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Have you ever read the requirements that you will need to provide an apostille translation for a document? You must wonder what is an apostille and why are you being told to get apostille document translation services. The apostille is becoming more and more prevalent with passing time.

Universal Translation Services is the best provider of translations for apostille documents, and we are here to explain to you what this means. We have written this page to tell in great detail what apostille document translation services are and when needed.

Also, if you need to get an apostille for common documents like a divorce decree, we can help you with that. While this is a rather complicated process, we suggest you get all your papers in order before asking for an apostille. Once you have done that, get in touch with us, provide us with detailed information regarding your project, and we will be able to obtain an apostille for you.

Visit our offices in Miami and Aventura at any time during business hours or simply order online where we are available around the clock, weekends included. Check our contact information at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

apostille translation
Apostille Translation

There are 195 countries in the world and they are all facing endless problems today. As time passes, the issues faced by humanity keep piling up. There is a new threat every day to our safety and peace and we come up with different ways to fight it. But the one thing that can help us stay ahead of our game as humans is to be united. When we get together to handle a situation, not only we come up with better planning but we also stand a better chance of defeating the problem.

Countries have created different organizations and signed various treaties over the years to make things easier for their citizens. After all, it is the duty of every country to provide its citizens with the best possible facilities. Conventions have been held to get together and cooperate on things that can be better handled by being united. The Apostille Convention held in Hague is an example in which different states decided to make their citizens’ life easy by declaring that apostilled documents will be accepted in all member states.

highly accurate translation

Highly accurate translation

We translate from English to any language. If you have documents like a marriage license or adoption papers that have been previously apostilled and need them translated, we can do it for you. Whether it is a certified or a notarized translation that you need, get in touch whenever convenient for you, and we’ll deliver it to you in 24 hours.

any personal document

Any document

We provide translation for business papers and a legal translation for personal documents like a death certificate, from English to any language. We are therefore able to translate anything from corporate documents to court orders. We handle all formats from Word documents to pdf files or pictures. We also provide certified translations to immigrants with the guarantee that USCIS will accept them.

fast and affordable apostille

Fast and affordable apostille

We are both fast and affordable when it comes to translating any document, including apostille documents. Any personal document will be translated in 24 hours, sometimes less, and we have some of the lowest rates you can find on the internet. Our fast turnaround time can help when you have a quickly approaching deadline.

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What is an apostille?

Most people don’t know what apostille means and what it could be useful at. If you’re one of them, find out here what an apostille is.

what is an apostille

What is an apostille?

The term apostille comes from the Apostille convention of 5 October 1961. The convention was held in Hague, Netherlands. The convention held in Hague decided that if a country is a part of the convention, the nation’s citizens can apostille their documents. Doing so will make the documents legally verified in all other countries that are members of the treaty.

A few big countries like Indonesia are still not a part of the treaty signed at the Hague Convention. While other countries like Brazil and Ukraine joined the treaty later. So, Ukrainian documents can be apostilled from 2003.

How is it done

So hypothetically, if your country is a member of the Apostille treaty that was signed in Hague, then the document you have will have to be attested by the secretary of state, court, or certain other offices that have the authority to apostille the document. Once the document has been apostilled, the document will be considered legally certified and well-verified by all the other countries that are a part of the list.

Preparing for Apostille

Preparing for an apostille is a particular task that requires expertise. The original document will be eligible for apostille if the document has been through specific procedures. The procedures are different for every country. In the United States, a member country of the Hague Convention, the document will need to be notarized to be considered for apostille by the relevant office. The federal government has set up some rules regarding the apostille procedure. People will need to go to the office of a notary public to get their public documents notarized. But not every American is familiar with notarization services, which is why they would need help.

What does the Apostille look like?

It is a separate certificate that is attached to the document. On top of the certificate is written apostille, and then the details are spread for further elaboration. The certificate includes the name of the signing country, the name of the signing office, the name of the signing person, the date, the location and seal of the office, and the apostille stamp. This is an essential elaboration; the document contains much more detail if there is more need. The certificate acts as a validity affidavit for all the 115 countries part of the Apostille treaty right now. The member states decided the details about the apostille during the Hague Convention.

What Kind of Documents can be Apostilled?

The convention mentions four types of documents that are allowed to be apostilled. Following is a short description of every kind of document open for apostille.

Court Documents: All the court’s documents that are not open for the contest can be apostilled. Documents such as wills, power of attorney, divorce papers, marriage certificates, and other similar documents are included in the list.

Administrative Documents: If a government agency issues a certified copy related to any matter, the document can be apostilled.

Notarial Acts: Any documents issued by the notary office of the country can be apostilled.

Document Registration: When a public document is signed to register anything such as land, property, business, or any personal matter; the document can be Apostilled. So anything from a birth certificate to a death certificate falls under this category.

What are Apostille translation services?

Apostille document translation services provide a regular legal translation that will undergo various processes to become an apostille. The advantage is that now the translation will be deemed acceptable and above contest in all of the 115 countries part of the apostille treaty.

