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International businesses looking to target the Arabic world or Arabic businesses looking to expand their reach at an international level need accurate English to Arabic translation services. Arabs looking to immigrate to the United States need certified language translations for USCIS for their documents. Whether you are an individual or a business looking to get accurate translations at affordable rates, you can count on us to provide you with just that, whenever you need it.

Highly accurate translation services at affordable rates

Do you have an Arabic text that needs to be translated into English? Universal Translation Services is here to help you with your Arabic to English translation or English to Arabic translation needs fast and at a fair price.

We have an excellent Arabic translation team that is here to help you with all of your translation requirements, no matter if you are looking for an exact, certified translation for USCIS or a localized translation for the Arabic market. Our team of translators knows how to translate various culturally specific Arabic terms and phrases into English comprehensively and effectively.

We are here to provide you with an all-in-one TEP translation that will make you proud of choosing us for your translation needs. As Arabic translations for business also need dialect awareness, we have teams of native Arabs at your service to ensure that your specific terms and dialects are properly treated and translated.

Arabic is a beautiful language with a great history. It has tales to tell and messages to send. As the Arab world is the cradle of humanity, the content that can be found in this mystic tongue is of great significance to all. Well, that’s why our translators are available to help you with your particular translation needs. You may need a translation related to academics, medicine, technology, or any other area, we’ve got you covered.

English to Arabic translation services

We can translate any document, website or app

Arabic translation for business

Business Translations

The Arab world is a great market for international businesses. Arab businesses could see a great increase in sales if they go international by translating their websites into English. Accurate translation and localization services for documents, websites, and apps can get your business right where you want it to be, and we can help you with that.

Certified Arabic translation for immigration

Immigration translation

Lots of Arabs headed west for education and work and there is a great need for translators who can provide certified Arabic to English translation services for personal documents. We have ensured that we do not lose on such a great opportunity to help our clients with cheap certified translation for immigration. No matter if you need an Arabic birth certificate translation or a certified translation for your academic records and degrees, we can help you with that in 24 hours or less.

fast turnaround

Affordable rates and fast delivery

Time and money are what matter to a lot of people these days. Everyone wants fast and quality services at low rates. There aren’t that many translation companies to provide all that, and we are one of them. We ensure the shortest turn-around time, and we guarantee delivery before the agreed deadline. We are fast to get in touch with as we work around the clock, and even faster to get your job going. We don’t compromise on the quality, yet we offer some of the most affordable rates in the market.

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Arabic translation and localization

English to Arabic translation and localization services

Arabic online content marketing is a very challenging task. Millions and millions are made every day through online marketing and the competition is fierce. So we are here to ensure that the Arabic content that you post on your website is sharp, trendy, and cool.

Arabic interpretation services

If you’ve been searching Google for reliable telephone interpretation services from and into Arabic, we’re here for all your language interpretation needs. Our Arabic interpreters can be reached 24/7 by phone, ready to provide perfect interpretation all across the globe.

Legal Translation

Legal translations from Arabic are tricky. The Arabic legal language has a lavish palace aura to it that seems exaggerated in the English translation. We have translators who are aware of the symbolistic nature of the language and ensure that the English to Arabic translation gets the message across accurately. Legal translations can be complicated but we are here for your legal translations, medical files, legal financial translation, power of attorneys, and business documents.

Certified translation Arabic to English

Universal Translation Services is a leading provider of certified translation services for its Arab customers. Arabic certified translations are a significant part of the immigration process for the Arab community in the US. Arabic to English translation has to be certified because immigration offices have a standing policy of only allowing translations that have been certified.

You may think that this policy is redundant as you are fluent in both languages, i.e. Arabic and English and know that your translation is well crafted but the State Department cannot take your word for it and need the document to be certified before they consider the contents of the translation valid for legal use.

Certified translations are also a good idea as they save you from the trouble of acquiring new translations for the same document again and again.

Need an Arabic birth certificate translation fast and at an affordable price, get in touch. We deliver an accurate translation service for personal documents in 24 hours and it will cost you only $20 per page.

Arabic to English certified translation
certified translator Arabic to English

Need a translator for Arabic to English translation?

Do you need a competent and certified translator from Arabic to English? With more and more people from Arabic countries immigrating to the US for travel, study, or immigration, people need a service they can trust. Luckily, our certified Arabic to English translation services is here for you. Get your translation done according to the immigration requirements.

