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Are you having trouble with finding a translator for your Catalan to English translation?

If you are looking for an agency that provides Catalan to English translation services, It’s a good thing you found UTS. Quickly get in touch with us and let’s figure how we can be of service to you. UTS offers Certified Catalan to English translation services for individuals and businesses immigrating to the US, we also offer Catalan to English translations for business expansion and more. we can perfectly translate any type of file you provide us with, print, non-print, and even files that are in CAT-based format. We understand that accuracy in language can help your translated document to get approved easily.


Catalan to English Translation Services for Catalonians

UTS offers certified and professional translation services for Catalonians and native businesses based in Catalan-speaking regions. Do you need to translate your documents for a vacation, business engagement, and relocation to an English-speaking country or business expansion?

Then you sure should try our quality English to Catalan translation services at UTS, which comes at an affordable cost.


Certified experts for Catalan to English translations

Here at UTS, we ensure our translations are done professionally to give you the best, hence we observe best practices and adhere strictly to standards set by the ATA to give you quality and value that beats your expectation.

Our team of skilled Catalan language experts is committed to ensuring that your translation needs are met accurately and in good time.


Prompt and efficient service delivery

We understand that the customer is king in every business and want to ensure our clients get the best experience from using our high-standard translation services. We put our clients first and ensure prompt and efficient delivery for every translation that we carry out. Our Catalan to English translation and vice versa is structured to give you value for your money as great care is taken in our translation processes down to the completed and certified translation that gets to you.

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Translation for medical and legal documents

Certified Catalan to English Translation for immigration to the US

Are you relocating from Barcelona and or any of the Catalonian states to the US, or just visiting the US for an activity and you require the services of a seasoned and skilled Catalan to English translator? You are at the right place.

Here at UTS, we offer certified Catalan to English translation for individuals, families, groups, and businesses. Are you going to the US for a personal engagement or a business-related activity?

Our Catalan to English translations can be done for your personal, official, and travel documents. We do Catalan to English translation for birth certificates, marriage certificates, adoption certificates, publications, and more. We also do certify English to Catalan translation for all of such documents.

If you are a corporation or own a business and you need more than one translator for a long-term translation project or require constant Catalan to English translation services, then you should request our professional language services.

Our team of Catalan to English translators are professionally trained and highly skilled in both languages, and would expertly provide you with accurate and well-translated copies of your documents and certificates.

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This is a machine translation and is not perfectly translated. If you want to work with a professional translator, please Get a 5 Minute Quote.
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  • What does Catalan mean in English?

    Catalan is the official language of Andorra, the word Catalan can refer to several things in English. The word originated in the Spanish region of Catalonia. It can mean:

    • A native of the region of Catalonia in Spain
    • Something related to Catalonia or its inhabitants
    • A Romance language closely related to Spanish that is spoken in Catalonia
  • How is Catalan different from Spanish?

    • In Catalan, like English, each letter does not have a sound. The situation is completely the opposite in Spanish where every letter in a word has a sound.
    • Catalan has eight vowel sounds, whereas Spanish only has five.
    • Consonant clusters are pretty common in Catalan. But in Spanish, a vowel sound is often required between consonant sounds.
  • What country speaks Catalan?

    Catalan is a Romance language that descended from Latin. It is spoken in Spain. The region of Spain where Catalan is spoken by the majority is known as Catalonia. The language is not mutually intelligible with Spanish. It is an important part of the identity of the citizens of Catalonia.

  • How do I translate a Spanish birth certificate into English?

    Spanish to English is the most common language combination in the translation industry. But if you need an accurate translation of your birth certificate from Spanish to English then you should hire an expert instead of turning towards Google Translate. It is the only way to get a hundred percent accurate results.

Here at UTS, we do not just translate, we also certify your translations. UTS handles your translations professionally by first assigning them to a certified translator, who takes a critical look at your document, to first ensure that there are no mistakes that might affect your translation, before carefully translating. After this is done and the translation complete, a second certified Catalan to English translator validates your translation for accuracy before it is sent for viewing and approval. Once you are satisfied with the translation, the translation is then certified and subsequently delivered. This means you get an error-free and certified translation, all in good time. Our certified translations are widely recognized and accepted as we adhere to ATA standards. Your translation is also signed by our general manager before delivery.

We also offer translations for Catalan migrants, already residents in the US.

Businesses and individuals who are already in the US, and require the services of a certified translator, are very welcome to request our Catalan to English translations, which also is suitably affordable for everyone and any business regardless of your size, we have you covered.

At UTS we value our clients and always want to provide them with the best that they deserve, we want total satisfaction for our clients, hence we would do everything to ensure you get accurate and high-quality Catalan to English translation services.