The second option is to translate a document that has already been apostilled. If you need such services, get in touch, tell us if you need the certified translation or notarized, and we will do it for you. Whether the foreign language you need us to translate is French or Russian, we will provide accurate results.

Why do individuals use apostille document translation services?

If you are presenting your translation in various countries, for example, applying for higher education in more than one country, wouldn’t you want your document to be accepted by as many countries as possible? This is when apostille service works best. Apostille document translation services are sometimes required by the receiving office, which is also why clients ask for such services.

What are the steps for an apostille translation?

A translation that needs to be apostilled requires the following steps for completion.

  • Translation of the document certification of the translation
  • notarization of the certified translation
  • apostille certificate for the notarized translation.
  • We have discussed the certification and notarization of a translation in great detail in the other posts. The Apostille Certificate is issued by the offices mentioned above, making the document an apostilled document.

Availability: Apostille translations are exceptionally uncommon. Apostille service providers are very rare. To get a translation apostilled; you need to contact the secretary of the state’s office or a proper court. That is thorough legal work that most translation agencies are not willing to perform. We can provide our clients with an apostille translation, and we want to make sure that the clients are not finding the process too complex.

apostille miami
apostille service in miami

What makes us the best choice?

The translation of apostilled documents is an outcome of the Apostille convention on 5th October 1961 and was held in Hague. This type of translation is required if your country is a member of the Apostille treaty, you have an apostilled document, and you need to use it in another country.

There are many service providers around, but not all translation companies provide apostille document translation services. If you have been asked to get a translation for your birth certificate, Universal Translation Services will be able to do it for you. Our translation process allows us to provide quality solutions to all of our clients. We provide reliable and affordable services to help people get what they need at the most reasonable prices. All seven days of the week are our business days. We are always available to provide you with the service that you require. We don’t want a foreign language to stand in your way.

There are some reasons why we are the best service providers around. Some of the reasons include:

Accurate translation

Universal Translation Services can help you get the best apostille translation if your previously apostilled documents are not up to the mark.

All documents

No matter what document you have, a birth certificate, or a death certificate, we can provide you with a top-quality notarized document and certified document translation for any legal documents that have been apostilled.

Fast and affordable

Another reason that makes us one of the best is that our apostille service is fast and affordable. We provide certified document translation services at low rates, and everyone can afford our services.

Apostille Document

As much as an official document is valuable in a foreign country, it could be useless when you don’t have an apostille document translation service. Lucky for you, we can handle the apostille process for you.

With our significantly evolving company, we provide culturally appropriate services around the globe. What separates us from our peers is the drive to help immigrants in the best way possible. We keep up with every news, rule, and change in any diplomatic regulation, and thus our up-to-date knowledge allows us to serve you in an even better way.

Our team works best in your interest and with our apostille translation service, you won’t have to go through the tiring task of looking for different agencies in a foreign region only for the sake of verification and acceptance. Apart from that, our team will make your work easier and you’ll have more time to yourself and you will be able to focus more on things that require your personal attention. So if you have been wondering where you can find a company that will help you with English to any official language translation, we are right here at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

apostille document translation

Why should you hire a translation agency for the Apostille procedure?

You must have asked yourself why you should hire a translation agency for such a lengthy process? Because the translation agencies are the best at notarizing translations. When it comes to apostille the translation, the responsible office is going to inquire about the translator. The client will have a hard time producing the translator while the translation agency will find it easy to get you the proper translator credentials. They will make a stronger case for the apostille procedure in the office. Universal Translation Services is here if you need apostille translation or you need to have a document apostilled.

  • What Does the Word Apostille Mean?

    It is an international certification that is attached to an official record to verify its authenticity. The certification makes the document valid in all the locations where the rules of the convention are applicable. Thanks to this process of verification, people don’t need to get their papers certified twice, once in the originating country, and then by the receiving state.

  • Does Apostille Need to be Translated?

    Like other documents issued by a state, Apostilles are also in the official language of the issuing country. Some countries might issue them in English to avoid problems for their citizens. But if it is written in a foreign language than that of the receiving country, then it must be translated first. The translation must be carried out by a qualified professional. If it is not a hundred percent accurate, it will not be accepted by the authorities.

  • Can I Apostille a Document from Another Country?

    Only those countries that signed the Hague Convention are eligible for this form of certification. You can request an apostille from another country as long as it is also a part of the convention. However, the criteria are different in each state, so you will have to learn about them before you can send in your application.

  • How Do You Authenticate a Translation?

    There are various different types of services that linguistic experts can offer you, but the only one that is considered authentic is a certified translation. It can be provided by qualified and experienced professionals. They attach their signed statement with the translation to authenticate it.

  • Who Can Apostille a Document in the USA?

    Each of the signatory countries of the convention has different rules about the process of certification. In the USA, it depends on the type of document that you need the certification for. The safest option is getting the apostille from the U.S. State Department.

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