Driver License Translation DMV Requirements

If migrants want to drive their cars in any of the 51 states in the US, they should to submit their translated driver’s license to the department of transportation or the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state that they live in. Each of the states has different prerequisites in terms of the translation of a foreign license. Some states do not require translations for a foreign license. The applicant should complete the prerequisites for the translation before they can roam around the place with their cars. This blog will discuss the necessary forms of each state for a foreign driver’s license.

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DMV Alabama

The state of Alabama does not require a foreign driver’s license to be translated into English. It’s Motor Vehicle Division only requires a valid original or certified copy of the applicant’s license from the issuing agency. The applicant’s social security number for residents and the proof of temporary residence for non-residents should be presented to the division.

-doesn’t accept translation, clients need to provide the original copy of the documents
-clients from another country need to show their passport and proof of residency

DMV Alaska

Alaska requires the translation of all primary and secondary documents to be translated into English. The Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles requires a Certificate of Accuracy of Translation by the language interpreter.



DMV Arizona

In Arizona, migrants should go through the complete driver’s license application again. The licenses from their home countries will be changed to English, but certification is not necessary.

Foreign license must be translated into English – no certification needed.

DMV Arkansas

It is necessary for migrants to apply for new driver’s license just like the locals. It is necessary for them to present papers that prove that they can legally stay in the US. Applicants are allowed to use their foreign driver’s authorization for a certain period, but they should apply for permission to drive.


DMV California

The state requires all documents in English with the proper conversion certificates. It only accepts original or certified copies of the papers from the issuing agency. It is important for the applicant’s names and date of birth to be registered in the Social Security Administration. Supporting documents for the application should be translated.

The DMV will only accept original documents or certified copies from the issuing agency. All documents must be in English or be presented with a verifiable exact English translation. Your legal name and date of birth on documents presented to the DMV must match Social Security Administration records. Translation of documents that are in a language other than English and without English subheadings, submitted in support of an application or petition, must include complete translation into English. The certified  translation must must have a separate page on the letterhead of an certified translation company.

DMV Colorado

The state requires the documents to be translated by a with the proper certificates from an accredited translation agency.

a translation needs to be accompanied by a certificate of accuracy signed by the translator of an accredited translation agency.


DMV Connecticut

Connecticut requires language conversions by their approved language interpreters. Its DMV requires valid/unexpired, original documents, or certified copies.

If any document presented is in a language other than English, it must be translated by a DMV-Approved Translator.

Approved Translators List:

DMV Delaware

It allows foreign driver’s authorization without language conversion. It requires the original license by issuing agency or certified copy.

must be translated into English by a professional translator and accompany the original foreign language document. DMV will verify, scan and store images of all presented documents.


DMV Florida

Applicants should submit their original documents or certified copies by issuing agency for their authorization. The interpretation from the native language to English should be notarized in Florida.

translation should be certified and notarized in the state of Florida

DMV Georgia

Georgia doesn’t require language conversions of driver’s authorization. If you want to drive in Georgia, it is important that you submit the original or certified copies of your driving authorization papers.

Department of Driver Services does not accept translated documents. If a non-US Citizen establishes residency


DMV Idaho

The same documents are essential in the state of Idaho, but you need to include your proof of legal presence. The applicant will present IDs and residency, and they should convert their papers to English.

Regular certified translation is accepted, no translator form needed

DMV Illinois

In Illinois, we are advised to have our home country permit translated into English. The state requires a certificate of accuracy by accredited language conversion firms.

It is advisable to have your home country license translated into English and have the translation certified if the license is not written in English with a certificate of accuracy issued by an accredited translation agency


DMV Indiana

The state of Indiana requires conversion of driver’s pass. Applicant’s names and date of birth needs to match the records of the Social Security Administration when it is presented to the DMV. It also requires language conversions of all non-English papers without English subheadings, submitted in support of a petition, should be changed to English. The DMV requires the translations to be written on a different page on the letterhead of a certified language conversion firm. The interpretations should include a signed statement from the interpreter, indicating that the conversion is complete and accurate. The interpreter will prove that he or she is competent to convert, and state that the document has not been translated for a family member, friend, or business associate.

