Academic Translations; What You Need To Know!

Are you thinking about studying abroad for your postgraduate degree? Get in line! All of us have always daydreamed about going to an international campus for a masters and getting an international degree. But now you are thinking seriously and want to know more!

Your degree was in National language!

You are from Central Asia or the Middle East or virtually anywhere in Europe according to our guess. There are many countries all around the world that have a tendency of giving out degrees in their own national language. These individuals find it complicated to send their credentials for evaluation to an international institution because their academic transcripts and college transcripts are not in English and they will require degree translation.

Universal Translation Services has made this post to help all of you!

Academic Translations

How do international academic institutions evaluate their prospective foreign students?!

This is, in fact, a simple process. They bring all of their international applications to a similar level by putting various regulations for the submissions of documents. These regulations vary as follows;

Evaluation Examination:

Most international universities have made IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and other similar examinations compulsory for all the applicants. This is to make sure that all the applicants gain results in the same examination and are evaluated on an equal footing.

Degree Evaluation:

Other institutions have placed degree evaluation procedures that are to be followed by the applicant if they are to apply in to the institution. They may be required to submit their degree in an evaluation agency in their region that will garner results for the institution to review.

These are the two main methods that are usually considered to evaluate a foreign student’s academic record. But of course, you have to present your documents for evaluation in English.

How to get your documents translated into English?

Considering there are considering regulations to be kept in mind in order to get your documents translated into English. They are as follows:

Certified Translation:

The translation has to come with a certificate of authentication issued by the translator that states that the translator takes responsibility for the translation and should be contacted for any questions regarding the translation. The translator will also provide his contact details and his credentials for evaluation.

academic books

Translators’ Credentials:

The institution will also carefully review the credentials of translator while they review the translation. The translator has to be certified by the American Translator’s Association and should be a certified translator. Otherwise, the translation will be dubious in the eyes of the reviewers.


If you do not have your academic record in a foreign language, then you will take your academic record to the regional embassy of your target country of education and get the documents attested by the agency.
These are the basic steps to be followed.

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The Documents

The documents that will be translated are also of great significance. A simple rule is that all the academic credentials until high school are significant. But Universal Translation Services will shortlist the major expected documents for your convenience;

Academic Transcripts:

Your academic transcript of your undergraduate program is of the utmost significance. This will decide your case so you should make sure that you get it translated first and foremost.

Academic Degree:

Your academic degree will also need to be translated in order for you to present degree translation to the international educational institutions.

College Transcripts:

Your high school certificate will also be translated for the international institution. That is why; you should get that translated as well.

Relevant Certifications:

You should get all the diplomas, short courses, and other experts, whether the internship or a real job after your graduation, translated. The more evidence of competence you can provide, the better your chances will be of getting selected.

Transcript Evaluation:

There are simple rules and procedures that institutions have placed in order to evaluate the transcripts that are sent their way from all over the world;

Program Evaluation academic

Program Evaluation

The courses that your program have covered and how they set into their educational expectations for students.

Quality Of Examination

Quality Of Examination

The way your research papers, your examination and a similar process of evaluation were conducted in undergraduate school is also of significance.

Post-Graduation Evaluation

Post-Graduation Evaluation

We consider this is to be a considerable factor. You are best served with a good professional experience after your graduation. If you worked in an office that is great, but even if you were a part of an initiative, volunteering or just wrote poetry for fun; you should find a way of adding all of that to your application in a manner. This will help you in getting the reviewers to see as a person of interest.

Our Advice:

Postgraduate applications are like presenting yourself for evaluation. It is a deeply personal experience and should be treated as such. You should show your interest in working in the field that you are applying for and all the small initiatives that you have shown in relevance to that field. This will make you a stronger candidate of interest.

The way of deciding on prospective students is that they review every application independently and try to find their story in the academic transcripts, their degree translations and their college transcripts. You should build your case by making sure that your credentials tell a story of eager creativity and competence.

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