Affordable Translation Prices per Word

translation prices per word

Nowadays the world is considered a global village where people need to understand each other. Obviously, translation and interpretation are being used to facilitate that, and one of the main concerns in this regard is the translation prices.

Internet and the general advance of technology allow people to communicate independent from their location. Language has been always a barrier between countries, but translations became the perfect option to overcome this barrier. There is a boom of people requesting translation services and translators are busier than ever. There is a tough competition among translation service providers and translation prices are one of the key elements to catch some of the best clients.

Translation prices are usually calculated per word, per page and on hourly base. Besides this, other elements are taken into consideration to offer the final quote, such as:

  • Complexity of the text: complexity is usually measured by what field is the text from. It can be legal, medical, scientific or lighter subjects such as beauty blogs, general content of commercial websites.
  • Quality and experience of translators: Well-trained translators charge more for their work and translation service providers used to have this type of translators available.
  • Language: some languages might be more complex than others. For instance, in occidental world Asian languages are considered very complex because they a completely different alphabet and culture.
  • Number of professionals available: some languages are less common and there are not many linguistics resources available. Some African languages and dialects are difficult and there are limited resources for them.

Among all the methods, translation rates per word are the most widely used. Hourly projects or translations per page are left for long projects with more than 8,000 words.

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affordable translation prices

Affordable translation prices

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No hidden charges

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No rush rates

Translation Rates per Word

There are no strict rules to calculate how much is charged per translated word and competition is fierce! Some translators complain other professionals charge a lot more of what they do. On the contrary, others translators complain about some translators charging too little and devaluating the profession. In this sense, personal considerations really matter in this field. Some of them are related to:

  • Geographical location of the translator. What could be considered a cheap price in some countries, in other places could be enough because of the general economy of a particular country. In this era, internet allows that translators work from remote locations and it is common that it happens.
  • Quality of the translation. It is a complex subject because quality is sometimes related to native languages of translators. Although some translations might seem cheap, they can be high quality translation services because they are prepared by native language speakers of certain countries.
  • Academic background, reputation and experience of translators. As translators get experience and get more trained and experienced, their reputation also improve and they charge more money fir their work and clients are also willing to pay.
translation rates per word

How much do you have to pay?

Translation prices start at 10 cents per word (this is what we charge, the lowest rates in US) and can reach up to $10,00 to per word. New translators need to find their place in the market and learn to negotiate. Time helps to show them how to value their work. Those who are beginning in this business may get some valuable experience by working to well reputed translation service providers.

Although translation rates per word are the most common method, it is important to consider when to use alternative methods. Most of the times, hourly rates or page rates may benefit costs. Each translation project should be individually considered. Some translation service providers have special benefits and discounts for frequent clients and it benefits clients and translators alike. Competition and a wide range of translation services available also allow clients and translators to negotiate the best fees and conditions. Translators may grow as they continue working and potential clients have where to choose from according to their needs.

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