Kazakh Translation Services

Dealing with a language that is not on the list of the world’s most famous tongues? That sounds scary, but not to our team who are expert at handling such languages. Whether you need English to Kazakh translation for your new corporation in Kazakhstan or Kazakh to English translation for your move to America, we have got you covered.

Simple Process

We are here, not only to offer you high-quality work but also to make your life easy. There is no complicated process that you have to follow to get a simple translation. All the solutions are just a click away. You only have to send your document our way and we will handle the rest without bothering you.

Business Assistance

We believe that businesses should be able to operate wherever they want. After all, the population of every country deserves quick access to famous products and services. This is why we provide companies all kinds of language facilities so they can advertise their products in foreign markets easily.

More Languages

If you think that you won’t be able to find a language’s translation because it is not very common, then let us introduce ourselves. We are offering our services in so many languages that you will be surprised. Even if you don’t see a language on our list, you can get in touch with us and we will arrange a translator for you.

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Certified Kazakh to English Translation Services for US Immigration:

There is a common misconception among people that only those who are living in poverty in their country decide to move somewhere else. There can be any number of reasons behind someone’s decision to move to a first world country. There is a monopoly on international front where developing countries, even the ones with strong economy, don’t enjoy the same status as developed states. Some people’s wish to experience life in a first world country overcome their nationalism and allow them to move forward for personal success. There is nothing wrong with setting your goals high. If someone from Central Asia wants to move to the US or a European country, then they shouldn’t be termed anti-nationalist for this.

Kazakh Translation Services
Kazakh Translation Services

In fact, it is strength of character that keeps people moving in life instead of getting attached to things and places. There are no limits on dreams anyway. So, if someone wants to move to the US and get to enjoy the freedoms offered in America, they should try their best to turn that dream into reality. But if someone born in Kazakhstan wants to go to the US for good, they will need to get their birth certificate translated into English. We offer certified Kazakh to English translation services for immigrants. With an acceptance rate of a hundred percent, we can assure you that you won’t find a better option.

Kazakh Translation Services for Business:

Did you know that Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country in the world? Now you do. It also has a pretty strong economy. There are mineral resources in Kazakhstan. The oil and gas industries are the biggest supporter of the country’s economy. However, the population density is pretty low. Which means that small and medium businesses have a chance to flourish in this country where competition is not that high and the target audience has the buying power to try new products and order new services. Despite being an easy place for new businesses, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind when advertising your content to the public of Kazakhstan.

Kazakh Translation Services
Kazakh Translation Services

The governments don’t like criticism and the citizens don’t enjoy many freedoms. This means that if someone were to open shop in this country, they will need help from a native to get through the translation process. This is why we only have translators on our team who are local, not only do they know their vernacular better than anyone else, but they also know the situation in their country and how to operate within the moral boundaries of their society.

We also have technical and medical interpretation experts on our team and if you want localization facilities for your website, we can help you with that too.

The Kazakh Language:

Kazakhstan was a Soviet republic and gained independence with its sister republics in 1991. Its official language is Kazakh which is the tongue of the biggest ethnic group of the country: the Kazakhs. Russians are the second biggest group, which is why Russian also enjoys a special status under the constitution of the country. Kazakh also has speakers in Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Germany. It is recognized as a minority language in the Xinjiang province of China.

Kazakh Translation Services

It is a Turkic language which is written in the Cyrillic script but Kazakhstan plan on moving from it to the Latin script by the year 2025. In the old days, Kazakh used to be written in the Arabic script. It has a few Arabic and Russian words in it. It is related to other Turkic languages like Kyrgyz and Karakalpak. The Cyrillic script makes languages appear very difficult and that might scare the person who is in need of a translation. But our team is full of experts who have known the vernacular throughout their lives and comprehend its tones. They can expertly handle all of your Kazakh documents and provide you with accurate interpretations whether they are for your business or for immigration.

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