Translation Process Steps

The most important aspect that is necessary in order to obtain a high quality translation is to find a skilled translator who is fluent in both, the source language and the target language. However, it is also important to follow the necessary translation process steps to guarantee you do get the best translation possible and you protect your rights in case of disagreement with the results. In addition, translation providers also know their limits when it comes to deliver results.

There is a standard that every translation process follows in order to receive orders and deliver translations.

The translation process steps are as follow:

Potential client requests a translation quote

For this step, potential clients and translation providers get in touch for the first time. It occurs because those clients want to know if services offered by the translator are within their budget. To prepare this quote, clients also submit a copy of the text they pretend to translate.

Most of the times potential clients only ask for a translation quote, but sometimes they also request information on a variety of aspects. If these potential customers do not request additional information, translation providers use this opportunity to provide information regarding not only quote but all the conditions related to the service, including turnaround time, forms of payment, additional services provided by the translator and related to the activity.

translation proces step by step
translation request

Potential clients analyze the quote

After receiving the quote, clients may analyze the quote to verify if it fits their budget; they might also compare quotes from different providers. The clients and translation providers exchange questions and answers until all doubts and questions are solved. The best way to communicate is by using live-chat as it is the fastest way.

live translation request

Clients make and communicate their decision

If the client agrees with terms and conditions of the quote, they notify their approval to translation providers and pay.

pay for translation


Usually, payment is requested in advance as condition to start the translation service. Sometimes translation providers request full payment and other times they request partial payments that may vary according to the length of the text. Currently, it is possible to find several payment forms, such as money transfer, credit card, etc. Once the payment is complete, translators start working.

delivery time

Completion and delivery of the translation

After translators complete the service they deliver the translated text to the client. If it is a simple translation it may be delivered on line, but if it is certified or notarized it is mailed to the client by regular mail service. Clients may also go pick it up personally. About this, clients and translators may agree in different ways of receiving the text.

review translation

Review of the text by the client

Once the client receives the translation, he or she will have some time to review and prepare their question and observations, if any. This time may vary according to the length of the document. This is the perfect time to analyze if translator completed their job according to initial specifications of the quote. By request of the client, translator may complete some changes if necessary and only if they are under the limits of the quote and the proposal.

• Final approval of the translation

Final approval of the translation

After the clients review the text, they may communicate their final approval to translator. If they do not get in touch with translators during the time they have to ask questions or corrections, the translation is considered finished. If there are pending payments, the client must complete such payment at this moment.

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Why are those translation process steps important?

All these steps help to avoid mistakes and facilitate the work and communication between translation companies and clients. If some of the steps are not followed it may lead to issues on client’s or agency’s side which would translate in delays.

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