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Translation Quality

High Translation Quality

The translation quality is our most important concern. We have established a rigorous translation quality control which enables us to spot and correct any errors before sending the final translation to the client.

our quality process

Rigorous Quality Check

The process includes proofreading and editing by independent linguists and standard quality checks by our quality assurance team so there’s little to none room for errors.

open 24/7

Available 24/7

Our services are available around the clock even during the weekend which enables you to have a document translated even if it’s Sunday evening.

Translation Project Management

We started more than 16 years ago with the development of our own translation project management system. This became, with all the versions and updates, one of the most advanced project management systems regarding translations. At any moment we have full control of your translation project and our translators and proofreaders are live connected.

We also have implemented a full communication system with you as the client and the translator should the latter have questions pertaining to the translation, he or she is able to contact you directly and get answers to their questions. This is important to get the right interpretation and understanding of your project.

The completion of a successful translation project largely depends on an efficient and dependable project manager. As soon as you choose Universal Translation Services to handle your task, a project manager is allocated. You have access to contact the designated personnel with regards to the development of your translation project from day one until its completion. Leave your stresses behind and we will do the legwork for you. Our expert translation project management assures you that we will deliver an output that suits your requirements.

translation project management


professional translator

It is beneficial for every client to be aware how Universal Translation Services proceeds with the job at hand. We will clearly lay out the translation steps from the time we receive your document(s) to the final stage of translation. Aside from satisfaction, you will also be delighted how our procedure works out for you .


understanding each client’s needs 100%
providing and persisting with estimates 100%
setting the project goals 100%
planning the project process 100%
selecting the right team of linguists 100%
maintaining rigorous quality controls 100%

Translation Quality Control

Living up to our promise of high quality translations, Universal Translation Services only utilizes expert linguists to handle the needs of our clients. We make sure our experts handle the job within their scope of mastery. By maintaining this standard, we can confidently say that we not only meet your needs, but also exceed them.

The ultimate goal of any assignment is to disseminate the message in a manner understandable to the target audience. We stick to our stringent two-stage translation project management involving translation and review. Since we know what is important to our clients, we keep both accuracy and translation quality at the top of our priority list.

We have a dedicated team and dedicated software to have the end check after the translator and the proofreader worked on your project. This final check is important to see if the translator and proofreader followed the guidelines that were instructed before the translation project started.

Another  important step in our translation quality control is the use of special software in order to check on consistency for example before it is sent to you. If DTP services are involved then the process is even more complicated and our special team will handle this with care too. Then there is an extra check to make sure that the translation was correctly conveyed into your end product.

translation quality control

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