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Films and television shows are an excellent medium both for entertainment and art. These two particular mediums have huge followings. Universities around the world offer courses that tech these mediums to interested students. While films and television shows are great, the process of making them are daunting and hard. The audience only gets to see the final product. It is quite rare for them to have an inside peek on the movie-making process. Any movie or show always starts with a good script.

The advent of the internet makes it easy to access content from other parts of the world. You might be living right now in the United States, but through the power of the internet, you can access content from India.

Movie aficionados around the world can now easily access content from all over the world. However, the language barrier will usually spoil the experience of the movie. There are two particular techniques when it comes to localizing movies. One is subtitling, the other being dubbing. Subtitling involves inserting closed caption dialogs in the movie. This is a great option when you want to have the film in its original language, making it sound more authentic. While it is a great option, some people find it annoying to read the caption.

Film Script Translations

Dubbing, on the other hand, is a technique that involves recording the script into the local language. If a film is in India, the script can be recorded into English for it to appeal in the United States. While some people prefer this technique, some do not agree claiming that a dubbed movie lacks authenticity.

Regardless of the technique used, it is safe to say the Film Script Translation is an essential industry. Our company is one of the most trusted when it comes to this particular project.

Film Translations

Film Script Translation is an art. It takes adept skills and understanding of a particular language to create an accurate and authentic translation. Because of this, we only hire the best and professional translations in the business. Our company is a certified translation company. Not only that we provide translation services, but we also have several specialized services. One of these services is film script translation.

We understand that films should reflect authenticity. When converting one language to another, sometimes the thought is lost in translation. Movies should maintain a certain level of authenticity, and our thousands of hours of experience in the business is a testament to our commitment and skill.

Script Translation.

We not only provide translation services for films. We also offer solutions for TV shows and documentaries. We support any sub-genre of motion pictures.

We have a pool of highly talented and skilled translators. We also make sure that our translators are native speakers to maintain a certain level of authenticity to our projects. By employing native speakers of a particular language, we can assure our clients that their projects are translated with utmost accuracy. Slangs and specific sentence structures are also adequately covered when native speakers are employed in a particular project.

Script Translation.

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We cover a wide range of solutions when it comes to film script translations. We provide straight-through translation, which means that you can send your script to our office and we can translate it to any language of your choice. This is one of the most sought after solutions from our company.

Our company supports more than 120 languages. So if you want your film script to be translated to a specific language, chances are we can do it for you. We have provided translation solutions for thousands of films. This list includes some significant films. We also support independent movies and documentaries. Some of our clients eventually won awards from various award-giving bodies around the globe.

Our company also offers closed caption translation or subtitling. Like our other services, this particular service is available in more than 120 languages. While closed caption and subtitles are different from each other, the differences are subtle and sometimes indistinguishable. This particular service is used by many film directors and producers when they want to release their projects in foreign markets.

Aside from closed caption and subtitles, we also offer dubbing. Instead of directly translating a particular script, we have voice actors that can dub your movie into a language of your choice. Much like our other services, dubbing is also available in 120 languages.

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Time is an essential resource. We understand the importance of your project, which is why we make sure that all of our translation jobs beat the deadline we set. By setting this goal, our clients can check the final result for errors. If so, which is rare, we have time to make necessary corrections.

We provide solutions to thousands of companies and clients from around the world. As such, we must maintain a 24/7 operation even on holidays. This means that you can easily access our services anytime. This is just one of the many features of our company.

Our translation rate is lower than the industry average. Despite this, we still maintain a certain level of quality. We maintain an accuracy rate of 99 percent, which is one of the best in the business. It is one of the core philosophy of our company that a high-quality translation should be affordable and not cost a fortune. Feel free to upload your film scripts on our website, and we can give you a quote for free.

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