Affordable Translation Prices per Word

When individuals look into the translation industry, they find that the translation prices vary on a surprising scale from one company to another. Here are some things you should know about the rates in general, where to get an accurate and affordable translation, and what are the actual prices for translations if you decide to work with us.

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affordable translation prices

Cheap translation services

Everyone wants cheap yet accurate translation services for just about every need. If you are a business looking for the best bang for your buck, use our cheap translation services: accurate translation from and into English at the best rates you can find.

no hidden charges

No hidden charges

While other companies could charge more based on whatever reason they could find, we don’t! We do not have any hidden charges, and we don’t charge extra for proofreading or revisions, ever! Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

no rush rates

No rush rates

Need to have your translation in a hurry? We can do it for you, and there will be no extra rush rates. Our same flat fees apply to urgent projects as well as for projects needed to be completed over the weekend, there are no such extra rates with us.

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Translation rates per word? What about prices for translations?

Are you tired of hearing about standard translation rates per word while not knowing how many words there are in the document and want to know the actual prices for translations in your case? We are going to give you our prices in this section so you’d know what you have to pay depending on what you need to have.

We usually use translation rates per word because this is the best method of calculating the total price of a translation. It is good for us, and also for our clients. We know that counting the words in some documents may be difficult, and that is why we are asking for your document. We will count the words for you, for free, and give you a quote in just a few minutes with no obligations attached it to. You can take it or leave it, up to you.

certified translation cost

Certified translation cost

If you need certified translation for USCIS it will cost you $20 per page if there are less than 200 words on the page. Common documents like birth and marriage certificates are like that. If there are more than 200 words per page, we charge $0.10 per word. Send us your document in any format, a scan or an image, and we will count the words and give you the total price for the translation.

notarized translation cost

Notarized translation cost

A notarized translation is a certified translation that has been presented in front of a notary public and got the seal. Since the notary only verifies the identity of the person signing the certificate of accuracy, that person needs to be present before the notary. So, a notary translation will cost whatever the certified translation is plus another $20 per document for notarization.

business translation cost

Business translation cost

Businesses looking to get accurate translation and localization services are generally charged per word, only in special cases where DTP, multilingual keyword research, or interpreting services are required do we charge per hour or minute. Translations from or into English are only $0.10 per word. Translations between other languages are also charged at $0.10 per word.


All translations are delivered to you by email, in pdf format, for free. If however, you need a hard copy, we offer you a new service which is a digital certified translation for an extra $10. We offer this service the same day so no wait and stress to get your copy. Read more here….

Rush rates

What’s that? We don’t charge extra for rush jobs or for urgent translations needed to be worked on during the weekend. There are no hidden fees either. All you have to do is to send us your documents and let us know the language combination, and we will send you your translation quote that will contain our price and delivery time. That price is precisely what you need to pay unless you later decide you need hard copies. Only then there will be additional charges.


If at any moment you are not happy with the translation we have provided, you can get back to us even if it is a couple of months later. We will quickly re-open the project and have the translators work on it your expectations have been met. We do this free of charge unless you want to modify the project or the requirements.

Low prices

We offer competitive prices for this level of quality. All translations are proofread by a second linguist and compared against original documents to make sure there are no omissions and that the meaning of your message is perfectly conveyed into the translation. Certified and notarized translations are guaranteed to be accepted at USCIS or at any other state institution they were intended for.

cheap translation rates

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translation prices per word

What are other agencies charging?

Nowadays the world is considered a global village where people need to understand each other. Translation and interpretation are being used to facilitate that, and one of the main concerns in this regard is the translation prices.

Internet and the general advancement of technology allow people to communicate independently from their location. Language has been always a barrier between countries, but translation became the perfect option to overcome this barrier. There is a boom of people requesting translation services and translators are busier than ever. There is tough competition among translation service providers and affordable translation prices are one of the key elements to catch some of the best clients.

Translation prices are usually calculated per word, per page, and with an hourly rate. Besides this, other elements are taken into consideration to offer the final quote, such as:

  • The complexity of the text: complexity is usually measured by what field is the text from. It can be legal, medical, scientific, or lighter subjects such as beauty blogs, the general content of commercial websites.
  • Quality and experience of translators: Skilled translators charge more for their work. So it is natural that when companies engage professional native translators, they have to pay them more.
  • Language: The source language and the target language also matter. Some languages are more complex than others. For instance, the Asian languages are considered very complex because they use a completely different alphabet and culture.
  • Several professionals are available: some languages are less common and there are not many linguists available. Some African languages and dialects are difficult and there are limited resources for them.

Among all the methods, translation rates per word are the most widely used. Hourly projects or translations per page are left for long projects with more than 8,000 words.

Factors affecting translation prices

Translation rates depend from task to task. Simple translations such as that of a general article or a birth certificate are easy enough to be carried out at low rates while some others, such as translation of medical records or business content are costly owing to their content, language, technicality, etc. Like if a document to be translated is technical and has to be used on a website then that raises the prices for additional expertise that need to be put in.

  • The subject matter of the document matters a lot in deciding the price of translation. If it is a technical or legal document then social expertise as that of legal or technical translators would be required. Some it would require a meticulous approach, it might cost you more than the usual documents.
  • Urgency too counts, the faster you need the turnaround the more you will be charged. This isn’t the case with us as we do not charge rush fees, but other companies do. It’s our priority to deliver the project well before time while keeping the budget as it is.
  • The language pairs have an equal impact in finalizing the price of a project. If the language is rare then there would be rare translators to tackle the same language. In this case, the translation prices will be higher.
  • Sometimes the output required is not in the general Word document rather it is needed in website form or brochure or magazine form demanding DTP services. This too raises the translation prices for the need for extra resources.

