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Were you looking for a reliable partner to provide Spanish translation services? Get in touch no matter if you need certified English translation for immigration or Spanish translation for business and you’ll get highly accurate translations at low rates.
exceptional quality

Exceptional quality

For exceptional certified Spanish to English translation for USCIS or English to Spanish translation for business, look no further than Universal Translation Services. We are the largest language service provider to be fully ISO certified and a member of the ATA, ensuring that all of your Spanish translation projects will always meet the most stringent standards for quality and accuracy.

any language

Any language

Whether you need to translate your website or blog and reach larger audiences, a commercial translation, a publication in other languages or quick post-editing services, UTS is always ready to help you. We are one of the few agencies in the industry which can ultimately translate Spanish documents into virtually any language in the world!

low prices

Low prices

Contact Universal Translation Services today for a free quote on English to Spanish translation or any other language combination for business or for immigration. Along with our detailed, exact quote, you’ll see the low translation rates and the fast turn-around time we offer so you could compare it with other professional translation services.

Our clients acknowledge the fact that our certified Spanish translators translate into their native language, a feature that ensures the accuracy of all the Spanish translations we send out. Our certified Spanish translation is always of the very highest standard. Spanish is the most used Romance language, the second in the top of the most extensively used languages and the third most generally used language on the Internet. It is the most considered second language in the US and very popular among the other English speaking nations also.

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Certified Spanish to English Translation for US Immigration

Spanish English translation has become extremely important in a wide variety of fields including immigration. Each of these disciplines requires a translator who is fluent in both languages and who considers not only the purposes of particular words but also the tone and flow of the document. Modern immigrants need certified Spanish to English translation of just about any related document, such as birth certificates and green cards, driver’s licenses, resumes, real estate documents and owner titles – the list goes on. At UTS, experienced Spanish translators are capable of providing quick, affordable, and accurate certified Spanish to English translation services.

We specialize in USCIS certified translations having done hundreds of translations, all successfully presented by our clients to USCIS. Certified translations are word-for-word and delivered with a signed and stamped Certificate of Translation Accuracy, which verifies to the completeness and correctness of the translation and the skills of the translator. We help our clients who are applying for citizenship, green cards and visas so please drop us a line or write a review once yours has been accepted!

Precise, efficient and certified translations are required within a very strict time frame. Our completely qualified team can deliver faultless, mirror-image translations for immigration of all associated documents with fast turnaround. All of our documents have confirmed USCIS acceptance.

certified Spanish to English translation

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English to Spanish translation

English to Spanish Translation Services for Business

Translations are essential to compete in Spanish-speaking businesses. Product value is communicated through marketing materials, instruction manuals, food labels, product packaging, and websites.

Providing every business document translation possible, our business translators will manage your business documents with precision, devotion, and care. With the business clients from around the world, we have the experience to handle your business document translation needs.

We will accurately translate the business documents such as business proposals, business agreements, business plans, business strategy, balance sheets, legal contracts, reports, spreadsheets, expense sheets, income statements, stakeholder reports. At the core of marketing is communication, the knowledge to adequately carry your business product or service in such a manner the consumer can compare to and understand. A mistake in communicating your sales could damage your marketing strategies. At UTS, we offer a professional team of expert Spanish translators to ensure your marketing translation needs are conveyed accurately and effectively.

If you require to translate your documents into Spanish frequently, you can rely on savings. We can offer, amongst many others, marketing, website, certified, financial, medical, legal, technical, and personal translation services, in addition to phone interpretation services. Our professional English to Spanish translation services spread across a host of different requirements, so we are exceptionally well-equipped to serve you.

Professional Spanish translators

Universal Translation Services has an acknowledged reputation of providing high-quality Spanish translations addressed informally. We work for various companies and different private and public sector organizations; so our translators have the knowledge and the ability to manage any translation project from or into Spanish.

Because Spanish and English are the world’s most used languages, translation between the two is essential. In just about any business, on at least 3 of the world’s continents, certified Spanish to English translation is required for matters like education materials, product inserts and labels, user texts and guidance, financial documents, websites and information technology – Spanish to English translated documents are essential.

