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Finding reliable Chicago translation services requires that you collaborate with a language translation agency or identifying companies that are certified. Universal Translation Services is the leading Chicago translation agency. We help our clients from different domains communicate accurately and effectively in Chicago and around the globe. UTS is providing professional translation services and other language solutions for Chicago based businesses, government agencies, and non-profits.

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Our professional translators delivered high-quality translation services for all of Chicago’s businesses and wanted language pairs including English to Spanish, English to Chinese, English to Polish and English to Russian.

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We offer low-cost translation services at a speedy pace for fast turnaround times. Our experts do their best to ensure maximum client satisfaction. Our priority is to assure our clients have the services when required including rush services.

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When you contact us about our document translation services in Chicago, a project manager will assist you in making a fast, free translation quote. For even faster service, attach the document you need to be translated. We are 24/7 available at your service!

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Our translators, proof-readers, editors, and multilingual desktop publishing experts provide quality language services to Chicago businesses, corporations, and small firms. Whether you need documents in Spanish, a Polish website translation, or a multilingual ad campaign, our Chicago translation agency can help.

Business translation services are translations that can be applied for small to significant corporate dealings like client meetings, agreements, marketing materials, conversation presentations, and more. Our expert translators are experienced in your business, as well as in language and linguistics. Translations are necessary to ensure your service or corporate message is never lost.

From startups to corporate fortune companies, we offer fast and accurate translation services for business. Trust your business and corporate dealings with a professional translation agency that provides seamless services with top-notch customer support. Finding the best Chicago translation companies is not an easy tasks but it’s achievable especially with help from professionals.

Our price for low-cost language translation services Chicago is calculated at a fixed per-source-word rate. Our costs include project management, various languages and around the clock translation services. We also offer proofreading services at affordable rates.

Our agency consists of distinguished, well-respected and experienced translators, working with a dedicated staff, to create a formidable translation team. We hire only the best and brilliant document translators in the industry. This is exactly what brings us among the best Chicago translation companies. Each of our certified translators is native speakers, giving them an innate understanding of language, culture, sentence structure, and grammar.

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  • What do linguists do?

    Linguists study languages and their structure. They also study the meaning and form of languages. They can work as translators or interpreters in the medical field or with corporations. They make it easier for education departments to create the best courses. They help governments to communicate with each other and resolve conflicts.

  • Are linguists in demand?

    Linguists are highly in demand because the world needs people who can understand and translate different languages. Linguists can also work as interpreters which is another in demand profession. Linguists make it easier for humans to communicate with each other despite the linguistic barrier between them. They are important for every industry.

  • What is the average salary of a linguist?

    The average salary of a linguist depends on the industry they are working in. If they are working as a freelance translator in the US then they can make $50,000 per year on average. The salary of a translator working for an agency will be higher. Audio and video interpreters also make more money.

  • Who are the famous linguists?

    Here are the most famous linguists:

    1. Noam Chomsky: The whole world knows Noam Chomsky because of his theories of transformational and universal grammar.
    2. Pānini: He was the first one to study, preserve, and create language structures.
    3. Ferdinand de Saussure: This Swiss linguist is considered the forefather of linguistics.

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Translation services in Chicago

Our translation services for brands, businesses, and corporate executives on-the-go are fast and accurate, guaranteed. With the fast turnaround times in the industry, our translators provide 100% human translations which means these are high-quality translations

Are you a non-national looking to immigrate to the United States? With our comprehensive translation service for immigration to the US, we’ll help you gain successful entry because we’re specialists in the U.S. immigration system and know all the different visa conditions required in every application. With our USCIS certified immigration services, we will professionally translate and confirm your legal documents. We also work closely with immigration departments and law firms to manage ongoing, various projects and client applications.

At the Chicago translation agency of UTS, our translators offer more than a decade of professional translation experience. There are Chicago translation companies which claim to provide professional services but not all of them manage to keep their promise. Our agency consists of well-known, well-respected and experienced translators, working with a dedicated staff, to create a professional translation team. Our clients trust us not only to offer translation services but also they depend on us as a strategic partner who offers creative solutions to achieve their objectives. We’re able to provide certified translation Chicago.

We’re 24/7 available to handle your RFP translations also and if your need is critical, can assist your request to ensure that you meet the deadline. Whether you want to choose international suppliers or offer services to a possible client, we will help you make sure your RFPs are on target.

Our professional translators are strategically located around the world to provide accurate, fast turnarounds, expertise-based allocation of projects and competitive prices. Our standard of interest goes beyond simple text translation to include accurate formatting, layout, and configuration.

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Certified translation services Chicago

To reach particular markets, our translators combine technical knowledge and linguistic ability with localization expertise. Our expert multilingual translation teams can correctly communicate and customize your message in more than 100 languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, and Italian. Not all Chicago translation companies can provide such a wide array of services. Whether you are managing an organized global presence or accessing new markets, we can convey the appropriate message to your specific audience. We provide excellent document translation services.

Our blend of skill and industry knowledge enables us to deliver targeted and customized translation services to each of our clients. Not only that but with us you have easy access to certified translation Chicago. With a full complement of translation services, and web design and desktop publishing center, we offer solutions to the wide variety of personal and business communication needs both internationally and domestically.

We’ve established our reputation and business manners around being the fastest, most accurate and reliable document translation agency in the Chicago industry. Certified translation Chicago is a search term on the rise as so many people are in dire need of professional services. It’s what has made us to build connections with some of the country’s most renown Chicago translation companies for several years.

We want to help your business continue to grow and expand by providing the best translation services in Chicago. Not that we’re bragging but we can claim without restraint that we’re one of the best Chicago translation companies. If you’re seeking certified translation services Chicago, feel free to contact us.

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About Chicago and our office

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Chicago has approximately 2.8 million populations, making it the largest city in Illinois and the third populated city in the U.S.  Recognized as The Windy City, it is also known as the Second City and The City that Works.  Chicago has one of the most different economies in the nation and has been recognized among the top global economic centers in the world.  It is home to 11 Fortune 500 businesses. The city draws nearly 40 million visitors yearly with its wide array of miles of beaches, city parks, historical sites, museums, and art studios.

Chicago’s foreign-born population describes 21% of the total population. Top nations of origin add the Philippines, China, Mexico, Poland, India, Korea, Guatemala, and Ukraine.  Common languages other than English that is used in the city include Spanish, Polish, Tagalog, Russian and Chinese.

Chicago’s diverse economy is established by critical industries that include automotive, manufacturing, finance, health services and a wide array of technology sectors.

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