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People and businesses in Las Vegas can now count on a professional translation company to translate just about any document, from certified translation for USCIS to translation and localization of business documents, Universal Translation Services with its highly specialized translators is able to deal with any language.

Any translation service you may need
professional translators in Las Vegas
Professional translators in Las Vegas

All our professional translators and proofreaders in Las Vegas are native speakers, and experts in a wide range of areas to ensure the highest possible quality, and we always have a second translator to proofread the translation before being delivered.

low translation prices
Low translation prices

A combination of seasoned project managers, professional translators and state-of-the-art management technology results in a corporate-grade, high quality service provided at some of the lowest translation rates in Las Vegas and is being done in the shortest turnaround time in the market.

fast and always available

Fast and always available

We know how tight our clients’ deadlines are. We can handle any rush translation job to meet your most challenging requirements. Every client gets an appointed project manager who will supervise the project and will make sure it’s of great quality and done on time.

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Las Vegas translation services

Las Vegas is acknowledged as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and popular worldwide for its nightlife, hotels, casinos, topnotch shopping and excellent dining. Each year, the city is visited by lots of people from all over the globe. Besides being one of the most attractive tourist goals on the planet, Las Vegas is also one of America’s most famous destinations for business conferences and conventions, and that is where Universal Translation Services comes in.

Universal Translation Services has been providing translation to Las Vegas businesses and people for nearly two decades in more than 120 languages. Count on the understanding and knowledge of our translators and the most competitive rates in Las Vegas.

In both a challenging financial situation and a period of market development, you need a professional translation company to help you achieve your business translation requirements. We work with large, medium and small companies on a daily basis for all their translation specifications for business. Having a multinational track is essential in today’s global economy. To succeed on the international market, you and your business will need high-quality translation services to assist your business activities.

One of the difficulties of doing business in another country is trying to understand the differences between the local governing bodies. We have worked with the top multinational businesses in Las Vegas and assisted them to enter new nations and markets. So, we have gathered a significant amount of knowledge in various regions and their local translation elements. We have translated thousands of financial statements and critical business documentation for our clients, enabling them to do business in these markets professionally.

If you need professional translators in Las Vegas for your documents and don’t know who to choose, get in touch with our office, our project managers are standing by to answer your questions, to discuss your project, to give you a free quote or to get your project started. No matter if you need certified translation services in Las Vegas or translations for business, visit us at your convenience or simply order online.

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certified translation services Las Vegas

Certified translation services Las Vegas

Our translators in Las Vegas have helped several people with immigration translation services for the settlement process. Immigrating to or from the US can be a complicated process requiring you to complete numerous forms and often provide supporting information such as financial records.

If you need certified translation services in Las Vegas of your documents for immigration to the US during any part of the immigration process our translators are on hand to offer fast and accurate certified translations in Las Vegas. Our large team of translators allows us to translate documents to and from most major languages.

Immigration translation should be conducted by professional translation providers who maintain a high degree of expertise in their language pair, as well as theories and terms related to the process. This is where UTS comes in. We offer USCIS accepted translations at some of the lowest rates in the market for this level of quality.

Why Choose Us?

Because we offer not just high quality translations, but industry-leading customer support service as well. Someone is constantly looking after your project, and you can talk to a staff member at any time. We are a team of international language experts, sharing a passion for translation, quality, and excellent customer service. The stable operation of our translation service is promoted by the advanced technology but most importantly, supervised at all times by a project manager.

  • All our translators are fully-qualified and experienced working in their native language
  • Translations are proofread by a second translator, then checked again by our quality assurance team and the project manager
  • We assign every translation project to the most appropriate team of highly-qualified, specialized translators, proofreaders, and editors
  • We translate any personal document, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, diplomas and degrees, providing an official translation which is guaranteed to be accepted by the office it has been intended for
  • Our use of advanced translation technology where needed and our extraordinary flexibility outcomes in reliable and professional services that our customers value
  • We offer professional services at competitive rates
  • Our turnaround times are the shortest you can find, our certified translation services in Las Vegas are done in 24 hours or less.
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Document translation services Las Vegas

The gap between languages creates difficulties for people and businesses across diverse cultures while interacting with each other. Just like people, business groups or professionals offering services in nations speaking languages other than theirs face difficulties in getting their information across to their customers. The solution to this problem is language translation.

