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Translation services for families that don’t speak English

If your family has immigrated to the US, and if you’re planning to stay for good, then you might want to consider investing in a good and reputable service provider as you’ll need certified translations for your family documents for USCIS. In this case, it’s better (and hassle-free) to use a translation company that provides translation and interpretation services for families that don’t speak English in the US. You will find a company like Universal Translation Services (UTS) that provides translation services in any foreign language including Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Italian, German, Ukrainian, Farsi, and Arabic. Yes, we do translate any project for families including American sign language translation, certified translation, notarized translation, and many more. You can hire another company for English language training, language interpreter, written translation and language assistance too, if you want.

What we can do for you

Immigration could mean an endeavor so having relevant family document translation and prepared for such an endeavor could mean smooth and faster processing. At UTS, we understand all that and we always aim to serve you the best translation services for families that don’t speak English. Most family documents subjected to certified translation and used for immigration purposes are the following:

If you or our family members need certified or even notarized translated documents mentioned above, you can always trust UTS to do the job for you. We guarantee you 100% USCIS acceptance and that all our translation services adhere to the International Standards Organization (ISO) and the American Translators Association (ATA) qualified services standards.
professional translation for families
Why choose our translation services for families that don’t speak English, and they have a language line barrier.
translation for USCIS
Translation for USCIS
Let us complete your next translation project. Here at UTS, we provide various translation services for families that don’t speak English through our offices located in Aventura and Miami. Our certified translations are guaranteed to be accepted by any USCIS office or state institution which require certified translation. Your translation will be ready in 24 hours or less. Reach us out using the contact information given on the website.
translation for USA
Translation for the USA

Our certified translations are accepted by any immigration office in any state across the United States, not just Florida. We are easy to reach by phone, e-mail, and live chat and we work around the clock. We will deliver your translations by e-mail or by post anywhere in the United States. Book your order now using the contact information on our website.

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Fixed price, only $20 per page

The certified translation will cost you only $20 per page for pages with up to 200 words. If there are more words on the page, a price of $0.12 per word will be charged instead. Most of your personal documents will have under 200 words per page (birth and marriage record, diplomas, etc).

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What is a family translation about?

Undergoing the process of applying for a passport or visa for your family with an embassy can be difficult, and it is even more complicated when it turns into an expensive and time-consuming process. Sometimes the guidelines may seem to be confusing, so it is always a good idea to talk to an immigration lawyer about it.

So, what is a family translation about? If your family relocates to the US, it is essential to have all the certificates and other documents translated into English. Your family may need translations if you apply for:

  • a visa
  • a Green Card
  • a certificate of citizenship
  • naturalization

In most cases, immigration authorities only accept certified translations for documents that were issued in any other language than English.

When your family starts the process of migrating to the U.S., and many of the documents are not in English, you will have to hire a translator that has experience in translating documents for USCIS. You want to be sure that the translation is not only accurate but also done according to the requirements.

UTS is a leading provider of family translation services. We provide family immigration document translations that are officially certified and legally recognized by the US authorities.

what is a family translation about
translation services for families that don't speak English

When do you need translation services for families?

When staying overseas, there is one particular thing that continuously keeps coming back to your mind, which is having your documents along. But being overseas and having the documents in your native language means that it’s of almost no use. It’s always better to keep all the documents ready with you and translated especially when you are traveling or you have immigrated.

Personal documents written in another language than English need to be translated and certified or notarized. You might just be in a rush to get your documents translated and then process them for being certified or notarized which means wasted time and money. The best choice is for you to find a service that can do both for you, in a timely manner and at an affordable price. Which is exactly what UTS does. We can save you from the slot of the mess that might be caused to you for certification and notarization, as we are a one-stop-shop for you. And we are happy to serve you.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services generally requires a certified translation of all foreign documents submitted as supporting papers for any immigration processes. People who need immigration translation or immigration document translation services for families that don’t speak English in Miami and in Aventura, Florida are all welcome to visit our offices. You can use our services if you are in anywhere in the world via our online platform.

Some of the documents we can translate for you

birth certificates

Birth Certificates

We translate them from all over the world. We provide certified and notarized translations that are accurate. US immigration has a tendency to be critical of some certificate issued by a hospital in a far-off land, a while ago. We understand all that and we always aim to serve you the best translation services for families that will make your immigration a successful endeavor.

marriage certificates

Marriage Certificates

Whether you have a standard marriage certificate that was formulated in English or a complicated marriage contract in your local language, dipped in religious and cultural context, we are here to give you an accurate translation. We follow US citizenship and immigration guidelines closely and you will find that our marriage certificate translation will not get rejected by the USCIS.

diplomas and degrees

Academic Degrees and Diplomas

Your transcripts, educational certificates, and recommendation letters will all be translated well by our team of translators. The department of immigration will find the translation helpful in pushing you as a viable candidate to become a permanent resident of the United States. Universities will have no problem with accepting our diploma translations.

police reports

Police Records

Anyone immigrating in the US has to provide a Police Certificate from every country that the person has lived in since the age of sixteen; including all the details of any criminal proceedings or prosecutions that he has ever been a part of. Each of such reports need to be translated and certified, which means that the translation of all of these records is to be done by the translation agency.

divorce decrees

Divorce Certificates

We provide notarized and certified translations of divorce certificates as well as divorce decrees and other divorce-related documents. The content will be carefully and accurately translated in close accordance with the immigration department rules.

passport translation


Passport translations are the first step in candidate verification and if they are rejected, the whole application is rejected. We provide you with authentic certified and notarized translation that will clear the immigration office with flying colors.

drivers licenses

Driver Licenses

When you are immigrating, the driver license translations are very important. Your driver’s license will have to be translated in accordance with the directions listed in ‘reciprocity by Country’. We review the list before using the translation services for families.

