your businesses to a global level or to provide the ATA translation certification you were looking for your immigration documents.

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ATA translation certification

Why should you trust us?

ATA certified

ATA Members

The first compelling reason is of course that UTS is an ATA member as a company and as individuals on board that are active members of ATA. This membership helps them learn better and newer strategies to carry out faster and better translations no matter if an ATA translation certification is needed, and this is what makes us a reliable option.

accurate and fast services


Translation services generate results quicker than any other organization. We have the strategies and techniques that help us translate websites, software, advertisements that attract your targeted audience. We have translators to translate your immigration documents too. We are quick responders, and also, we provide urgent services and no extra costs.

affordable translation solutions


Another factor that makes UTS the best of all is the cost of its services. No matter how small your budget is, Universal Translation Services provides translation and interpretation services at the lowest rates. Do not worry as we do not charge a fortune off our clients and provide highly accurate translations and outstanding customer support at an easily affordable cost.

Need certified translation for immigration?

Our services are not only business-oriented, but we also provide high-quality translation services for individuals dealing with USCIS or looking to immigrate to the US, and we can help you with cheap certified translation which is guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS. We also offer notarized translation if you need an extra layer of security to the ATA translation certification.

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  • How do you become an ATA member?

    • Learn about the different membership categories
    • Find out which category you fit in or which category will help you in achieving your goals
    • Visit the website of ATA and download the application form or open the form on the website
    • Fill out the form and send it to ATA for approval
  • What is ATA certified?

    Translators or interpreters that have appeared for American Translators Association’s certification exam and cleared it to become ATA certified. The certification exam is very difficult, which is why many people fail to clear it on their first attempt. All the ATA-certified translators are highly qualified, which is why they manage to clear the exam.

  • How do I study for the ATA certification exam?

    • Join a translation program or course to become better in your profession
    • Practice your skills by translating newspapers and other documents
    • Work on your language proficiency skills by reading books
    • Attend an exam workshop set up by an ATA affiliate
    • Take the practice test offered by ATA to become familiar with the exam’s format
  • How do I become a translator in the US?

    • Get a degree in translation or your native language
    • Practice extensively
    • Take a language proficiency test
    • Learn everything about your culture
    • Improve your vocabulary in your second language
    • Gain experience by volunteering for a multinational organization
    • Decide whether you want to work independently or join an agency
    • Come up with a plan to market yourself
    • Start working professionally
ATA Translation

Highly accurate translation and localization for business

For the perfect website localization, the translation service provider must have a thorough knowledge of the targeted country. A playful punch that you use in your advertisements in the United States of America might be offensive for people in, say, China. Therefore, proper knowledge is required before localizing a website. The infrastructure of the website has to be similar to the already existing websites of that country. People do not like complexities, and new infrastructure would mean they have to understand it first and they would rather go for a website they know how to use. The color scheme, the template, and the images must all be used according to the culture of the foreign country.

Linguistic and Cultural Knowledge

The best localization services are provided by translation service providers who have translators on board with not only strong linguistic knowledge but also proper cultural knowledge. For perfection in localization, you must have a thorough knowledge of the cultures and traditions of a country you wish to spread the roots of your business into. The team members of UTS have the right amount of cultural knowledge that helps them carry out the localization services with utmost perfection and free of errors.

Well Aware of Cultures and Customs

Understanding the cultures and customs is also very important when it comes to localizing businesses. We have expert translators from different parts of the world who know the cultures and traditions of different countries. This helps us in providing ATA translation and localization services that are reliable.

Experienced translators for any field

When localizing a business, only the websites or the software do not have to be translated and localized, the documents, as well as the marketing campaigns as well as advertisements, have to be made according to the culture, traditions, customs, and habits of the country you wish to spread into.

The Same is the scenario when it comes to software localization. The user interface of software plays an important role in popularizing it. Therefore, when carrying out software localization, make sure you design the software user interface, according to the types already being used in the country. It should be easy to understand for the people so that they can easily connect to it.

These are all very complex tasks and only the translators who are experts in this field and know a great deal about the cultures can carry this out. At Universal Translation Services, ATA members are on board who are experts in the field of translation and localization services. So, if you wish to globalize your business or want to have the best ATA translation certification for your immigration documents, you must opt for a service that has experts on board just like us.

ATA certified translators

Wish to get your business globalized and your websites, software, documents localized? Ask for a quotation today, and we guarantee you the best and the most affordable quotations also this service is completely free for the clients.

No matter if you’re looking for translation services for business or are interested in getting the best ATA certification to your translation, we are ATA members as a company, and many of our translators are also ATA members. With us you can rest assured that your translation will live up to the highest expectations without costing a fortune!

If your particular translation requirement needs a professional translator, there is no better way to do that than to go with an ATA-certified translator or an ATA-certified translation agency. The American Translators Association is considered the most prestigious association for translators and so is their certification program. With their tough translation standards, they only pass the candidates about whom they ensure competence for translation in the professional world. So, you can stay assured that choosing an ATA-certified company or a translator over a freelance translator is always a better option.

Even though ATA certification status gives a translator an edge over its competitors, it is not the only measure for judging a translator’s proficiency.

Consider this, you have just completed your education at your university. Now you hold a degree in mechanics. You are an engineer now, and you are pretty good at it, but then you get an invitation from Tesla, and after their workshop, they award you with a certification. So now you are an engineer that’s Tesla certified. That’s what ATA is for translators, an extra certification that can add to their qualification but is actually not a measure of competence or qualification.

No, it is not necessary for translators. In fact, most translators are not ATA certified. The pass rate for ATA exams is less than 15%.

ATA or American translators Association allows translators to polish their skills under their evaluation system. Translators who succeed in passing their exams are awarded a certification stating that the translator is competent, possesses the right knowledge to be a professional translator, and fulfills the translation education requirements.

At UTS, we provide certified translations for many language combinations including Spanish to English translation. We are an ATA-certified company with a wide range of certified translation services for all types of documents.

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