Looking for the highest quality Las Vegas translation services? UTS provides such services to clients in every part of the United States, including Las Vegas. We offer accurate document translation services from and into any language, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, and many more. We promise to give superior services to people and all types of businesses varying from small to multi-national companies. Although small-scale text translation is our most popular job order, our translation agency also specializes in other sorts of document translation. Also, we offer website translation and software localization, and video game localization services. Whether you reside or do business in Las Vegas, contact us to get a free quote. No matter if you’re looking for certified translation services in Las Vegas or anywhere else in Nevada, our document translation services Las Vegas will always be available for you.

We are a professional Las Vegas translation agency working with thousands of clients who need document translation services in Las Vegas or across the world. The professional translators working with us are variously specialized in a wide variety of language pairs, as well different fields of business, which enables us to provide high-quality translation in almost every area and for almost any language pair.

document translation services Las Vegas
Las Vegas translation

About Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of Nevada’s most famous cities. It’s full of round-the-clock attractions, diverse people and a growing economy. The most popular Las Vegas attraction is The Strip. Each year, the city is visited by millions of people from all over the world. It is a place of million-light-bulb symbols and magnificent architecture, of readily noticeable wealth and nicely hidden poverty. It is a place of both positive and negative.

Las Vegas is Nevada’s economic center and largest city. Its metropolitan region, with more than twice the number of people outside the city limits as within them, includes about three-fourths of the state’s population.

Looking for rush translations in Las Vegas and would hate to pay extra only to have your document translation faster? Get in touch and enjoy professional services provided by experienced translators, always done in time and at no extra costs, no matter what language combination or if it’s regular or certified translation services Las Vegas you’re looking for, we’ll have any documents done for you just in time!

Confusing Terms in Translation:

If you have ever been confused between effect and affect, then that’s okay because you are not the only one. Even academics forget the difference between the two and end up misusing them. So, if you mix the two words in a personal conversation, it won’t bring you any harm. Confusions like these in daily lives can be pretty harmless and something to laugh about later. But when it comes to services that you require, confusions are not harmless. For instance, when you need the help of linguistic assistance, but you don’t know much about translations yourself, anyone can trick you into paying more for a simple service.

Las Vegas expert translator

There are plenty of confusing terms in the world of languages. Not knowing the differences between them is why people end up wasting their money on services they don’t even require. Some people underestimate the importance of accurate translations and turn to the internet for help. While others think that they must spend a huge amount to get the linguistic service, which will be accurate and complete, both situations look for extreme options and must be avoided. You must only rely on human experts, but it is also worth keeping in mind that you don’t have to pay them highly to get the service you require.

Certified Translation in Las Vegas

Certified Translation in Las Vegas or Translator:

The most in-demand service is that of a certified translation. But many clients of the linguistic industry don’t know much about this type of translation. If you require a certified translation Las Vegas, you can get caught up in the terms. People should know that a certified translation is a service that a highly qualified person in the language industry can provide them with. It comes with a signed statement and is accepted by government offices. A professional does not need to have a certificate to carry out this type of translation.

On the other hand, a certified translator is someone who has cleared an exam and gotten their title as a result. These experts are the best of the best in the industry. Their knowledge surpasses every other professional in the field. A lot of people appear in the American Translators Association’s exam, but only a small percentage pass it every year, which is why they end up getting more work because of it. Although any expert in the field can provide you with a quality statement, a certified professional has their own stamp. But they might also charge highly for their services.

So, if you know about the terms, you will be aware of the fact that you can get the service you require from any qualified professional at affordable rates, and you do not have to turn to certified translators.

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