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Are you thinking about becoming one of our affiliates, or you’ve already signed up and need affiliate marketing tips?! Did you ask your family and friends if anyone needs any translation done, and they have all refused already?! Do you feel like you need to branch out but do not know where and how?! Read our affiliate marketing tips blog; we will help you become a genuine affiliate!

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Our blog has a long and broad reach, with translators, clients, inquirers of the general, and affiliates all coming in and browsing for their interests.

Because you want to understand us and our services! You get a commission from every client you bring to us, and you want to go big!

You want to contact travel agencies, conglomerates, and international corporations doing big, international business. You want to know how to sell our translation services to these fancy people and how to make long and permanent customers of them by becoming a regular bridge between us and them!

Universal Translation Services is one of the best translation agencies in the market, working with professional translators and able to provide translations from and into 120 languages and 550 language combinations. We are a leading translation agency and pay our affiliates 17% of their clients spend with us, so it’s a great opportunity for you to become our affiliate.

affiliate tips

Questions? We have the answers!

  • Can I do affiliate marketing on Blogger?

    Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on Blogger. All the blogging platforms come with the features needed for affiliate marketing. Although WordPress is the favorite platform of the majority of bloggers, some of them are turning to other options. New marketers are also trying to find an alternative to WordPress.

  • How do I start an affiliate marketing blog?

    Before starting your affiliate marketing blog, you should decide on a niche. After that, you should find the right audience for your blog to create an email list. Create an account on the blogging platform of your choice. Once you have set up your profile, share original posts related to your niche.

  • How can I maximize my affiliate marketing?

    If you have an affiliate marketing program, then you can maximize it by:

    • Selecting your affiliates carefully so you get the right amount of traffic
    • Building a vast network of affiliates to broaden your audience
    • Offering deals, discounts, and coupons regularly to new visitors
    • Improving your product pages to increase the chances of conversion
  • Who is the most successful affiliate marketer?

    Many people have made a big name in affiliate marketing. But the one name that everyone knows is Pat Flynn. He earns 80% of his income through affiliate marketing. He is the one that beginners turn to for tips about affiliate marketing so they can become successful too.

Why would you read our blog?

Universal Translation Services will tell you why we are the best for your potential clients. With all the languages we can translate and all the services we provide, very few can outdo us in terms of quality and potential. Our blog will tell you;

service details

Service details

Details of all our services and how the client and the translator experience them! When you go to the business development manager of a corporation with these numbers on your finger, you will be getting your first commission before the following weekend.

our languages

Our languages

You will know the various languages that we translate to and from. How they are faring in the global market and the international world; the rates per language and regular additions in modern research into languages and their translation trends.

the translation world

The translation world

A general understanding of the translation culture is needed because many of the blogs we write are about the translation world and the culture of translation agencies. This gives you an experience of the trade that will bode well for potential severe clients.

On top of giving you details about our translation services and how to use our affiliate program, we also give you affiliate tips. You can also learn how to promote our services and where with us. We help you in any way we can so you can make money with our translation affiliate program.

answers to all your questions

Get answers to all your questions.

Learning more about how our affiliate program works and how you could make money with it is essential, but you also need to learn more about how to promote our services. For instance, did you know that we also provide certified translation for immigration? Did you know that you can make money by referring companies needing translation and individuals who need their documents translated for USCIS? This blog has been created for all that and much more.

These are a few of the many perks of reading our blog. You are new in the business and need all the help you can get to understand how to get the company rolling. You also want to know how the everyday professional handles the trade. Universal Translation Services provides all that information and then some.

Subscribe to our blog now and become a genuine affiliate in no time.

Affiliate marketing tips blog


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