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Freelance Translators Wanted

freelancers wanted

Freelance Translators Wanted

Universal Translation Services, with over 18 years in the translation business, is always looking for translators. The job is freelance, and you work from home, part-time or full-time. Currently, we are looking for all language combinations, so please contact us and send us your curriculum vitae.

Working with us gets you several advantages, like:

  • free training
  • plenty of projects to work on
  • well-paid work
  • get paid on time, every time

Fill out the form below, and we will send you all the information you need to start working as a translator for Universal Translation Services.

We appreciate your application.

Translation Management Software: Tranwise

At Universal Translation Services, we respect our linguists. We have a unique way of working with you using our proprietary project management software called Tranwise.

Visualize this software as a virtual office where you can get advice, chat, directly communicate with the client, etc. We find the communication between project managers, clients, and translators one of the most important keys to success. Everything you need to manage your translation projects is integrated into this software. You can find all your PO’s in there, as well as your total amount of payment and much more.

To work with us, you will need to install Tranwise, which is the only way to get assigned to our projects.

Note that Tranwise software is approved by Norton and virus-free!

tranwise virus free translation management software
Norton approved software

The advantages in working with us

Freelance translators wanted. It’s not the first time you have heard this, so why join us? Well, there are advantages no other translation company gives. Worldwide we are the fastest paying translation agency on the planet. Every first week of the month (we try the first day of the month), we take care of the payment for the translation jobs for the month before that. Most translation agencies pay between 45 and 90 days after.

Also, we create video tutorials to help you with today’s CAT tools needed to work on some translation projects. For the personal training of this software, we have our technical team to help you. If you have trouble with one of your documents, problems with your computer, or any other questions or issues, you can rely on the technical translation team. As we are open 24/7, there is always a project manager available if you have questions about your project.

We try to be different and respect our translators, and try to support them as much as possible. If you have any questions before filling out the form, you can live chat with us. We are available 24/7.

Professional translator needed

How often have you seen this type of ad: professional translator needed, and how many times did you apply and no one got back to you? We are different. We are always looking for experienced linguists who can work online, and we have plenty of projects to choose from.

Translation needs the individual to accurately convey the meaning of the written words from one language to another. If you are bilingual, Universal Translation Services opens many possibilities for work-from-home jobs, such as bilingual translation jobs, interpretation, localization, and more.

Usually, we allow translators to translate into their native language only. In sporadic cases, we’ll approve more than one target language.

We know that many translators are perfectly bilingual. We still prefer that each translator translates to a single language in which they are native. This produces better translations, our clients are happier, and we all have more work.

A degree is usually the minimum academic requirement for entry. For graduates without a relevant background or for language graduates whose studies did not include translation, a postgraduate qualification may be needed.

Key skills for translators

  • Ability to work under stress and with tight deadlines
  • Good general knowledge
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Fluency in at least two languages
  • Previous experience as a translator

If you’re an experienced professional translator, we invite you to join our company.

translator needed

It gets even better!

As soon as you complete the form below, we will send you more information and a download link for Tranwise. If you have issues during the installation, or you want to install it on a Mac, we have created a particular page to help you.

 We know how important it is for you to get our job notifications as soon as possible. Therefore, we’ve started a way for you to receive instant job notifications on any mobile device of your choice. It can be anything: an Android phone, an iPhone, or even a tablet. With us, you receive a notification every time there is a new project matching your language combination, and you can reply to be assigned in minutes.

we are hiring

Freelance translators wanted. Submit your details to receive job notifications through Tranwise.

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    Freelance Translators Wanted At Any Time

    Working on their terms remains a dream for most people. Unemployment rates keep increasing day by day, and consequently, people have to accept whatever job comes their way. People compromise on timing and pay only because there is no alternative. In the hopes of getting experience, they apply everywhere and become okay with even the worst types of jobs. If you need someone to evaluate technical papers in a foreign language, you should first ask them if they are comfortable reading such documents in that language, as well as what associated experience or education they have to back up that confidence.

    We at Universal Translation Services believe that hardworking people deserve good work opportunities. And we also know that if a person is happy in their job, their productivity will automatically increase, making them the best employee. That’s why we offer better working conditions for our freelancer translators. We provide people with the opportunity to choose something better for themselves.

    If you want to work with an agency that values its employees and gives them the freedom to work according to their preferences, then choose us. If you are looking for translation jobs, then you are in luck because currently, we are hiring! Freelance translators are wanted at UTS, so try your luck by applying and get the best working experience of your life because while working with us, you will not only earn money but also get the appropriate training and gain experience to fill up your resume.

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    Translator Needed Online

    Today’s world demands your online presence all the time. The idea of an office job, time-bounded tasks, and staying on a desk for eight never-ending hours is not deemed to be a good one these days. More and more people are diverting towards working online. According to most entrepreneurs, working in a limitless environment increases productivity and creativity. This is why a digital job model is something we also support.

    Even in the world of translation, we never know when someone could need service, and having a professional ready for such a client is our topmost priority. With this strategy, when we receive a call, and the person on the other end says “translator needed online,” we link them up with our skilled professionals right away.

    If you are a qualified translator looking for a company where you can do freelance, we are here for you. Not only can we provide you the opportunity to work with clients from different areas, but we can also offer you the best incentives. Moreover, through our blogs, you can get regular updates regarding your job, work, and changes in trends. So stop thinking and start earning today, because this time, it’s us with a “translator needed online” request, only for you.


    English, Spanish and Chinese translators are in high demand.

    Yes, it’s a decent job. A translator can make a good amount of money.

    A translator’s average hourly wage in the United States is $19.67. However, depending on their talents and area of specialty, many language specialists make at least three times the average pay. A qualified American Translators Association translator or interpreter may earn more than $66 per hour.

    Literary translators, who make an average of $51,000 per year, are the highest-paid of the several categories of translation services. Most likely, this is because literature is regarded as the most challenging topic to rewrite in a new language.

    Arabic language translators get the highest pay, $74,000 per year.

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