Though these are some of the factors that influence the translation rates, we at UTS try our best to serve our clients with the lowest most rates no matter how rare of a language it is or how difficult the subject matter might be. We have you covered with the most competitive rates in the market.

lowest translation rates
translation rates per word

Affordable Translation Rates per Word

There are no strict rules to calculate how much is charged per translated word and competition is fierce! Some translators complain other professionals charge a lot more for what they do. On the contrary, other translators complain about some translators charging too little and devaluating the profession. In this sense, personal considerations matter in this field. Some of them are related to:
  • The geographical location of the translator. What could be considered a cheap price in some countries, in other places could be enough because of the general economy of a particular country. In this era, the internet allows translators work from remote locations and it is common that it to happen.
  • Quality of the translation. It is a complex subject because quality is sometimes related to the native languages of translators. Although some translators might seem cheap, they can provide high-quality translation services because they are highly versed in both their source and target language.
  • Academic background, reputation, and experience of translators. As translators get experience and get more trained and experienced, their reputation also improves and they charge more money for their work which some clients are also willing to pay.

How much do you have to pay?

Translation rates are decided on many factors beyond the type of translation jobs or the basic experience and qualifications of the translators. Companies, sometimes, have the policy to include revision rates in their basic package while other companies only charge for basic translation in their basic package.

Translation prices start at 10 cents per word (this is what we charge, the lowest rates in the US) and can reach up to 50 cents per word with some companies. New translators need to find their place in the market and learn to negotiate. In time, they will learn how to value their work while considering how much the customers are willing to pay. Those who are beginners in this business may get some valuable experience by working with well-reputed translation service providers.

Although translation rates per word are the most common method, it is important to consider when to use alternative methods. Most of the time, hourly rates or page rates may benefit costs. Each translation project should be individually considered. Some translation service providers have special benefits and discounts for returning customers, which benefits clients and translators alike. Competition and a wide range of translation services available also allow clients and translators to negotiate the best fees and conditions. Translators may grow as they continue working and potential clients have where to choose from according to their needs.

Want to calculate your translation cost? Use our tool to quickly get a quote!

how much does it cost
Translation Prices

Translation Prices

Although UTS has tried to maintain its rates over the years, prices in 2018 and 2019 are under pressure in the translation business. Various factors have played their role in increasing that pressure. Inflation is one of the biggest reasons behind translation agencies wanting to up the charges their clients have to pay for each task. Another reason is competition.

A lot of agencies don’t offer affordable prices and better options available in the industry damage their business. But we have stayed committed to our mission of providing the best services to our customers and we will continue to do so without increasing the rates of our services.

Translation Services Cost

Did you ever wish that life was simpler and you wouldn’t have to pay for anything, just use things freely all the time?

If your answer is yes, congratulations because it’s nothing more than a fantasy. The idea of communism was merely a thought far from being practical. Although we would love to make that dream of yours come true, we can’t do that either. But we can surely do something for you which will help you save money on your document translation costs.

Our per word prices and comfortably reasonable prices per page have been established to provide you with the lowest cost in the industry. And our packages are even more feasible for those who want to work with us in a long-term relationship. Business companies that rely on communication are far more likely to need individual translators, but hiring them, again and again, is nothing but a wastage of time. Moreover, you might find a lack of commitment in them which can ultimately destroy your business.

However, with our translation company, not only can you have the best professional linguists for your job, but will also be able to save a lot on translation services costs.

service cost of translation

No matter which language pair you are choosing, one thing that you can never compromise on, is quality. Say, for example, if you are using a translation service for immigration translations, you can get rejected by the immigration office in case your translation has any errors. Similarly, international businesses rely on communications and subsequently interpretations and translations. One single error and a deal could easily go south. So whether you are using a language service provider for your academic transcripts, legal documents, translation efficiency, and your company’s internal translations, quality should always be your top priority.

Creating documents using the page layout software on a desktop computer is known as Desktop publishing. The document may contain text or graphics or both.

When choosing translation vendors for your translation needs, you must check their translation process, pricing model such as document translation pricing or per hour translation rates, foreign languages in which they offer translations, ensure that they work with qualified translators, and of course, compare translation fees to get a competitive price.

If you tick all the boxes correctly, you’ll get yourself a great translation partner for life, just like us.

Most translation agencies have a live chat option on their websites. These chat buttons are for your immediate assistance. You can either inquire about the translation prices through live chat or you can send the company an email for packages and prices. They even have a translation prices tab where you can view their prices.

Most of the times translation rates are calculated with word counters. Since per word rate is the most common pricing model in the translation industry, websites allow clients to upload their documents on the word counter tool for the calculation of their translation cost.

Google Translate or any other free software is not worth risking your business’ integrity, especially, when there are a lot of professional translation services available for you online. Nothing can beat the experience of a professional translator, not even software like Google Translate. You need to understand that a professional translation service with ATA Certified translators will always be a better option for your company. Your business might need

The average rate for per word translation is $0.10 per word. This means that a 200 words document’s translation cost is $20. It is important to understand that depending on the nature of the translation, these prices could vary. Prices are also different for different language combinations. They also depend on the contents and significance of the original document that needs to be translated.

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