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What Are Academic Records?

Academic achievements are very important to all of us. But can you imagine finishing school and not getting a degree as proof that you have completed your education? You will not be able to get a job without proof of your qualification. No one would believe that you have a certain degree. This is why when people finish school, they receive documents as proof of their qualifications.

One of these documents is known as the academic transcript or records. It is a formal record of your academic history at an educational institution. Many universities issue electronic transcripts for free when students finish their education.

Certified Translations

The translation industry is very important for the human race. Without translation services, we will not be able to connect with each other. Businesses will fail to flourish in foreign countries without the help of language experts. Every industry from healthcare to education relies on linguistic solutions providers in some way. People cannot immigrate to the country of their choice without the help of language experts. They cannot study at the academic institution of their choice without getting their academic transcript translated.

There are different types of translations. It depends on the type of papers you have to get translated and the officials who will be viewing those documents. The most popular translation service is known as a certified translation. It can only be provided by a qualified and experienced professional.

The most prominent feature of this type of translation is that it comes with a certificate of accuracy. The signed statement of the language expert makes the translation valid in front of the authorities. The translation without the certificate of accuracy will not be accepted by the authorities.

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When is Certified Translation Needed?

There are multiple reasons as to why someone would require certified translations. All of your personal documents are in your native language. But when you have to share these records with foreign government agencies, you can’t submit them as it is. For instance, you can’t expect the immigration authorities of the United States to read your records if they are in Arabic.

Official copies of your vital records must be translated and certified into English if you want to immigrate to the United States. Sometimes certified English translations are also needed for legal purposes. Without a certified translation of academic transcripts, no institute will accept the application of an applicant.

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Certified Translations of Academic Records

Every year, tens of thousands of students apply for university admissions in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, they cannot get accepted without fulfilling the requirements of the academic institutes. They have to submit various papers as proof of their qualifications. Without submitting proof of their academic performance, the applicants will not be able to get admission.

Before applying for a seat, students should get in touch with the admissions office and learn about the documents required. If they get this information from the admissions office, they will be able to prepare their application accordingly.

Whether you have a university degree or a high school diploma, you will have to get them translated from your native language into the target language before sending your application to a foreign university.

But the translation of your official records can only be performed by qualified professionals. Not everyone is qualified to handle the format of academic documents. In order to get certified translation academic records, you will have to get in touch with qualified professionals. Only they can provide you with accurate translations of your required academic records.

You can send your degree or final transcript to the linguistic expert and they will make sure you get accurate results. They will also draft a statement to attest to the quality of their work and add their signature to it.

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Who Can Provide Certified Translations?

A certified translator is someone who has cleared the certification exam conducted by the American Translators Association. After clearing the exam, they get an official stamp with their language combination. Language experts can put the stamp on their translations. However, you don’t need an official translator to provide you with the translations of your official transcripts. Experienced and qualified translators can provide you with accurate translations. However, you will have to make some effort to find the right agency.

You can look up translation companies online and learn about the kind of services they provide. A translation agency that has native speakers on its team and delivers quality translations of all the European languages is the one you can rely on. A good agency will deliver linguistic solutions in all the major languages including Spanish and English at affordable rates. Once you find the right agency, you can send in your official documents and let them handle the rest.

Most of the good agencies offer a free quote to their clients. You can upload your degree document on their website and select the source and target language. When you hit enter, you will get the quote.

If you are satisfied with it, you can order the translation of the official copies of your records. Whether you are applying to a foreign university or a graduate school, you will need a word for word academic translations.

This way, the officials of the educational institution you want to study at will get to understand your diploma or degree and you will get admission easily.

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