Only an expert English-speaking translator selected and approved by UTS, whose native language is English and is fluent in Spanish can do the Spanish to English translations for us. Our Spanish English translators usually live in an English-speaking country like the US, UK, Canada, etc., or close to our HQ. They have studied Spanish and have spent an appropriate time in a Spanish-speaking land. Our Spanish to English translators only translate things with which they have previous, verifiable experience.

professional Spanish translators

Make contact with our translation team and let them know your requirements! No matter if your Spanish translation needs are small or large or if you need certified Spanish to English or regular English to Spanish translation services, we can help you!

Spanish Legal Document Service

For Spanish speakers requiring legal document translations, particularly in the context of Latin America where Spanish is the official language, the expertise of professional translators becomes invaluable. Whether it’s for translating marriage certificates or any other legal documentation, Spanish document translation demands a high level of precision and understanding of legal terminologies and conventions.

Professional translators, with their deep knowledge of both the source and target languages, ensure that legal translations are carried out with utmost accuracy. This is crucial not only for the authenticity of the documents in legal proceedings but also for maintaining the integrity of the original text. Given the diverse dialects and legal systems across Spanish-speaking regions, the role of these professionals extends beyond mere translation; they bridge cultural and legal nuances, making sure that every document adheres to the specific requirements of the intended jurisdiction in Latin America.

A Spanish translation company specializes in bridging the communication gap between Spanish-speaking audiences and entities requiring precise and authoritative translations. By focusing on a range of language pairs, including Spanish to English and vice versa, such a company caters to the needs of government agencies, legal entities, and individuals in need of translating official documents like death certificates.

Leveraging the expertise of native speakers, the company ensures that every translation is culturally sensitive, linguistically accurate, and complies with the official standards required by government and legal bodies. This targeted approach guarantees that the translated documents resonate with the target audience, fulfilling both the linguistic and regulatory necessities of the task at hand. Through professional dedication to quality and precision, a Spanish translation company plays a crucial role in facilitating clear, reliable communication across borders.

Spanish Legal Translations

When dealing with the delicate nature of translating an original document like a divorce decree from Puerto Rico, choosing a translation agency that specializes in LEGAL TRANSLATION SERVICES becomes imperative. Such agencies ensure an accurate translation that adheres strictly to the legal terminology and nuances specific to the jurisdiction involved. Quality translations in this context go beyond mere linguistic accuracy; they encompass a comprehensive understanding of legal processes and documentation.

With expertise in technical translation areas, these agencies employ professionals who are not just proficient in language but are also well-versed in the legal frameworks of different regions. This is crucial for documents like divorce decrees, where every detail matters and must be precisely communicated in the translation to uphold its legal validity.

The translation of documents, particularly when it involves Spanish language translation, encompasses a variety of content types and necessitates a meticulous translation process. This type of translation requires the expertise of a qualified translator who is not only fluent in both the source and target languages but is also familiar with the specific terminology related to the document’s content.

The turnaround time for such translations can vary depending on the complexity of the document and the specific requirements of the translation project. From legal contracts and technical manuals to marketing materials and personal documents, each content type demands a unique approach to ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness. A professional translation service prioritizes these aspects, employing a systematic process that includes thorough review stages, to deliver high-quality Spanish language translations tailored to the client’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish translation services can handle a wide range of documents, including legal contracts, medical records, technical manuals, business reports, websites, personal documents like birth and marriage certificates, and educational materials. Their expertise covers various industries and content types, ensuring accurate and culturally relevant translations.

Ensuring the accuracy of a Spanish translation involves employing native speakers with expertise in the specific subject matter of the document. Professional services also include multiple layers of review and quality control, such as proofreading and editing by additional linguists, to verify the translation’s accuracy, fluency, and adherence to the original document’s meaning and tone.

Yes, many Spanish translation services are equipped to handle regional dialects within the Spanish language, tailoring translations to specific target audiences in Spain, Latin America, or the United States. This involves using translators who are native speakers of the specific regional dialect and familiar with its cultural nuances, ensuring the translation resonates well with the intended audience.

The turnaround time for Spanish translation services varies depending on factors such as the document’s length and complexity, the translation’s specific requirements, and the translation service’s current workload. However, many services offer expedited options for urgent projects. Typically, clients can expect a standard document to be translated within a few business days, but it’s always best to discuss timelines with the service provider directly.

Professional Spanish translation services treat all documents with strict confidentiality. Many translation agencies sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with their clients and implement secure data handling practices to protect sensitive information. Confidentiality is a cornerstone of professional translation services, ensuring that personal and proprietary information remains secure throughout the translation process.