Catalan to English Translation for immigration
English to Catalan translation for business

English to Catalan Translation  for Business Expansion

We also offer English to Catalan and Catalan to English translation services for businesses expanding their operations into the Catalonian territory. Our English to Catalan translation is structured to fit the budget of any individual or business. We believe in the quality of translation service we provide and we are constantly extending this quality to all our clients that request our translation service.

Are you operating a small, medium, or large business within any Catalonian state? are you experiencing a huge inflow of customers, including Catalan-speaking persons, and you want to incorporate English to Catalan translation for your products and services to accommodate your Catalan speaking clients? then you sure should try our excellent English to Catalan translation service at UTS right away!

Also as a business, you could be recording poor sales, reduced customer patronage, which dwindles with every passing minute, and you are in search of a solution to better your sales. If this is you, then taking a business decision is what you need to effect, for the assured growth of your enterprise. No, we are not talking about translation applications, we are talking about our professional translation and interpretation services that can help you market your business successfully.

Have you wondered why the Catalan-speaking clients are not buying your products or why the Catalan locals prefer a product other than yours, even when your product offers more value and benefits?

Our guess is, you might be yet to figure the solution to this or you have, and you need them implemented. This challenge you are experiencing might be language-related. Clients would always purchase and patronize services that are in a language they understand. Hence they tend to opt for something more convenient, perhaps a product that they can relate to. Product objections by most clients today are a result of a lack of understanding in customers for a product that is in a different language other than the language they understand.

A lot of tongues spoken today are known as Romance Languages. Many people have the misconception that the name has something to do with love and romance but in truth, the group is called that because all the vernaculars in it originated from Latin which was spoken by Romans. Latin had different types. Its refined form was spoken by the elites. Thankfully today, no such classifications exist. Most of the tongues have the same type and their varieties exist only because of the different ethnicities of their speakers. Catalan is a language that originated from Vulgar Latin, the former being the tongue of the common people.

Catalan is named after the ethnic group of the same name. It is spoken by the people of that group in different countries including Spain, France, Italy, and Andorra. If you have been to Ibiza on vacation, you must have heard the locals speaking it. Although it is a very old vernacular, it went through a revival period to become what it is today. In Spain’s Valencian community, it is known as Valencian. It shares a lot of words with Latin. In the modern world, it is 87% similar to Italian.

Some people assume that with only four million speakers, it is not very difficult to learn the language. But it is both difficult to learn and understand. If anyone needs Catalan translation, they shouldn’t rely on the internet or a bilingual person. Translating it requires a level of expertise, something that only professional translators have.

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Translation for medical and legal documents

UTS offers Catalan to English translation for medical, legal, and any type of technical document. We have competent and certified translators in these individual fields, who would give your document rapt attention and accurate translation.

Translation for website, software, and localization

Websites, software, and products that need localization are not excluded, as our excellent Catalan to English translation service has all your needs covered, all you need to do is place a request today. UTS also offers English to Catalan translation for any of these.

Origin and Importance of translating to and from the Catalan language

The Catalan language and variants of the language are widely spoken in Roussillon in France, Spanish regions of Catalonia, Valencia, The Balearic Islands, and parts of Aragon and Murcia, as well as Andorra and the city of Alghero in Sardinia. This language originated from Vulgar Latin in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain and is spoken by more than 10 million natives.

English to Catalan translations is vital for your products and services before expansion into Catalonia or a state like Barcelona which experiences a lot of business activity daily. Catalan to English translation is also a necessity for your English clients who do not understand Catalan. These translations would aid lift the communication burden and allow your product to sell itself and compete fairly in Catalonia and the US respectively.

Basque is a language related to the Occitan-Romance family. Catalan, however, is a Romance language like Spanish, as they both come from Latin. It is more similar to Italian and French languages than Spanish.

Catalan and Basque, however, are not related, not even close.

French and Catalan are both Romance languages but they are not mutually intelligible. They are very different as they have developed over time.

You need a certified translation from Catalan to English when you want some document translation for immigration. Or when you need a legal translation from Catalan into the English language.

You’ll need reputable Catalan language services, especially the ones that provide document translations for legal and immigration purposes. You can also find an online translation agency that provides Catalan to English translation services.

Standard translation services charge translations with a per word rate. The per-word rate ranges from $0.02 to $0.23. If you have a one-page document that you need to get translated, it might cost you around $20.

You can request standard Catalan to English translations from professional language services. Such a service might be available online, or in a physical office. You can get a quote for your required translation by attaching your document to your email or you can send in your query via live chat.

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