A diver’s license that is not of the United States, cannot be used to settle your identity. Out-of-country driver’s license must be in English or presented with a verifiable accurate English translation of the document.

If you have an out-of-country driver’s license and intend to become an Indiana resident and also wish to obtain an Indiana driver’s license, you must provide an English translation of your driver’s license or your International Driving Permit. You must also pass the vision screening, written knowledge examination and driving skills examination to obtain an Indiana driver’s license.

DMV Iowa

The state of Iowa does not require language conversions of the driver’s permit. It is necessary for them to submit their Original or Copies Certified by Issuing Agency.

A student who has a permanent residence and a valid driver’s license in another state or country may operate a motor vehicle on Iowa roadways without obtaining an Iowa driver’s license. A student is required to possess the driver’s license while operating a motor vehicle and may need to have the license translated into English if not already in English.


DMV Kansas

Kansas has the same prerequisites with only require Original or Copies Certified by Issuing Agency without the necessity for language change.

Documents Must be Original or Copies Certified by Issuing Agency, no translation of license needed

DMV Kentucky

Kentucky allows migrants to drive around the state as long as their home country is part of the Foreign License Reciprocity. The US will enable citizens of FLR member nations to drive around the 51 states for up to one year from the date of admission into the United States as long as they have their valid foreign license and International Permit. Applicants from none-FLR countries need to apply for a Kentucky license within 30 days of establishing residency in Kentucky. Applicants are required to take the written, vision, and road tests.

All non-U.S. citizens must also provide proof of residency in Kentucky. Kentucky law defines “residency” as a person who has established Kentucky as his or her state of domicile within the last 30 days. Proof of residency shall include, but not be limited to a deed, property tax bill, utility agreement, utility bill, or housing agreement.


DMV Louisiana

Louisiana only allows permits to residents. Foreign licenses need to be completed by language interpreters approved by Louisiana’s DMV.

To register a vehicle purchased from out-of-country: must provide a certified English translation of any document printed in any language except English.

Louisiana only allows permits to residents. Foreign licenses need to be completed by language interpreters approved by Louisiana’s DMV

DMV Maine

There is no necessity for a language interpreter in Maine. Petitioners only need to submit their Original docs or certified copies by issuing agency to obtain a permit to drive.

The license is only issued to residents. Maine DMV: Original docs or certified copies by issuing agency in order to apply for license, no translation is needed.

A birth certificate (applicants under the age of 23 ONLY). A photocopy with an embossed seal or stamp of the issuing agency is acceptable, but notarized copies are not accepted. This document will be returned to you. Alternatively, copies of the identity documents are acceptable to send via mail, with originals to be shown at the time of the examination.


DMV Maryland

You need to get a language interpreter if you want to convert your driver’s permit in Maryland. Petitioners are advised to contact their embassy for their English conversions. The license needs to be translated by the Embassy if the language is not in the lists of approved translators or interpreters.

If your identity documents and/or driver’s license is not in English, the document(s) must be translated by an MVA approved Interpreter/Translator. A foreign issued license does not need to be translated if accompanied by an international driver’s license.

MVA’s Approved Interpreter/Translator Provider Listing

DMV Massachusetts

Your papers need to be accompanied by a translation certified by a bilingual teacher at an accredited Massachusetts college, university, or private language school, by a bilingual notary public, or by the local consulate for the document’s country of origin if it is not written or printed in English.

If the foreign license is not in English or does not have an English translation, must have one of the following:

Translation into English of a Foreign Driver License Form


DMV Michigan

Michigan needs documents changed into English, which needs to be certified or with an International Driving Permit. Petitioners don’t need a translation at all. If their foreign permit is in English or has English on the back.

A passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage license or divorce decree from another country may be accepted as an identity document when applying for a Michigan driver’s license or state identification card. If the information on the document is not in English, a translation must be provided.

DMV Minnesota

The state also obliges language change of driver’s permit, which needs to be accomplished by a language interpreter recognized by its DMV.

Certificate of Translation and Translator Qualifications


DMV Mississippi

Petitioners need to provide their officially-translated documents, and they need to prepare for fees. The language change needs to be done by a state-registered professional.

Certified birth certificate with English translation on university letterhead

DMV Missouri

The state of Missouri obliges the translation of documents done by an ATA certified language interpreter.

The state of Missouri obliges the translation of documents done by an ATA certified language interpreter.


DMV Montana

Applicant’s authorized presence in the U.S. will be verified using the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE) system to attain a Montana driver’s permit or an ID card.

DMV Nebraska

The state of Nebraska needs language change from state-registered interpreters.

• Staff may request translation of any foreign based document by a DMV approved translator.

Foreign Language Translations:

Translations must be typed or printed on letterhead (if an agency is represented), dated and signed (a notary public is not required). Only translations of marriage licenses can be used. The customer should retain the translated document. The translator does NOT have to be present when the applicant is using a translated document as proof of identification. Both the original document and the translation must be presented to staff and placed on file bound


DMV Nevada

Petitioners need to submit their translated papers done by state-approved language converters with a certificate of accuracy.

*The license must be translated by approved translator with certificate of accuracy

Translator’s Certificate of Accuracy

DMV Approved Translators (Nevada)

DMV New Hampshire

The same prerequisites are essential in the state of Hampshire. It obliges language conversion.

Non-US Citizen > Temporarily Residing in New Hampshire

A notarized translation is required if these documents are not in English. Please note that an International Driving Permit is not acceptable for this requirement.

new hampshire
new jersey

DMV New Jersey

New Jersey also obliges translation done by DMV approved entity. The state supports Day Translations for French and Spanish licenses.

If you are not a U.S. citizen and have recently moved to New Jersey, you must have temporary visa status. You may use your country’s driver license as proof of driving experience if you have an International Driver Permit issued by your country or if your country is a member of the United Nations Convention on Road Traffic and your license is translated into English by a consulate or an MVC approved translator.

They only accept translation from New Jersey approved translators.

DMV New Mexico

New Mexico has a list of registered language converter to assist petitioners with their documents.

Documents not in English must be submitted with written translations of those documents in English. The translation must be certified by the translator as a full and complete translation of the document.

new mexico
new york

DMV New York

Language change should be done by a certified by a consulate, the US Department of State, or another official agency. New York requires the document to include the applicant’s name, date of birth, the expiration date of your foreign driver license and a list of the types of vehicles that the applicant’s foreign driver permit allows them to drive.

If your driver license is printed in any language except English, you must bring an International Driving Permit or a certified translation of your driver license to the road test. The translation must be certified by a consulate, the US Department of State, or another official agency. The translation must include

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • the expiration date of your foreign driver license
  • a list of the types of vehicles that your foreign driver license allows you to drive

DMV North Carolina

North Carolina doesn’t oblige a translation for the driver’s pass. It only necessitates the applicants to be a resident or to have legal presence documents to stay in the US.

Note: Applying for a North Carolina driver license will cancel any licenses from other states through the State-to-State Verification program​.

No translation is needed. Required to be resident or have legal presence in the US.

north carolina
north dakota

DMV North Dakota

North Dakota also necessitates English conversion from a registered entity with a certificate of accuracy.

The IDP provides an official translation of your driver license into 10 foreign languages
and is acknowledged in over 150 countries around the world. IDP’s are not driver licenses but should be used as a supplement to one.

DMV Ohio

Migrants can use their home country’s driver’s permit. They are allowed to use it for up to one year. Permanent resident in the state should go through the process of licensing.

The IDP provides an official translation of your driver license into 10 foreign languages
and is acknowledged in over 150 countries around the world. IDP’s are not driver licenses but should be used as a supplement to one.