While you could get a freelance certified translator from Arabic to English, you won’t have the assurance that your translation is accurate or that it was done according to US laws. With us, you don’t have to worry about that, as we guarantee acceptance of all our translations at any immigration office in the US.

Our professional Arabic translators are trained and aware of the regulations and with our services, you will never get an RFE notice from USCIS. We also charge some of the lowest rates in the market and never charge extra for faster delivery.

Certified Arabic Translators

If you are thinking to do business in the Middle East, studying, or work for an extended period, or planning about immigrating to the United States, you need professional Arabic certified translation services for all your important documents.

Whatever your unique translation needs, our talented team of certified translators is not only specialists in the Arabic language, but fully trained in your area of specialization and can offer high-quality Arabic to English translation services. From medical clinics to courtrooms, we set the industry standard for excellence.

It’s essential to understand that in specific situations a translation must be done by an expert who is specialized in that field, since the document has legal consequences and, in many cases, will affect your future.

Simply come to us and we’ll hand over your English-Arabic translation to our native translators. When an English to Arabic or Arabic-to-English translator with a degree in translation works on your project, you can stay assured that you’ll receive the correct translation. Also, once the professional translator has finished the job, he or she signs a translation certificate and seals it and certifies that it is a correct Arabic to English translation. Our translators have years of experience in the industry and are well-equipped to meet your needs.

Arabic translators
arabic translator

Arabic to English is a unique combination but not one uncommon. Far too many people deal with these two languages on the daily basis and will need assistance from the translation industry from time to time. However, there is also the option of machine translation. In most cases, it is not advisable to turn to a machine for something that is purely the job for a human.

There are far too many complications in languages that no one can understand better than someone who speaks them. But people turn to these modern options from time to time hoping to save money and get quality results at the same time.

Technology isn’t a bad thing and it can be helpful when used the right way. You can’t let a computer handle a full document but there are other options like the CAT tools which can make the process easier for humans. These machine translation tools help us do our jobs more efficiently and quickly.

They save previously completed tasks and use phrases from them to help us out in the future. With these tools, not only does the speed of the work improve but the quality also becomes consistent. It is one of the best ways to ensure we end up providing quality content to our clients each time.

But it is worth remembering that only a qualified professional knows when to take help from a machine and when they should do everything themselves. So, you should leave the matter to professionals and don’t rely on machine translators yourself.

We at Universal Translation Services are here to help you achieve your goal by offering one of the most affordable translation services in the market. We are an ATA accredited company with years of experience behind our back and we never provide anything less than highly accurate translations.

Well, that depends. The term Arabic-English translator is used to refer to two things. It’s either an app, a translation software that translates an Arabic text or voice note into English. But you can also use the term to refer to a professional translator who can provide translations from Arabic into English or Arabic-English translation.

Please keep in mind that not all types of translation software are great for technical translations. Plus, it’s always better to choose a professional translation service for the long run if your work is going to be regular. Like if your company wants a legal translation now and then, it’s better to choose a professional agency than to stick with an Arabic-English translator.

Arabic is a complex language. Translating Arabic words into the English language isn’t that hard but when it comes to translating an Arabic text into English, one has to be very careful about the Arabic grammar. Grammar translation can be very tricky when it’s a language with different nuances. This is why whether you need a document translation, a medical translation, or a text of a complex nature, you must always choose a professional service as their native translators know how Arabic text translation works and provide correct translations.

If you are using an Arabic-English translation search engine for exact Arabic-English translation, you’ll have to type or copy-paste the Arabic text, hit enter, and see the English translation in the result bar. You can also use a chrome extension tool to make your translation work easier. With advanced technologies and Artificial intelligence, you can speed up your English-Arabic translation.

You can use Google Translate or Microsoft Bing Translator for Arabic translation into English. Microsoft Bing Translator also serves as an Arabic Speech translation service. This translator is great for free, fast, and high-quality translations.

Translation applications come to your rescue when you need such a translation service. You can use Google Translate to translate Arabic images into English text. You can use the phone app, select the source and the target language, open your camera, tap on the image, highlight the text you want to translate or tap select all, and that’s it, you’ll get the image translated into English text.

You can use the Arabic-English online translator, Google Translate for translating an Arabic PDF to English. Select the translate document tool, choose the source and target language. Click choose file, hit the blue “translate” button. That’s it, you’ll then see a pop-up saying pdf file downloaded.

If you are more interested in human translation, you can go with a professional English-Arabic translator.

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