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family translation

Why should you use our services?

Here at UTS, our office staff and human services provide you with the best services. We are work efficient. Our service delivery is quick, we are cost-efficient, and above everything, we are worth trying. Currently, we are providing services around the world including South Florida, Pittsburgh, France, Cleveland, Japan, Indianapolis, Germany, Canada, and many more.

All you need to do is send your all family records to us for language translation, from birth certificates and marriage license to all your degrees and diplomas that you will need after immigration and other useful documents too. We will work out there for you as soon as possible. Our language assistance services unit is fast and efficient, and we can handle everything related to the necessary translation with absolute ease. As soon as you submit your documents, your translation request will be worked on.

If you choose us to translate your documents, there is a guarantee that you are on a safe edge because we are the care providers for all your quality services for translation and we have a 100% acceptance rate from USCIS. And you don’t want your immigration procedure to get on hold at any cost.

We are easy to reach, always available by audio call or a video call. Any of your family members can connect with us over the internet, by email, live chat and you can also call us at any time. Make sure you add a subject matter when sending an email. We have a customer service which is available around the clock and never closes. Our teams work on weekends too, we don’t take days off, we work hard to help you with document translation or website translation.

We have dealt with a lot of clients who needed a translation for immigration and for immigration, and we are proud to say that 100% of our translations have been accepted without any problem. So, if you plan on immigrating and you don’t know where to get your translations sorted out, we are right here to serve you.

Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by USCIS

Universal Translation Services is a proud provider of translation that will get through immigration without any problems. Now that you have settled in the US with your family, you need to get through the immigration for your family and you need extensive translation services for families for various documents. We are here to make sure that you have a good translation service that will give you exactly what you need.

We assign two linguists to each project, all of them being knowledgeable in the legal field. We are well aware of the rules and regulations imposed by the immigration department and we translate according to those rules. We never had a translation rejected, and we’ve translated thousands of personal documents by now.

USCIS guaranteed acceptance
family translation services near you

Near you, no matter where you are

UTS uses a web-based project management system that provides customers with easy access to previous and ongoing translated documents. You can monitor the progress of your ongoing projects as well as view your previous translations for future usage. Through the system you can have the translation accessibility, anyone can also avail of our free quoting and word counting. Invoicing is also available on the online portal. Live chat support is available 24/7 to address any inquiries and concerns. You can seek phone interpretation if you want.

Family translation services and language interpretation at low prices should be quite common these days, yet they’re not. As the population of immigrants increases in the US, social service agencies must take steps to improve communication with individuals and their families whose primary language is not English. There should be ways to have your translation done at an affordable cost just about anywhere, yet translation that is certified is considered specialized and you have to pay a premium for it in most cases. With us, things change. We sport the lowest rates for the immigration department needs you can find, and we guarantee acceptance for all our translations.

We are committed to solving all your language barriers. Whatever is your need for family translation services of your vital documents, UTS is the one you can depend on. Our in-house teams of professional translators, editors, proofreaders, and project managers are always committed to bring you only the best translations, delivered in time, and at the most affordable rates in your target language. We never impose additional charges for extra services, nor do we have hidden fees, regardless of the size of the project to be done. We even offer discounts for large volumes, just make sure you issue sufficient prior notice.

At Universal Translation Services, we understand your family needs like ours. And our services are specifically available for families who are not native English speakers. We also know that families who have settled in the US, cherish the country like their own and want all the security and facilities as natives.

To make them feel really at home, we offer spoken language services, immigration translations, legal documents translations, special education translation, medical translations for your healthcare provider, health insurance translations, medical records translation, and official health care or medical care translations. Even for the families who wish to help someone back at their origin country, we provide them with all the necessary information about the translation services that they might need. If your family is looking for a translation service that they can trust, Universal Translation Services is the name. UST is best as compared to Google translate services that are not really accurate.

family documents translation
Family Translaiton

Family Translations

If you can’t think of any future plans without your loved ones being in the picture, nor could we. This is why our family translations services are available for your all official translations all the time. Our staff members will take care of your needs, make sure you access center on time for extra guidance. If you have already scheduled appointment, you can also talk to the certified application counselors for telephonic interpretation via phone number who can guide you through interpretation resources for professional language support. All your translation projects will be delivered to you on time. Your translation project starts as soon as you fill in the request form or an interpreter request form and your original message is delivered. It is one of the best reasons why most business professionals chose human translation companies.  UTS provides the best community interpreter services, and management services as one of the world-class translation company.

So come to us whenever you need us, and we assure you that we won’t disappoint you. For more on how we can help you, please check out our list of services.

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