DMV Oklahoma

The state of Oklahoma has the same prerequisites as that of Ohio.

If you’re not a U.S. citizen, you will have additional requirements when applying for your OK driver’s license.

If you’re transferring a valid driver’s license from a U.S. territory, you must provide a driving record translated into English (from the last 60 days) to have the driving and written test waived. You’ll need to show all the identification documents mentioned above.

DMV Oregon

It is important for the applicants to acquire the services of an accredited translation entity to translate their papers. Their interpreters should submit a Certificate of Accuracy, and their interpretations need to be on official letterhead with official seal and copy of the original.

Need to translate by an accredited translation company: Certificate of Accuracy by translator, the translation must be on official letter head, with official seal and copy of the original


DMV Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania also obliges English conversion. It should be done in the conversion firm’s letterhead with translator signature. Essentially, the interpreter should be registered as an ATA certified interpreter. The petitioner’s Form 4030 will be filled by the interpreter.
No need for translation of license. Proof of social security is needed even for non-residents.

Calculate now your certified translation cost!

DMV Rhode Island

The state does not oblige the services of interpreters. It is only necessary for them to submit the Original or Certified Copies of the documents by Issuing Agency.

International Driving Permits: Although many countries do not recognize United States driver’s licenses, most countries accept an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP functions as an official translation of a US driver’s license into 10 foreign languages.

No translation of license needed

rhode island
south carolina

DMV South Carolina

South Carolina requires petitioners to submit their driver’s permit from their country of origin to prove that they have driving experience. They also should use the services of professional language interpreters unless the petitioners have an International Driving Permit.

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles 4030 (Rev. 2/16) TRANSLATION DOCUMENT Form

*South Korea and Taiwan require their citizens to get certification letters from the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea or the Consulate General of the Republic of China (Taiwan) before they come into an SCDMV branch for a driver’s license or ID. You must provide the letter from the appropriate consulate certifying that your South Korean or Taiwanese license is valid. This letter is only valid for 30 days from the date on the letter. This letter will be accepted in lieu of the translation document that is generally required for a license in a foreign language. If you have a birth certificate that needs to be translated, complete the Translation Document (SCDMV Form 4030).

DMV South Dakota

South Dakota also requires English interpretations of driving documents. It is important for the interpretations to be done in the translation company’s letterhead.

New Applicants and Transfers from Out of State:

If you are a new applicant, a non-U.S. citizen, or a transfer from another state, you must provide proof of lawful status in the United States by providing a certified U.S. birth certificate (state certified only — photocopies and hospital-issued certificates will not be accepted), a valid, non-expired U.S. Passport/Passport Card, a Certificate of Citizenship/Naturalization, a Permanent Resident Card, an Employment Authorization Card, or a Foreign Passport with a U.S. Visa/I-94. If you were born in a U.S. Territory, you’ll need to provide a valid, non-expired U.S. Passport/Passport Card or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad instead of a birth certificate. If your name is different than what is on your proof of lawful status document, you’ll need show the progression of each name change by providing proof of name change with a marriage certificate, divorce decree, and/or court order. We can only accept original documents, no photocopies.

No translation needed as they have a lot of options for requirements.

south dakota

DMV Tennessee

Tennessee does not require interpretations. The state only necessitates the petitioner’s original license and his or her proof of legal stay in the US.


DMV Texas

Migrant driving documents not written in English or Spanish oblige the services of interpreters. The applicants can also ask guidance from their consulate to translate their driving documents before their arrival to the state. The prerequisites for driving permit also apply to other licenses, including marriage. Texas also obliges a Certificate of Accuracy of translation from their interpreters.

Foreign licenses not in English or Spanish will need to have a translation service or their consulate translate the information on the driver license prior to arriving. This translation requirement also applies for marriage licenses.


DMV Utah

Documents of the migrants written in their native language should be accompanied by a certified conversion of the document. The state has a list of approved interpreters that will process the English interpretations of their papers. The DMV considers the original and the translation as one document for identification purposes.

It is the policy of the Utah Driver License Division to accept translations of documents which are printed in foreign languages under the following conditions:

  • The translator is certified by a company, school, religious organization, or government agency, as having successfully completed a translator program; and
  • The translator has filed with the division, a copy of a certificate, which verifies the successful completion of a translator course, test, or program.


Utah Approved Translators

DMV Vermont

Migrants can use their use of their foreign driver’s pass in Vermont. They should submit their valid driver’s license from their country of origin and proof of residency and citizenship when applying for a driver’s license. They can also acquire an International Driving Permit if they are not residents of the state.

Undocumented Immigrant in the US

Certified record of the applicant’s birth, marriage, adoption, or divorce, including English translation if necessary


DMV Virginia

Virginia does not require English conversions, but applicants should submit their valid foreign passport with their valid US visa and a valid I-94 or entry stamp. The prerequisites also include Unexpired Employment Authorization Document (I-766) AND USCIS form I-797 displaying applicant’s name, and Unexpired Permanent Resident Card. They need to submit the original copies of the documents.

Translator Acknowledgement form:

All documents must be originals and may be subject to verification with the issuing entity prior to acceptance. DMV may require additional documents. DMV will not accept a document when there is reason to believe it has been altered, fraudulently obtained or is fake, forged, counterfeit or otherwise non-genuine or illegitimate. Foreign documents will be accepted only if accompanied by an English translation from an embassy or accredited school of foreign language.

DMV Washington

We don’t need the services of interpreters in Washington. It is essential that you submit all your original driving documents, including your proof of residency. Washington’s DMV will translate the documents of the petitioners.

They don’t accept documents that are:

  • Photocopies
  • Printouts from websites
  • Temporary
  • Uncertified
  • Notarized
  • Altered
washington dc

DMV Washington DC

In Washington DC, an interpreter is a must. It is important for the applicant to hire the services of accredited interpreters who will submit their certificate of accuracy. The translation firm should write the interpretations in their letterhead. The DMV only accepts hard copies of the documents.

If your valid, non-US driver license is not in English, you must attach an English translation from your embassy or from a translation company. The embassy translation must be on official embassy letterhead. The date of the translation must be on or after the actual date of the non-English language driver license. Translations from companies must be certified with a translation stamp, or notarized by preparing a notarized affidavit confirming the translation was prepared by a qualified translator and that it is both accurate and complete.

  • Also don’t accept Photocopies, Printouts from websites

DMV West Virginia

West Virginia also requires the documents in English submitted with a certificate of accuracy signed by the interpreter. It is necessary for the petitioner to present his or her social security card, passport, visa, I-94, and your original birth certificate.

A­ffidavit for a Foreign Language Interpreter / Translator

west virginia

DMV Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, migrant’s driver’s permit is valid for up to a year. They are advised to acquire an International Driving Permit in their country of origin before their arrival to the state. The license is authorized in the US through the 1943/1949 or 1968 conventions. Applicants can also attach an English translation to their driver’s permit. The International Driving Permit comes in nine officially used languages of the United Nations, including English. The consent serves as a translation to be used in conjunction with the visitor’s valid driver license. The permit is useful in cases of emergencies like traffic violations or auto accidents, particularly when a foreign language is involved.

South Korea

To exchange your Korean driver license for a Wisconsin driver license, you must complete the following:

  • Obtain an English translation of your Korean driver license. This document must be produced and certified by the Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Chicago, IL.

Taiwan (Republic of China)

  • n International Driving Permit or a notarized translation of the driver license issued by the Taiwan (Republic of China) Consulate General (also known as the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in Chicago.

DMV Wyoming

The Department of Transportation of Wyoming does not require applicants to translate their driver’s authorization. The state, however, requires proof of social security for the applications. All applicants, including non-residents, must show their social security records.

No need for translation of license. Proof of social security is needed even for non-residents.


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